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Suffering Lions Fans' Fantasy Football League Individual Player Records

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Most Points in a Game - Starter
RankScorePlayerPosNFLFantasy TeamSeasonWeek
149Vick, MichaelQBPHIFlint Tough Guys201010
248Peterson, AdrianRBMINHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20079
345Johnson, ChrisRBTENLake Orion JetHawks20092
4 (tie)44Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks20076
 44Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks20053
 44Addai, JosephRBINDLake Orion JetHawks200612
742Brown, RonnieRBMIAFlint Tough Guys20073
8 (tie)41Owens, TerrellWRDALLake Orion JetHawks200711
 41Holmes, PriestRBKCCFlying Hellfish20047
 41Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks200611
 41Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks20068
 41Bennett, DrewWRTENBloomfield Raging Bulls200414
 41Garcia, JeffQBCLEBloomfield Raging Bulls200314
 41Lewis, JamalRBBALHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20032
 41Johnson, LarryRBKCCMurses of the Midway20068
 41Foster, ArianRBHOUMurses of the Midway20101
17 (tie)40Holmes, PriestRBKCCFlying Hellfish20048
 40Westbrook, BrianRBPHIBloomfield Raging Bulls20073
 40Peterson, AdrianRBMINHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20076
 40Best, JahvidRBDETFlint Tough Guys20102
21 (tie)39Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks200610
 39Brady, TomQBNEPNew Haven Mayflies20096
23 (tie)38McNabb, DonovanQBPHINew Haven Mayflies200413
 38Culpepper, DaunteQBMINGrand Rapids Lightning Rods20045
 38Vick, MichaelQBPHIFlint Tough Guys201015
 38Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks200512
 38Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks20059
 38Johnson, ChadWRCINFlying Hellfish200610
 38Alexander, ShaunRBSEAHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20056
 38Alexander, ShaunRBSEAHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20053
 38Brady, TomQBNEPMurses of the Midway20077
 38Walker, JavonWRDENDistrict J20069
 38Jones, JuliusRBDALHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides200413
 38McFadden, DarrenRBOAKDistrict J201014
35 (tie)37Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks20069
 37Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCLake Orion JetHawks20066
 37Johnson, ChadWRCINFlying Hellfish200611
 37Brady, TomQBNEPMurses of the Midway20078
 37Westbrook, BrianRBPHIBloomfield Raging Bulls200813
 37Palmer, CarsonQBCINFlying Hellfish20072
 37McGahee, WillisRBBUFMurses of the Midway200412
 37Jackson, StevenRBSTLGrand Rapids Lightning Rods200616
 37Rodgers, AaronQBGBPGrand Rapids Lightning Rods200915
 37Peterson, AdrianRBMINHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20091
 37Hillis, PeytonRBCLEBloomfield Raging Bulls201012
46 (tie)36Barber, TikiRBNYGNew Haven Mayflies200515
 36Manning, PeytonQBINDMiller Time20048
 36Moss, RandyWRNEPFlint Tough Guys200711
 36Brees, DrewQBNOSHolly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20091
 36Westbrook, BrianRBPHIBloomfield Raging Bulls200710
 36White, RoddyWRATLDistrict J20107

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