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Suffering Lions Fans' Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1155New Haven Mayflies20002
2152District J200411
3 (tie)150Murses of the Midway200213
 150Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides200013
5144Lake Orion JetHawks200215
6136Grand Rapids Lightning Rods200616
7134Lake Orion JetHawks200313
8 (tie)132Lake Orion JetHawks20019
 132Lake Orion JetHawks20076
10 (tie)131Bloomfield Raging Bulls20071
 131Grand Rapids Lightning Rods20027
12130Lake Orion JetHawks20066
13 (tie)129Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides200812
 129Lake Orion JetHawks20105
15 (tie)128Lake Orion JetHawks20001
 128Lake Orion JetHawks20053
 128Lake Orion JetHawks200711
 128Lake Orion JetHawks20092
19 (tie)127Flint Tough Guys20019
 127Flying Hellfish20023
 127Flying Hellfish20072
 127New Haven Mayflies20092
 127Lake Orion JetHawks20071
24126Bloomfield Raging Bulls200412
25 (tie)124Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20053
 124Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20101
 124Flying Hellfish20099
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1127Flint Tough Guys20019Lake Orion JetHawks (127-132)
2124Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20053Lake Orion JetHawks (124-128)
3118District J20007Bloomfield Raging Bulls (118-121)
4117Flint Tough Guys20004Murses of the Midway (117-118)
5112New Haven Mayflies20096Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (112-118)
6 (tie)111Bloomfield Raging Bulls200011Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides (111-117)
 111Grand Rapids Lightning Rods200310Flying Hellfish (111-119)
8110Grand Rapids Lightning Rods20041Lake Orion JetHawks (110-122)
9108Flying Hellfish20092Lake Orion JetHawks (108-128)
10 (tie)107Murses of the Midway20076Lake Orion JetHawks (107-132)
 107Lake Orion JetHawks20054Murses of the Midway (107-114)
12106Lake Orion JetHawks200115District J (106-111)
13104Bloomfield Raging Bulls200314Flint Tough Guys (104-105)
14103Lake Orion JetHawks200211New Haven Mayflies (103-109)
15 (tie)102Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20024Murses of the Midway (102-112)
 102Lake Orion JetHawks20007Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (102-119)
17 (tie)101Grand Rapids Lightning Rods200315Flint Tough Guys (101-109)
 101District J20048Flying Hellfish (101-103)
 101Lake Orion JetHawks20098Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (101-113)
20 (tie)99Murses of the Midway200712Flying Hellfish (99-111)
 99Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20079Flying Hellfish (99-110)
 99Lake Orion JetHawks20048Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (99-108)
 99Miller Time200410Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides (99-104)
24 (tie)98New Haven Mayflies201012Murses of the Midway (98-108)
 98Lake Orion JetHawks20008Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides (98-110)
Most Combined Points
1259Lake Orion JetHawks vs Flint Tough Guys (132-127)20019
2252Lake Orion JetHawks vs Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides (128-124)20053
3249New Haven Mayflies vs Lake Orion JetHawks (155-94)20002
4240Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides vs Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (150-90)200013
5 (tie)239Lake Orion JetHawks vs Murses of the Midway (132-107)20076
 239Bloomfield Raging Bulls vs District J (121-118)20007
7236Lake Orion JetHawks vs Flying Hellfish (128-108)20092
8235Murses of the Midway vs Flint Tough Guys (118-117)20004
9232Lake Orion JetHawks vs Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (122-110)20041
10 (tie)230Flying Hellfish vs Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (119-111)200310
 230Grand Rapids Lightning Rods vs New Haven Mayflies (118-112)20096
12228Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides vs Bloomfield Raging Bulls (117-111)200011
13227Lake Orion JetHawks vs Roughcut Toilet Paper (130-97)20066
14 (tie)223Lake Orion JetHawks vs Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (128-95)20001
 223Grand Rapids Lightning Rods vs Lake Orion JetHawks (136-87)200616
16 (tie)222Grand Rapids Lightning Rods vs Flying Hellfish (131-91)20027
 222New Haven Mayflies vs Bloomfield Raging Bulls (127-95)20092
 222Murses of the Midway vs Miller Time (150-72)200213
19 (tie)221Murses of the Midway vs Lake Orion JetHawks (114-107)20054
 221Grand Rapids Lightning Rods vs Lake Orion JetHawks (119-102)20007
21219Lake Orion JetHawks vs Bloomfield Raging Bulls (144-75)200215
22 (tie)218Flying Hellfish vs Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides (127-91)20072
 218Flying Hellfish vs District J (109-109)200210
24 (tie)217District J vs Miller Time (152-65)200411
 217District J vs Lake Orion JetHawks (111-106)200115
Victory Margin
1 (tie)95Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides200812Bloomfield Raging Bulls (129-34)
 95Lake Orion JetHawks200313New Haven Mayflies (134-39)
387District J200411Miller Time (152-65)
486Grand Rapids Lightning Rods200015Murses of the Midway (109-23)
578Murses of the Midway200213Miller Time (150-72)
677Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20076Roughcut Toilet Paper (113-36)
775Lake Orion JetHawks200613New Haven Mayflies (119-44)
8 (tie)71Murses of the Midway20007Flint Death Squad (120-49)
 71Flying Hellfish200413Flint Tough Guys (100-29)
1070Miller Time20043Flint Tough Guys (105-35)
1169Lake Orion JetHawks200215Bloomfield Raging Bulls (144-75)
1268New Haven Mayflies20034Flint Tough Guys (113-45)
13 (tie)67Flint Tough Guys20076Flying Hellfish (112-45)
 67Lake Orion JetHawks20089Flint Tough Guys (112-45)
15 (tie)66Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides20101Bloomfield Raging Bulls (124-58)
 66New Haven Mayflies20068Bloomfield Raging Bulls (110-44)
 66Lake Orion JetHawks200210Grand Rapids Lightning Rods (105-39)
 66Lake Orion JetHawks20105Bloomfield Raging Bulls (129-63)
19 (tie)64Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides201013Lake Orion JetHawks (118-54)
 64Flint Tough Guys20037Miller Time (111-47)
 64Grand Rapids Lightning Rods20016Flying Hellfish (105-41)
 64Lake Orion JetHawks200711New Haven Mayflies (128-64)
2362Lake Orion JetHawks20034Murses of the Midway (122-60)
24 (tie)61District J201015Holly-Bama Crimson Dbl.-Wides (117-56)
 61New Haven Mayflies20002Lake Orion JetHawks (155-94)
 61Lake Orion JetHawks200315District J (109-48)

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