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Elias League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1195.42Mike Horn20043
2189.1Carolina Cartel200413
3187.12Fatty B200414
4186.68Gefilte's Fish200416
5183.04Gefilte's Fish200412
6175.04The A.D.iators20054
7174.86Carolina Cartel20042
8171.06Carolina Cartel200516
9168.46Mike Horn20048
10163.76Gefilte's Fish200411
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
152.86The Dead Rabbits200510
265.12The Kid200411
365.42Playa Hata's Ball20043
466.38White Shadow200414
568.5The Kid200412
668.54Playa Hata's Ball20059
769.68Playa Hata's Ball20047
872.22The Kid20051
972.94Mike Horn200513
1075.04White Shadow20048
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
175.98The Dead Rabbits20047Playa Hata's Ball (75.98-69.68)
2 (tie)82.3The Dead Rabbits200411The Kid (82.3-65.12)
 82.3The Dead Rabbits200411White Shadow (82.3-81)
485.44Playa Hata's Ball20048The A.D.iators (85.44-82.76)
592.88Gefilte's Fish20052The Kid (92.88-92.34)
696.22The Dead Rabbits20041Gefilte's Fish (96.22-89.06)
797.2Mike Horn20045Playa Hata's Ball (97.2-76.64)
898.68Carolina Cartel20044The Kid (98.68-85.6)
999.06White Shadow200514Playa Hata's Ball (99.06-81.3)
1099.14Mike Horn20055Sydney Crosby (99.14-89.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1152.14Fatty B20043Mike Horn (152.14-195.42)
2149.66Sydney Crosby200516Carolina Cartel (149.66-171.06)
3145.42Fatty B200416Gefilte's Fish (145.42-186.68)
4142.1The Dead Rabbits200413Sydney Crosby (142.1-146.26)
5135.56Fatty B20042The A.D.iators (135.56-136.4)
6134.68Mike Horn20041Sydney Crosby (134.68-135.5)
7134.5The Dead Rabbits200414Gefilte's Fish (134.5-135.68)
8134.2Sydney Crosby200512Gefilte's Fish (134.2-134.92)
9134.02Sydney Crosby20058Fatty B (134.02-135.38)
10132.24The A.D.iators200410Sydney Crosby (132.24-148.5)
Least Victory Margin
10.18Carolina Cartel200513The A.D.iators (118.96-118.78)
20.38Playa Hata's Ball20042Sydney Crosby (113.38-113)
3 (tie)0.54Gefilte's Fish20052The Kid (92.88-92.34)
 0.54The Kid20042White Shadow (103.42-102.88)
50.68Mike Horn20059The A.D.iators (116.52-115.84)
60.72Gefilte's Fish200512Sydney Crosby (134.92-134.2)
70.82Sydney Crosby20041Mike Horn (135.5-134.68)
80.84The A.D.iators20042Fatty B (136.4-135.56)
91White Shadow20044Sydney Crosby (128.78-127.78)
101.18Gefilte's Fish200414The Dead Rabbits (135.68-134.5)
Victory Margin
1114.54Gefilte's Fish200412The Kid (183.04-68.5)
2104.16Carolina Cartel200413The A.D.iators (189.1-84.94)
393.42Mike Horn20048White Shadow (168.46-75.04)
490.04The A.D.iators20054The Kid (175.04-85)
585.82Carolina Cartel200413Gefilte's Fish (189.1-103.28)
684.58Gefilte's Fish20053Sydney Crosby (163.38-78.8)
779.1Gefilte's Fish20049White Shadow (159.6-80.5)
877.62Carolina Cartel200411The Kid (142.74-65.12)
974.9Fatty B200414The A.D.iators (187.12-112.22)
1068.86Carolina Cartel20042Mike Horn (174.86-106)
Fewest Combined Points
1145.66The Dead Rabbits vs Playa Hata's Ball (75.98-69.68)20047
2147.42The Dead Rabbits vs The Kid (82.3-65.12)200411
3161.24Fatty B vs The Dead Rabbits (108.38-52.86)200510
4163.3The Dead Rabbits vs White Shadow (82.3-81)200411
5168.2Playa Hata's Ball vs The A.D.iators (85.44-82.76)20048
6169.8The Dead Rabbits vs Playa Hata's Ball (101.26-68.54)20059
7170.92The Kid vs Playa Hata's Ball (105.5-65.42)20043
8173.14The Dead Rabbits vs Mike Horn (100.2-72.94)200513
9173.84Mike Horn vs Playa Hata's Ball (97.2-76.64)20045
10180.36White Shadow vs Playa Hata's Ball (99.06-81.3)200514
Most Combined Points
1347.56Mike Horn vs Fatty B (195.42-152.14)20043
2332.1Gefilte's Fish vs Fatty B (186.68-145.42)200416
3320.72Carolina Cartel vs Sydney Crosby (171.06-149.66)200516
4299.7Gefilte's Fish vs Sydney Crosby (183.04-116.66)200412
5299.34Fatty B vs The A.D.iators (187.12-112.22)200414
6296.82Carolina Cartel vs The Dead Rabbits (174.86-121.96)20042
7292.38Carolina Cartel vs Gefilte's Fish (189.1-103.28)200413
8291.2Gefilte's Fish vs Fatty B (163.76-127.44)200411
9288.36Sydney Crosby vs The Dead Rabbits (146.26-142.1)200413
10283.42Sydney Crosby vs The A.D.iators (157.98-125.44)200510

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