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GLFFL - Draft Day Guru League 2 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1184.75*Killer Racoons20073
2173.45*Fast Fish WAR20071
3171.75*Killer Racoons20079
5168.9*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers20073
6167.05*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers200714
7159.95*Slicing Hookers20079
8158.9*TurkeyBowl ROCKS200710
9158.75*Fast Fish WAR200712
10158.15*TurkeyBowl ROCKS200712
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
144.45*The Gunslingers20078
254.45*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers200716
362.3*Oregon Reign 220075
462.75*Cleveland Showtime200711
567.3*Slicing Hookers20071
668.05*The Gunslingers20079
7 (tie)68.85*The Gunslingers200710
 68.85*Cleveland Showtime20074
1071.6*Slicing Hookers20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
186.85*Slicing Hookers20074*Cleveland Showtime (86.85-68.85)
288.15*The Killer Whales20071*VTCares (88.15-69.2)
390.95*The Killer Whales20075*Slicing Hookers (90.95-71.6)
491.2*VTCares200711*Cleveland Showtime (91.2-62.75)
598.4*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers200710*The Killer Whales (98.4-79.7)
6101.1*Oregon Reign 220078*Cleveland Showtime (101.1-77.05)
7101.95*VTCares20077*The Gunslingers (101.95-86.3)
8102.35*Fast Fish WAR20076*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers (102.35-85.4)
9103.7*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers20074*Oregon Reign 2 (103.7-78.95)
10106.05*Oregon Reign 220076*The Gunslingers (106.05-80.85)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1158.15*TurkeyBowl ROCKS200712*Fast Fish WAR (158.15-158.75)
2142.6*The Killer Whales200714*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers (142.6-167.05)
3139.7*Lago200710*Killer Racoons (139.7-142.65)
4136.75*TurkeyBowl ROCKS20076*The Killer Whales (136.75-139.6)
5136.05*Slicing Hookers20077*TurkeyBowl ROCKS (136.05-147.55)
6133.65*The Killer Whales200712*The Gunslingers (133.65-135.95)
7133.2*TurkeyBowl ROCKS20073*Oregon Reign 2 (133.2-156.2)
8132.15*TurkeyBowl ROCKS20072*Smackdown (132.15-150.6)
9131.05*Cleveland Showtime20079*TurkeyBowl ROCKS (131.05-142.8)
10129.5*The Killer Whales20077*Killer Racoons (129.5-149)
Most Combined Points
1316.9*Fast Fish WAR vs *TurkeyBowl ROCKS (158.75-158.15)200712
2309.65*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers vs *The Killer Whales (167.05-142.6)200714
3303.3*Killer Racoons vs *Fast Fish WAR (184.75-118.55)20073
4289.4*Oregon Reign 2 vs *TurkeyBowl ROCKS (156.2-133.2)20073
5283.6*TurkeyBowl ROCKS vs *Slicing Hookers (147.55-136.05)20077
6283.25*Slicing Hookers vs *Fast Fish WAR (159.95-123.3)20079
7282.75*Smackdown vs *TurkeyBowl ROCKS (150.6-132.15)20072
8282.35*Killer Racoons vs *Lago (142.65-139.7)200710
9278.5*Killer Racoons vs *The Killer Whales (149-129.5)20077
10276.35*The Killer Whales vs *TurkeyBowl ROCKS (139.6-136.75)20076
Fewest Combined Points
1153.95*VTCares vs *Cleveland Showtime (91.2-62.75)200711
2155.7*Slicing Hookers vs *Cleveland Showtime (86.85-68.85)20074
3157.35*The Killer Whales vs *VTCares (88.15-69.2)20071
4162.55*The Killer Whales vs *Slicing Hookers (90.95-71.6)20075
5168.85*Oregon Reign 2 vs *Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers (114.4-54.45)200716
6169.1*VTCares vs *Oregon Reign 2 (106.8-62.3)20075
7178.1*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers vs *The Killer Whales (98.4-79.7)200710
8178.15*Oregon Reign 2 vs *Cleveland Showtime (101.1-77.05)20078
9182.65*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers vs *Oregon Reign 2 (103.7-78.95)20074
10186.9*Oregon Reign 2 vs *The Gunslingers (106.05-80.85)20076
Victory Margin
1106.15*Fast Fish WAR20071*Slicing Hookers (173.45-67.3)
2105.15*Slicing Hookers20078*The Gunslingers (149.6-44.45)
3103.7*Killer Racoons20079*The Gunslingers (171.75-68.05)
490.05*TurkeyBowl ROCKS200710*The Gunslingers (158.9-68.85)
582.7*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers20073*The Gunslingers (168.9-86.2)
673.35*Smackdown200712*Lago (169.6-96.25)
768.9*Killer Racoons20076*Slicing Hookers (144.7-75.8)
866.2*Killer Racoons20073*Fast Fish WAR (184.75-118.55)
963.7*Killer Racoons20078*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers (150.9-87.2)
1061.55*The Gunslingers200713*VTCares (134.75-73.2)
Least Victory Margin
10.60*Fast Fish WAR200712*TurkeyBowl ROCKS (158.75-158.15)
21.45*The Gunslingers20074*The Killer Whales (125.6-124.15)
31.50*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers20072*VTCares (125.4-123.9)
42.05*Oregon Reign 2200710*Fast Fish WAR (114.6-112.55)
52.30*The Gunslingers200712*The Killer Whales (135.95-133.65)
62.85*The Killer Whales20076*TurkeyBowl ROCKS (139.6-136.75)
72.95*Killer Racoons200710*Lago (142.65-139.7)
84.85*Lago20072*The Gunslingers (129.2-124.35)
97.35*Slicing Hookers200711*Mad Brad's Stealth Bombers (133-125.65)
107.45*The Killer Whales20073*Cleveland Showtime (129.1-121.65)

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