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WCOFF Qualifying League 2008 Standings

Season: 2005 · 2006 · 2007 · 2008 · Career

*Team Shakabraddah9300.750-31635.31422.05
*In a Van Down by the River10500.667-22007.651891.75
*Here's My Card6800.429-61646.251753.85
*FastFish in Space5700.417-71389.41538.8
ROM-O-logy...the study of SILVER STARS5800.385-71700.11621.6
*RAT BASTARDS5800.385-71645.41628.65
*IC Light4700.364-81181.11323.9
*Flying Hellfish4800.333-81342.21454.45
*Zero Tolerance3800.273-91163.251308.6

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