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WCOFF Qualifying League 2 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2188*Untouchables Wcoff20088
3187.45*Dr. Fast Fish20082
4186.25*Untouchables Wcoff20087
5180.6*Tacoma Thunderbolts20077
6168.7*Fear Is For Prey20076
7165.45Double "O" Seven 220072
8164.95*Dr. Fast Fish20076
9164.05*Elbow Deep20079
10163.75Devils Den200712
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
142*Elbow Deep20084
260.05*Dr. Fast Fish20088
370.9*Tacoma Thunderbolts200715
474.2BrownsROCK U220083
576.25*Pismo Penetrator's20088
678.4*Elbow Deep20086
779.3BrownsROCK U220075
980.2*BFD Pepper Pals200811
1081.1*BFD Pepper Pals200810
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
195.8*doodledog_w200810*BFD Pepper Pals (95.8-81.1)
2100.2*Tacoma Thunderbolts20081*Elbow Deep (100.2-84.35)
3101.25*Elbow Deep20075*Untouchables Wcoff (101.25-100.35)
4102.35*Pismo Penetrator's20081*doodledog_w (102.35-94.95)
5102.65*Untouchables Wcoff20071*Lost Demon (102.65-90.3)
6105.7*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads200810*Untouchables Wcoff (105.7-104.5)
7106.25*BFD Pepper Pals200814Double "O" Seven 2 (106.25-98.2)
8106.5BrownsROCK U220086*Elbow Deep (106.5-78.4)
9106.6*Dr. Fast Fish20075BrownsROCK U2 (106.6-79.3)
10107.1*Elbow Deep20089*Dr. Fast Fish (107.1-97.9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1151.2*VINCERO200712Devils Den (151.2-163.75)
2151.15Double "O" Seven 2200711*Untouchables Wcoff (151.15-153.5)
3150.15*Tacoma Thunderbolts20071*Elbow Deep (150.15-157.25)
4149.7*Untouchables Wcoff20076*Dr. Fast Fish (149.7-164.95)
5148.9*BFD Pepper Pals20081*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (148.9-149.95)
6146*Dr. Fast Fish20073Double "O" Seven 2 (146-163.4)
7144.65*VINCERO20076*Fear Is For Prey (144.65-168.7)
8 (tie)143.8*BFDFantasyfootball.com200714*Untouchables Wcoff (143.8-156.05)
 143.8*Untouchables Wcoff20079*Fear Is For Prey (143.8-154.25)
10140.55*Tacoma Thunderbolts20073*Untouchables Wcoff (140.55-154.65)
Most Combined Points
1329.35*VINCERO vs *Elbow Deep (193.15-136.2)20073
2318.8*Untouchables Wcoff vs BrownsROCK U2 (188-130.8)20088
3314.95Devils Den vs *VINCERO (163.75-151.2)200712
4314.65*Dr. Fast Fish vs *Untouchables Wcoff (164.95-149.7)20076
5313.35*Fear Is For Prey vs *VINCERO (168.7-144.65)20076
6309.4Double "O" Seven 2 vs *Dr. Fast Fish (163.4-146)20073
7307.4*Elbow Deep vs *Tacoma Thunderbolts (157.25-150.15)20071
8304.65*Untouchables Wcoff vs Double "O" Seven 2 (153.5-151.15)200711
9303.25*Dr. Fast Fish vs *Fear Is For Prey (187.45-115.8)20082
10299.85*Untouchables Wcoff vs * (156.05-143.8)200714
Fewest Combined Points
1176.9*doodledog_w vs *BFD Pepper Pals (95.8-81.1)200810
2184.55*Tacoma Thunderbolts vs *Elbow Deep (100.2-84.35)20081
3184.9BrownsROCK U2 vs *Elbow Deep (106.5-78.4)20086
4185.9*Dr. Fast Fish vs BrownsROCK U2 (106.6-79.3)20075
5191.55* vs *Dr. Fast Fish (109.35-82.2)20081
6192.85*Dr. Fast Fish vs BrownsROCK U2 (109.05-83.8)20085
7192.95*Untouchables Wcoff vs *Lost Demon (102.65-90.3)20071
8195.65* vs *Tacoma Thunderbolts (110.6-85.05)20086
9197.3*Pismo Penetrator's vs *doodledog_w (102.35-94.95)20081
10197.7Double "O" Seven 2 vs *Elbow Deep (155.7-42)20084
Victory Margin
1113.7Double "O" Seven 220084*Elbow Deep (155.7-42)
286.1*Untouchables Wcoff20087* (186.25-100.15)
381.2*Untouchables Wcoff200811*BFD Pepper Pals (161.4-80.2)
479.75*Tacoma Thunderbolts20088*Dr. Fast Fish (139.8-60.05)
572.3*BFD Pepper Pals20087*Elbow Deep (159.15-86.85)
671.65*Dr. Fast Fish20082*Fear Is For Prey (187.45-115.8)
769.35*Tacoma Thunderbolts20077*Fear Is For Prey (180.6-111.25)
8 (tie)69.3*BFDFantasyfootball.com20083BrownsROCK U2 (143.5-74.2)
 69.3*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20088*Elbow Deep (154.45-85.15)
1067.65*BFD Pepper Pals20088*Pismo Penetrator's (143.9-76.25)
Least Victory Margin
10.05*BFD Pepper Pals20085*Fear Is For Prey (116.95-116.9)
20.65*Untouchables Wcoff20089*Fear Is For Prey (117.75-117.1)
30.85*Tacoma Thunderbolts20083*Untouchables Wcoff (139.95-139.1)
40.90*Elbow Deep20075*Untouchables Wcoff (101.25-100.35)
51.05*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20081*BFD Pepper Pals (149.95-148.9)
61.20*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads200810*Untouchables Wcoff (105.7-104.5)
71.60*BFDFantasyfootball.com20074*Fear Is For Prey (111.85-110.25)
81.85*doodledog_w20088*Fear Is For Prey (118.45-116.6)
92.35*Untouchables Wcoff200711Double "O" Seven 2 (153.5-151.15)
103.05*BFD Pepper Pals200813*doodledog_w (142.25-139.2)

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