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Dynasty: The League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1175.94Dark Magicians of Chaos20073
3162.44Las Vegas Elite200716
4156.7Dark Magicians of Chaos200816
5153.05Bring the Pain200813
6149.5Acer FC Edge20079
7148.56Dark Magicians of Chaos200714
8148.48BOYZ II MEN200712
9147.64Devil Dogs20073
10147.04Witch City Warlocks200812
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
338.76The Executioners20071
440.02The Executioners20074
747.1Las Vegas Elite20079
847.58Bring the Pain200715
948.76Silver Bullets200710
1049.99Rolling Rockers200815
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
153.75Devil Dogs20089Las Vegas Elite (53.75-50.61)
263.88LBer-DeCleaters200714Las Vegas Elite (63.88-59.86)
366.9LBer-DeCleaters20073Las Vegas Elite (66.9-60.4)
467.58Las Vegas Elite20087Silver Bullets (67.58-59.96)
570.91The Executioners200811Pacific Pigskins (70.91-59.97)
672.24Mistakes Were Made200710Las Vegas Elite (72.24-71.98)
773.4Amish Rakefighters20077DangerZone (73.4-45)
874.1Pacific Pigskins200814Silver Bullets (74.1-62.88)
974.14Silver Bullets20074The Executioners (74.14-40.02)
1074.18Amish Rakefighters20076Devil Dogs (74.18-58.46)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1137.6Devil Dogs200812Witch City Warlocks (137.6-147.04)
2135.06Dark Magicians of Chaos20072BOYZ II MEN (135.06-143.08)
3134.58Dark Magicians of Chaos20071Witch City Warlocks (134.58-138.9)
4133.14Acer FC Edge200712BOYZ II MEN (133.14-148.48)
5127.41Bring the Pain20086Acer FC Edge (127.41-145.55)
6126.62Dark Magicians of Chaos200813Acer FC Edge (126.62-140.79)
7125.02Acer FC Edge200711Witch City Warlocks (125.02-126.72)
8122.18BOYZ II MEN200813The Executioners (122.18-125.78)
9121.78Pacific Pigskins20079Acer FC Edge (121.78-149.5)
10121.72BOYZ II MEN200711Witch City Warlocks (121.72-126.72)
Most Combined Points
1284.64Witch City Warlocks vs Devil Dogs (147.04-137.6)200812
2281.62BOYZ II MEN vs Acer FC Edge (148.48-133.14)200712
3278.14BOYZ II MEN vs Dark Magicians of Chaos (143.08-135.06)20072
4274.72Sabertooths vs Rolling Rockers (165.24-109.48)20072
5273.48Witch City Warlocks vs Dark Magicians of Chaos (138.9-134.58)20071
6272.96Acer FC Edge vs Bring the Pain (145.55-127.41)20086
7271.28Acer FC Edge vs Pacific Pigskins (149.5-121.78)20079
8267.41Acer FC Edge vs Dark Magicians of Chaos (140.79-126.62)200813
9264.88Mistakes Were Made vs BOYZ II MEN (146.16-118.72)20071
10260.96Dark Magicians of Chaos vs Rolling Rockers (148.56-112.4)200714
Fewest Combined Points
1104.36Devil Dogs vs Las Vegas Elite (53.75-50.61)20089
2114.16Silver Bullets vs The Executioners (74.14-40.02)20074
3118.4Amish Rakefighters vs DangerZone (73.4-45)20077
4123.74LBer-DeCleaters vs Las Vegas Elite (63.88-59.86)200714
5125.88Mistakes Were Made vs Pacific Pigskins (74.44-51.44)20075
6126.58Amish Rakefighters vs Silver Bullets (77.82-48.76)200710
7127.3LBer-DeCleaters vs Las Vegas Elite (66.9-60.4)20073
8127.54Las Vegas Elite vs Silver Bullets (67.58-59.96)20087
9128.96Degenerates vs Las Vegas Elite (76.76-52.2)20084
10129.24Pacific Pigskins vs Rolling Rockers (76.2-53.04)200716
Victory Margin
191.96Dark Magicians of Chaos20073Mistakes Were Made (175.94-83.98)
291.24Las Vegas Elite200716Devil Dogs (162.44-71.2)
383.86Acer FC Edge20085The Executioners (140.4-56.54)
479.46Sabertooths20072LBer-DeCleaters (165.24-85.78)
579.3The Executioners20084Silver Bullets (131.98-52.68)
676.73Bring the Pain200813Amish Rakefighters (153.05-76.32)
776.42Devil Dogs20079Las Vegas Elite (123.52-47.1)
872.42Bring the Pain20071The Executioners (111.18-38.76)
970.25Dark Magicians of Chaos20085Degenerates (142.32-72.07)
1068.65Dark Magicians of Chaos200812Las Vegas Elite (131.37-62.72)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.26Pacific Pigskins20073Sabertooths (102.24-101.98)
 0.26Mistakes Were Made200710Las Vegas Elite (72.24-71.98)
30.38Rolling Rockers200713Dark Magicians of Chaos (97.16-96.78)
40.42Silver Bullets20077Las Vegas Elite (91.8-91.38)
50.60Sabertooths20079Witch City Warlocks (115.56-114.96)
60.70Devil Dogs200814Acer FC Edge (108-107.3)
70.72Mistakes Were Made200811Degenerates (108.97-108.25)
80.93DangerZone200813Mistakes Were Made (107.38-106.45)
91Rolling Rockers20073Bring the Pain (86.74-85.74)
101.13Mistakes Were Made20084Dark Magicians of Chaos (116.53-115.4)

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