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Elias League Individual Player Records

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Most Points in a Game - Starter
RankScorePlayerPosNFLFantasy TeamSeasonWeek
153.3Bennett, DrewWRTENFatty B200414
249.04Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCGefilte's Fish20053
348.3Westbrook, BrianRBPHICarolina Cartel200413
447Walker, JavonWRGBPMike Horn20043
545.3Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCGefilte's Fish200512
644Smith, SteveWRCARThe Dead Rabbits20053
743Holmes, PriestRBKCCSydney Crosby20047
842.7Harrison, MarvinWRINDPlaya Hata's Ball200412
942.5Gates, AntonioTESDCFatty B20058
1042.3Tomlinson, LadainianRBSDCGefilte's Fish20059

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