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General Manager League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1355.92Buffalo Wings200711
2319.15Tampa Bay Midgets201315
3308.26Dallas Death Dealers20074
4306.32New England Cheat-ahs20131
5304.39Atlanta Ballroom Blitz20084
6301.63Minnesota Cookie Monsters20157
7301.6Atlanta Ballroom Blitz20131
8300.75Miami Mountaineers20077
9299.9Indianapolis Fat Bastards200714
10299.13Indianapolis Fat Bastards20148
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
172.94Green Bay Storm20179
273.65New York Jock Exchange201411
373.77Atlanta Ballroom Blitz201110
475.69Atlanta Ballroom Blitz20117
577.87San Francisco 69ers201516
679.02Tampa Bay Midgets20159
786.99Arizona Donkeys201117
1088.35Houston Bats20119
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1110.87New Orleans Nightstalkers201717Tampa Bay Midgets (110.87-106.9)
2121.3Oakland Executioner201716Philly Raiders (121.3-112.25)
3127.38St. Louis Clams of OC-LA201517San Francisco 69ers (127.38-110.76)
4128.14San Diego Golden Horde201315Denver Natural Born Killers (128.14-108.92)
5130.79Houston Bats200717Jacksonville Generals (130.79-125.38)
6131.59New York Jock Exchange20154Buffalo Wings (131.59-128.82)
7133.18Dallas Death Dealers20157New York Jock Exchange (133.18-132.47)
8134.1Chicago201417Minnesota Cookie Monsters (134.1-132.96)
9135.32Baltimore Felons201516Pittsburgh Steelers (135.32-131.58)
10135.91Oakland Executioner20174Denver Natural Born Killers (135.91-132.83)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1265.47Kansas City200812Buffalo Wings (265.47-270.64)
2264.2San Diego Golden Horde200816Tampa Bay Midgets (264.2-269.15)
3263New England Cheat-ahs20132New York Jetsons (263-286.55)
4262.42New England Cheat-ahs20073Buffalo Wings (262.42-268.31)
5261.89Houston Bats20072Carolina Blues (261.89-264.03)
6261.16Buffalo Wings20112Oakland Executioner (261.16-264.22)
7260.71Dallas Death Dealers20083Green Bay Storm (260.71-277.28)
8254.98Chicago201313Minnesota Cookie Monsters (254.98-265.07)
9253.64San Diego Golden Horde20104Arizona Donkeys (253.64-256.02)
10253.23Oakland Executioner201117San Diego Golden Horde (253.23-273.1)
Most Combined Points
1550.18Dallas Death Dealers vs St. Louis Clams of OC-LA (308.26-241.92)20074
2549.55New York Jetsons vs New England Cheat-ahs (286.55-263)20132
3537.99Green Bay Storm vs Dallas Death Dealers (277.28-260.71)20083
4536.11Buffalo Wings vs Kansas City (270.64-265.47)200812
5534.02Detroit vs Minnesota Cookie Monsters (289.98-244.04)201114
6533.53Cincy NUMERO UNOS vs Philly Raiders (288.53-245)201613
7533.35Tampa Bay Midgets vs San Diego Golden Horde (269.15-264.2)200816
8533.32St. Louis Clams of OC-LA vs New Orleans Nightstalkers (282.29-251.03)200710
9532.87New England Cheat-ahs vs Buffalo Wings (306.32-226.55)20131
10530.73Buffalo Wings vs New England Cheat-ahs (268.31-262.42)20073
Fewest Combined Points
1217.77New Orleans Nightstalkers vs Tampa Bay Midgets (110.87-106.9)201717
2233.55Oakland Executioner vs Philly Raiders (121.3-112.25)201716
3237.06San Diego Golden Horde vs Denver Natural Born Killers (128.14-108.92)201315
4238.14St. Louis Clams of OC-LA vs San Francisco 69ers (127.38-110.76)201517
5248.28New York Jock Exchange vs Tampa Bay Midgets (169.26-79.02)20159
6249.03St. Louis Clams of OC-LA vs Atlanta Ballroom Blitz (148.7-100.33)200817
7249.09Houston Bats vs Indianapolis Fat Bastards (145.83-103.26)201217
8252.7New Orleans Nightstalkers vs Atlanta Ballroom Blitz (178.93-73.77)201110
9253.16Kansas City vs Oakland Executioner (162.95-90.21)20117
10254.51Detroit vs Atlanta Ballroom Blitz (178.82-75.69)20117
Victory Margin
1196.25Buffalo Wings200711New England Cheat-ahs (355.92-159.67)
2178.66Detroit20179Green Bay Storm (251.6-72.94)
3171.99Indianapolis Fat Bastards200714Baltimore Felons (299.9-127.91)
4171.66Tampa Bay Midgets201315San Francisco 69ers (319.15-147.49)
5165.99Detroit201717Green Bay Storm (289.27-123.28)
6159.23San Diego Golden Horde20098Oakland Executioner (289.79-130.56)
7144.32Detroit201516San Francisco 69ers (222.19-77.87)
8143.91Dallas Death Dealers20099Philly Raiders (250.88-106.97)
9142.71Jacksonville Generals200811Tennessee Titans (258.47-115.76)
10140.52Carolina Blues201715Green Bay Storm (244.94-104.42)
Least Victory Margin
10.02San Diego Golden Horde200810Kansas City (227.18-227.16)
20.06Chicago20139Green Bay Storm (194.49-194.43)
30.07Seattle 7 come 1120127San Francisco 69ers (196.7-196.63)
40.08Minnesota Cookie Monsters201017Detroit (187.2-187.12)
50.09Green Bay Storm20154San Francisco 69ers (171.11-171.02)
60.14Minnesota Cookie Monsters20124Detroit (209.15-209.01)
70.22New Orleans Nightstalkers201015Baltimore Felons (223.73-223.51)
80.23Oakland Executioner20144Miami Mountaineers (158.88-158.65)
90.24Tennessee Titans20141Kansas City (204.61-204.37)
100.26Baltimore Felons201017Cincy NUMERO UNOS (165.41-165.15)

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