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Gods of Autumn 2017 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1188.3Spooners Superstars20163
2173.28Cipher in the Snow201712
3172.28The Process20178
4168.06Spooners Superstars20162
5167.16One Man Wolfpack20173
6164.76Liquor Up Front201710
7161.54Cipher in the Snow201610
8160.76Cipher in the Snow20161
9159.52Cipher in the Snow20162
10158.68Zanoths Meat Market201714
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
18Show Me Your TDs201312
2 (tie)9One Man Wolfpack200913
 9Cobra Clutch20142
410Cipher in the Snow20139
513The Godfather20108
613.42Liquor Up Front20154
7 (tie)14Boats and Hoes201310
 14Show Me Your TDs201410
 14One Man Wolfpack200910
10 (tie)15Boats and Hoes20091
 15Top Dawgs201414
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1 (tie)22Top Dawgs20108Easy Division Champ (22-19)
 22Cobra Clutch201012Top Dawgs (22-19)
3 (tie)23Show Me Your TDs20091Boats and Hoes (23-15)
 23Spooners Superstars201411Lincoln Longhorns (23-22)
524.93Cipher in the Snow20154Liquor Up Front (24.93-13.42)
625Liquor Up Front20093The Godfather (25-19)
7 (tie)29Liquor Up Front201016Lincoln Longhorns (29-28)
 29Easy Division Champ200913One Man Wolfpack (29-9)
930Cobra Clutch20091One Man Wolfpack (30-23)
1031Show Me Your TDs20116Top Dawgs (31-27)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1147.72One Man Wolfpack201610Easy Division Champ (147.72-153.38)
2143.86Liquor Up Front201610Cipher in the Snow (143.86-161.54)
3140.68One Man Wolfpack20169Boats and Hoes (140.68-149.88)
4139.24Cobra Clutch201612Spooners Superstars (139.24-156.4)
5137.32Easy Division Champ20179Zanoths Meat Market (137.32-139.56)
6136.78Boats and Hoes20167Cipher in the Snow (136.78-157.54)
7135.08Spooners Superstars20165Lincoln Longhorns (135.08-135.58)
8134.66Lincoln Longhorns201616Cipher in the Snow (134.66-143.38)
9131.04Lincoln Longhorns201714Cobra Clutch (131.04-133.38)
10129.26Zanoths Meat Market20161Cipher in the Snow (129.26-160.76)
Most Combined Points
1305.4Cipher in the Snow vs Liquor Up Front (161.54-143.86)201610
2301.1Easy Division Champ vs One Man Wolfpack (153.38-147.72)201610
3300.34Spooners Superstars vs Liquor Up Front (188.3-112.04)20163
4295.64Spooners Superstars vs Cobra Clutch (156.4-139.24)201612
5294.32Cipher in the Snow vs Boats and Hoes (157.54-136.78)20167
6294.12Spooners Superstars vs Boats and Hoes (168.06-126.06)20162
7290.56Boats and Hoes vs One Man Wolfpack (149.88-140.68)20169
8290.24The Process vs Easy Division Champ (172.28-117.96)20178
9290.02Cipher in the Snow vs Zanoths Meat Market (160.76-129.26)20161
10286.66One Man Wolfpack vs Zanoths Meat Market (167.16-119.5)20173
Fewest Combined Points
1 (tie)38Easy Division Champ vs One Man Wolfpack (29-9)200913
 38Show Me Your TDs vs Boats and Hoes (23-15)20091
338.35Cipher in the Snow vs Liquor Up Front (24.93-13.42)20154
4 (tie)41Cobra Clutch vs Top Dawgs (22-19)201012
 41Top Dawgs vs Easy Division Champ (22-19)20108
644Liquor Up Front vs The Godfather (25-19)20093
745Spooners Superstars vs Lincoln Longhorns (23-22)201411
849Top Dawgs vs Show Me Your TDs (41-8)201312
950Phat Gronks vs Top Dawgs (33-17)20111
1052Lincoln Longhorns vs One Man Wolfpack (34-18)20101
Victory Margin
184.6Cipher in the Snow20162Lincoln Longhorns (159.52-74.92)
276.26Spooners Superstars20163Liquor Up Front (188.3-112.04)
375.54Lincoln Longhorns201713Boats and Hoes (152.46-76.92)
469.96Cipher in the Snow201611Cobra Clutch (145.34-75.38)
568Easy Division Champ201414Top Dawgs (83-15)
663.4Cipher in the Snow201712Easy Division Champ (173.28-109.88)
763Lincoln Longhorns201014Zanoths Meat Market (87-24)
862.28Liquor Up Front201710Cipher in the Snow (164.76-102.48)
961.62Cobra Clutch201614Easy Division Champ (141.8-80.18)
1060Liquor Up Front20113Show Me Your TDs (88-28)
Least Victory Margin
10.22Lincoln Longhorns20151Boats and Hoes (55.66-55.44)
20.30Lincoln Longhorns20155Spooners Superstars (63.84-63.54)
30.50Lincoln Longhorns20165Spooners Superstars (135.58-135.08)
4 (tie)0.64Zanoths Meat Market201611One Man Wolfpack (93.52-92.88)
 0.64The Drifters20178Boats and Hoes (85.38-84.74)
60.66One Man Wolfpack20151Spooners Superstars (36.46-35.8)
70.76Lincoln Longhorns201612One Man Wolfpack (102.7-101.94)
80.93Liquor Up Front20156Easy Division Champ (56-55.07)
9 (tie)1Liquor Up Front201016Lincoln Longhorns (29-28)
 1Liquor Up Front20096Cobra Clutch (35-34)
 1Boats and Hoes20132One Man Wolfpack (44-43)
 1Top Dawgs20129Zanoths Meat Market (46-45)
 1Show Me Your TDs20144One Man Wolfpack (32-31)
 1Show Me Your TDs201313Lincoln Longhorns (35-34)
 1Show Me Your TDs200914Zanoths Meat Market (39-38)
 1Show Me Your TDs20133Boats and Hoes (45-44)
 1Show Me Your TDs201314Boats and Hoes (48-47)
 1Easy Division Champ20113The Bombshell (32-31)
 1Easy Division Champ20112Boats and Hoes (49-48)
 1The Godfather201012One Man Wolfpack (45-44)
 1Phat Gronks20123Zanoths Meat Market (33-32)
 1Zanoths Meat Market20091Phat Gronks (34-33)
 1Zanoths Meat Market200910Cipher in the Snow (43-42)
 1Zanoths Meat Market20139Phat Gronks (47-46)
 1Zanoths Meat Market201411Cipher in the Snow (62-61)
 1Cipher in the Snow201111Top Dawgs (40-39)
 1Cobra Clutch20109The Godfather (34-33)
 1Spooners Superstars201411Lincoln Longhorns (23-22)
 1Spooners Superstars201413One Man Wolfpack (61-60)

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