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WCOFF Qualifying League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
3192.95*Team Shakabraddah20082
4192.2Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe!20053
5189.05*Vote For Pedro20068
6184.5*Double "O" Seven20077
7179.05*Gang Green200513
8178.3*In a Van Down by the River200713
9177.6*In a Van Down by the River20073
10 (tie)175.65*FastFish in Space200511
 175.65Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe!20067
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
165.1*Chum Buckets20075
266.55*FastFish in Space20086
367.45*RAT BASTARDS20078
467.55*Camel Tows20088
568.25*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs20075
668.75*Sin City Bums20063
768.8*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs200511
870.4*FastFish in Space20053
1075.15*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs20078
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
186.45*Chum Buckets20065*Annihilators (86.45-82.95)
287.75*Vote For Pedro200610*B U L L D O G Z (87.75-87.15)
390*Bishop's Bookies20069*Camel Tows (90-77.05)
491.6*Demonic Dung Beetles200511*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (91.6-68.8)
592.65*Annihilators200612*Sin City Bums (92.65-87.95)
693.45*Sin City Bums20069*B U L L D O G Z (93.45-76.8)
793.5*B U L L D O G Z20078*RAT BASTARDS (93.5-67.45)
896.7*RAT BASTARDS200810*IC Light (96.7-93.55)
997.7*Double "O" Seven200710*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (97.7-96.35)
10100.95*FastFish in Space20056*Sin City Bums (100.95-94.05)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1165.7*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs20072*Vote For Pedro (165.7-171.55)
2164.55*RAT BASTARDS20082*In a Van Down by the River (164.55-166.45)
3156.7*Chum Buckets200714*In a Van Down by the River (156.7-170.65)
4156*Camel Tows200713*In a Van Down by the River (156-178.3)
5155.95*DoCoMo20087*FastFish in Space (155.95-159.2)
6150.9Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe!20072*DoCoMo (150.9-168.05)
7148.55*Camel Tows200512*Double "O" Seven (148.55-156.45)
8146.35*B U L L D O G Z200514*DoCoMo (146.35-150.7)
9144.85*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs20054*Follow Me (144.85-164.7)
10144.2*B U L L D O G Z200613*Double "O" Seven (144.2-170.8)
Most Combined Points
1337.25*Vote For Pedro vs *Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (171.55-165.7)20072
2334.3*In a Van Down by the River vs *Camel Tows (178.3-156)200713
3332.05*Annihilators vs Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe! (212.8-119.25)20076
4331*In a Van Down by the River vs *RAT BASTARDS (166.45-164.55)20082
5327.35*In a Van Down by the River vs *Chum Buckets (170.65-156.7)200714
6318.95*DoCoMo vs Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe! (168.05-150.9)20072
7315.45Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe! vs *Sin City Bums (192.2-123.25)20053
8315.15*FastFish in Space vs *DoCoMo (159.2-155.95)20087
9315*Double "O" Seven vs *B U L L D O G Z (170.8-144.2)200613
10314.6*Vote For Pedro vs *Double "O" Seven (189.05-125.55)20068
Fewest Combined Points
1160.4*Demonic Dung Beetles vs *Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (91.6-68.8)200511
2160.95*B U L L D O G Z vs *RAT BASTARDS (93.5-67.45)20078
3167.05*Bishop's Bookies vs *Camel Tows (90-77.05)20069
4169.4*Chum Buckets vs *Annihilators (86.45-82.95)20065
5170.25*Sin City Bums vs *B U L L D O G Z (93.45-76.8)20069
6174.9*Vote For Pedro vs *B U L L D O G Z (87.75-87.15)200610
7179.2*Zero Tolerance vs *FastFish in Space (112.65-66.55)20086
8180.6*Annihilators vs *Sin City Bums (92.65-87.95)200612
9181.9*Team Shakabraddah vs *Camel Tows (114.35-67.55)20088
10189.75*Bishop's Bookies vs Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe! (102.15-87.6)20064
Victory Margin
1118.35*Team Shakabraddah20082*DoCoMo (192.95-74.6)
293.55*Annihilators20076Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe! (212.8-119.25)
391.8*DoCoMo20067*FastFish in Space (196.6-104.8)
489.45*Gang Green200513*Double "O" Seven (179.05-89.6)
580.75Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe!20055*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (172.9-92.15)
676.95*Chum Buckets20068*Sin City Bums (159.45-82.5)
776.25*Vote For Pedro20069*FastFish in Space (173.35-97.1)
876.2*In a Van Down by the River20073*DoCoMo (177.6-101.4)
974.75*In a Van Down by the River20075*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (143-68.25)
1071.55*Annihilators20075*Chum Buckets (136.65-65.1)
Least Victory Margin
10.15*B U L L D O G Z20054*FastFish in Space (134.95-134.8)
20.30*Team Shakabraddah20087*Double "O" Seven (135.7-135.4)
30.50*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20088*Vote For Pedro (134.75-134.25)
40.60*Vote For Pedro200610*B U L L D O G Z (87.75-87.15)
50.65Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe!200614*Double "O" Seven (136.95-136.3)
61.05*Follow Me20051Colonel Mustard's Lead Pipe! (118.7-117.65)
71.20*Gang Green20051*Sin City Bums (127.1-125.9)
81.35*Double "O" Seven200710*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (97.7-96.35)
91.45*DoCoMo20051*Shrek's Sadomasochistic Smurfs (117-115.55)
101.70*Camel Tows20075*FastFish in Space (110.55-108.85)

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