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General Manager League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1355.92Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies200711
2308.26Dallas Death Dealers20074
3304.39Atlanta Ballroom Blitz20084
4300.75Miami Mountaineers20077
5299.9Indianapolis Booger Devils200714
6294.27Green Bay Ghost Riders20076
7292.67Cleveland Steamers200711
8292.62Carolina Hogzillas20076
9289.83Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies20077
10289.79San Diego Golden Horde20098
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
191.99Oakland Tuck Rule Victims20097
296.07Indianapolis Booger Devils200917
3100.33Atlanta Ballroom Blitz200817
4103.05San Francisco Gold Rush20081
5104.44Cincinnatti Coochies20097
6106.97Philadelphia Skrollers 20099
7107Tennessee Oilers of Houston200814
8110.26Oakland Tuck Rule Victims20086
9110.5New York Jock Exchange200717
10113.45New Orleans Nightstalkers200917
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1130.79Houston Bats200717Jacksonville Generals (130.79-125.38)
2140.06Indianapolis Booger Devils20098San Francisco Gold Rush (140.06-123.85)
3141.49Dallas Death Dealers200917Philadelphia Skrollers (141.49-129.09)
4144.47Chicago200812St. Louis Clams of OC-LA (144.47-135.96)
5147.77Indianapolis Booger Devils20097St. Louis Clams of OC-LA (147.77-125.99)
6148.7St. Louis Clams of OC-LA200817Atlanta Ballroom Blitz (148.7-100.33)
7149.59Pittsburgh20099Denver Natural Born Killers (149.59-120.03)
8152.2Chicago20078Detroit Revolution (152.2-124.12)
9153.19Oakland Tuck Rule Victims20093Denver Natural Born Killers (153.19-143.1)
10156.89New York Jetsons200917Cincinnatti Coochies (156.89-145.98)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1265.47Kansas City Roadkill200812Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies (265.47-270.64)
2264.2San Diego Golden Horde200816Tampa Bay Midgets (264.2-269.15)
3262.42New England Cheat-ahs20073Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies (262.42-268.31)
4261.89Houston Bats20072Carolina Hogzillas (261.89-264.03)
5260.71Dallas Death Dealers20083Green Bay Ghost Riders (260.71-277.28)
6251.03New Orleans Nightstalkers200710St. Louis Clams of OC-LA (251.03-282.29)
7246.1Kansas City Roadkill20094New York Jock Exchange (246.1-246.38)
8245.8Tampa Bay Midgets20092Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies (245.8-284.51)
9243.94Minnesota200811Tampa Bay Midgets (243.94-252.2)
10241.92St. Louis Clams of OC-LA20074Dallas Death Dealers (241.92-308.26)
Most Combined Points
1550.18Dallas Death Dealers vs St. Louis Clams of OC-LA (308.26-241.92)20074
2537.99Green Bay Ghost Riders vs Dallas Death Dealers (277.28-260.71)20083
3536.11Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies vs Kansas City Roadkill (270.64-265.47)200812
4533.35Tampa Bay Midgets vs San Diego Golden Horde (269.15-264.2)200816
5533.32St. Louis Clams of OC-LA vs New Orleans Nightstalkers (282.29-251.03)200710
6530.73Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies vs New England Cheat-ahs (268.31-262.42)20073
7530.31Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies vs Tampa Bay Midgets (284.51-245.8)20092
8525.92Carolina Hogzillas vs Houston Bats (264.03-261.89)20072
9521.06Miami Mountaineers vs New England Cheat-ahs (300.75-220.31)20077
10516.37Atlanta Ballroom Blitz vs Carolina Hogzillas (304.39-211.98)20084
Fewest Combined Points
1249.03St. Louis Clams of OC-LA vs Atlanta Ballroom Blitz (148.7-100.33)200817
2256.17Houston Bats vs Jacksonville Generals (130.79-125.38)200717
3263.91Indianapolis Booger Devils vs San Francisco Gold Rush (140.06-123.85)20098
4269.62Pittsburgh vs Denver Natural Born Killers (149.59-120.03)20099
5270.31Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies vs Indianapolis Booger Devils (174.24-96.07)200917
6270.58Dallas Death Dealers vs Philadelphia Skrollers (141.49-129.09)200917
7273.76Indianapolis Booger Devils vs St. Louis Clams of OC-LA (147.77-125.99)20097
8276.32Chicago vs Detroit Revolution (152.2-124.12)20078
9280.43Chicago vs St. Louis Clams of OC-LA (144.47-135.96)200812
10282.01New Orleans Nightstalkers vs Oakland Tuck Rule Victims (171.75-110.26)20086
Victory Margin
1196.25Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies200711New England Cheat-ahs (355.92-159.67)
2171.99Indianapolis Booger Devils200714Baltimore Felons (299.9-127.91)
3159.23San Diego Golden Horde20098Oakland Tuck Rule Victims (289.79-130.56)
4143.91Dallas Death Dealers20099Philadelphia Skrollers (250.88-106.97)
5142.71Jacksonville Generals200811Tennessee Oilers of Houston (258.47-115.76)
6130.27Houston Bats20094Oakland Tuck Rule Victims (244.49-114.22)
7130.26Green Bay Ghost Riders200710Minnesota (246.19-115.93)
8130.15Kansas City Roadkill20074San Diego Golden Horde (269.29-139.14)
9130.08Cleveland Steamers200814Tennessee Oilers of Houston (237.08-107)
10128.02Cleveland Steamers200711Baltimore Felons (292.67-164.65)
Least Victory Margin
10.02San Diego Golden Horde200810Kansas City Roadkill (227.18-227.16)
20.28New York Jock Exchange20094Kansas City Roadkill (246.38-246.1)
30.30Houston Bats20095Arizona Donkeys (176.63-176.33)
40.36Pittsburgh200814Dallas Death Dealers (242.01-241.65)
50.37Detroit Revolution20093The D.C. Washingtons (161.18-160.81)
60.49Detroit Revolution20082Green Bay Ghost Riders (175.09-174.6)
70.57Arizona Donkeys200811Seattle's 7 come 11 (217.52-216.95)
80.59Baltimore Felons200716Seattle's 7 come 11 (193.6-193.01)
90.61Houston Bats200812Cleveland Steamers (180.64-180.03)
100.65Miami Mountaineers20094Buffalo Brain Trust & Auction Bullies (201.03-200.38)

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