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Arizona Redraft League Individual Player Records

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Most Points in a Game - Starter
RankScorePlayerPosNFLFantasy TeamSeasonWeek
161.8Kamara, AlvinRBNOSCleveland Steamers202016
260.3Manning, PeytonQBDEN60 Minute Men, Stilettos on the Sideline20131
359.6Foles, NickQBPHIChiTown, Taylor Me Swift20139
459.2Rodgers, AaronQBGBPDominus20197
558.3Brees, DrewQBNOSYahtzee War Criminals20158
657.7Cook, DalvinRBMINBroke Brotha20208
757.4Mahomes, PatrickQBKCCDominus20203
857.3Vick, MichaelQBPHICleveland Steamers, HOUDINI201010
956.8Roethlisberger, BenQBPITFear Boner20148
1056.6Watson, DeshaunQBHOUThe Moops20195

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