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Arizona Redraft League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1184.2Broke Brotha20198
2183.4The Moops20195
3174.4Chrome Domes20193
6172.912 Rules for Life20191
7169.9The Schlieffen20203
8167.6Chrome Domes20199
9166.7Kim Jung Un's World Best #1 Team202012
10162.1The Myth of Sisyphus201912
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Bye Week20081
 0Bye Week20082
 0Bye Week20083
 0Bye Week20084
 0Bye Week20085
 0Bye Week20086
 0Bye Week20087
 0Bye Week20088
 0Bye Week20089
 0Bye Week200810
 0Bye Week200811
 0Bye Week200812
 0Bye Week200813
1411.360 Minute Men201211
1512.9Cuban Crusher20138
1616.6Captain Fantasy Pants201510
1718.5Rajasthan Royals20107
1818.9Backdoor Team Mom201313
1919.3Cuban Crusher20118
2019.8Flutie Forever20184
2120.6Down To The Felt20179
2322.6Taylor Me Swift201412
2422.7Step Dads200910
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
132.1Backdoor Team Mom20138Cuban Crusher (32.1-12.9)
238Gators20167Forty Freaking Whiners (38-30.5)
338.9The Dutch Ovens20163Broke Brotha (38.9-38.6)
439.3Cuban Crusher20086Bye Week (39.3-0)
543.3Slap & Tickle20085Fear Boner (43.3-40)
646.7Dominus20142Captain Fantasy Pants (46.7-43.5)
747.2Yahtzee War Criminals20089Chrome Domes (47.2-33.4)
848.7Backdoor Team Mom201111Full Frontal Nerdity (48.7-38.4)
949.5Dominus20145The Dude Abides (49.5-44.6)
1049.7Away20098Do Over (49.7-37.4)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1153.2The Schlieffen20207King Ken (153.2-156)
2140.8The Moops20203Gators (140.8-151.9)
3140.3Broke Brotha20201Cleveland Steamers (140.3-158.1)
4137.8The Jerk Store20202Cleveland Steamers (137.8-156.5)
5130.4The Burners20198Circling the Wagons (130.4-140.8)
6129.7The Burners20192ChiTown (129.7-149.4)
7128.8The Myth of Sisyphus20192The Burners (128.8-129.7)
8127.9King Ken20196Dominus (127.9-133.6)
9127.1Cleveland Steamers20206ChiTown (127.1-156.1)
10124.512 Rules for Life20193Chrome Domes (124.5-174.4)
Most Combined Points
1309.2King Ken vs The Schlieffen (156-153.2)20207
2298.9Chrome Domes vs 12 Rules for Life (174.4-124.5)20193
3298.4Cleveland Steamers vs Broke Brotha (158.1-140.3)20201
4294.912 Rules for Life vs Circling the Wagons (172.9-122)20191
5294.3Cleveland Steamers vs The Jerk Store (156.5-137.8)20202
6292.7Gators vs The Moops (151.9-140.8)20203
7285.2The Schlieffen vs Broke Brotha (169.9-115.3)20203
8284.1Broke Brotha vs Chrome Domes (184.2-99.9)20198
9283.2ChiTown vs Cleveland Steamers (156.1-127.1)20206
10280.7Chrome Domes vs Kim Jung Un's World Best #1 Team (167.6-113.1)20199
Fewest Combined Points
139.3Cuban Crusher vs Bye Week (39.3-0)20086
245Backdoor Team Mom vs Cuban Crusher (32.1-12.9)20138
361.5Slap & Tickle vs Bye Week (61.5-0)200812
468.1Shake n' Bake vs Bye Week (68.1-0)200813
568.5Gators vs Forty Freaking Whiners (38-30.5)20167
671.4Full Frontal Nerdity vs Bye Week (71.4-0)20083
771.6Spaceballs: The Fantasy Team vs Bye Week (71.6-0)20089
874.8The Jerk Store vs Bye Week (74.8-0)20081
975Victorious Secret vs Bye Week (75-0)200810
1077.5The Dutch Ovens vs Broke Brotha (38.9-38.6)20163
1178.2Heisenberg vs Backdoor Team Mom (59.3-18.9)201313
1280.6Yahtzee War Criminals vs Chrome Domes (47.2-33.4)20089
1381.7Show Me the TDs vs SAGO (58.2-23.5)20166
1483.3Slap & Tickle vs Fear Boner (43.3-40)20085
1584.4Dominus vs Bye Week (84.4-0)20085
1685.8Stilettos on the Sideline vs Captain Fantasy Pants (69.2-16.6)201510
17 (tie)87.1Backdoor Team Mom vs Full Frontal Nerdity (48.7-38.4)201111
 87.1Away vs Do Over (49.7-37.4)20098
1988.1King of all Greeks vs ChiTown (51.6-36.5)201211
2088.2The Schlieffen vs The Jerk Store (51.7-36.5)20164
Victory Margin
1122.7The Schlieffen20088Bye Week (122.7-0)
2112.9Fear Boner20082Bye Week (112.9-0)
3109.4The Mexican Wolverine20084Bye Week (109.4-0)
4103.1Slap & Tickle20136Down To The Felt (161.6-58.5)
5101.2BD Bandits200811Bye Week (101.2-0)
697.9The Moops20195Dominus (183.4-85.5)
796.3Rajasthan Royals20087Bye Week (96.3-0)
89612 Rules for Life20109Saints to the Super Bowl!!! (155.1-59.1)
995.8Captain Fantasy Pants20082Do Over (137.3-41.5)
1095.6Captain Fantasy Pants20155Show Me the TDs (126.6-31)
1195.3The Pen is Mightier20082Chrome Domes (138.7-43.4)
1295.2The Jerk Store20169Make AmariCarr Great Again (152.4-57.2)
1394.8The Pen is Mightier20114Do Over (141.1-46.3)
1493.7The Moops201511Captain Fantasy Pants (123.5-29.8)
1593Show Me the TDs20141012 Rules for Life (156.5-63.5)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Forty Freaking Whiners20162The Myth of Sisyphus (107.1-107)
 0.10Stilettos on the Sideline20133Chrome Domes (77.8-77.7)
 0.10The Pen is Mightier20131012 Rules for Life (66.2-66.1)
 0.10Circling the Wagons201515Dogzilla (88.8-88.7)
 0.10Down To The Felt20133King of all Greeks (62.8-62.7)
6 (tie)0.20The Schlieffen200813Rajasthan Royals (104.4-104.2)
 0.20Dogzilla20173King Ken (59.3-59.1)
8 (tie)0.30ChiTown20204Broke Brotha (119.1-118.8)
 0.30Cleveland Steamers201113Yahtzee War Criminals (59-58.7)
 0.30The Pen is Mightier201014Fear Boner (83.2-82.9)
 0.30Shake n' Bake20129Full Frontal Nerdity (68.1-67.8)
 0.30Cuban Crusher20143Fear Boner (89.3-89)
 0.30Step Dads20091Belichick for Prez (96.7-96.4)
 0.30The Dutch Ovens20163Broke Brotha (38.9-38.6)

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