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WCOFF Qualifying League 2 2008 Standings

Season: 2007 · 2008 · Career

*Tacoma Thunderbolts7500.583-41440.951319.5
Untouchables Wcoff8600.571-31897.21654.95
*BFD Pepper Pals8700.533-31790.21802.4
BrownsROCK 8700.533-31762.51818.35
*Oregon Gold6600.500-51512.351359.25
The Jokes On You5700.417-61458.951501.8
*Elbow Deep5700.417-61203.61461.35
*Dr. Fast Fish 4700.364-71238.751323.9
*Pismo Penetrator's2900.182-91165.851459.4

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