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Michigan League 8 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1165.8*The Flying Korbellies200810
2165*Soggy Cheerios20072
3163*Soggy Cheerios200511
4161*Soggy Cheerios200515
5 (tie)159*The Flying Korbellies20068
 159*Soggy Cheerios200610
7157.55*Soggy Cheerios20087
8157*Manhattan Knights20066
9156.3*The Rookie Returns20084
10156*PackerFan 820073
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
136*Florida Fintastics20059
2 (tie)40*Manhattan Knights200611
 40*Florida Fintastics20056
 40*PackerFan 820075
542*Nix Niners200611
646*Florida Fintastics20063
747*The Crazy Eighty-eight200510
850*The Crazy Eighty-eight20057
951*Florida Fintastics20061
1053*Florida Fintastics20065
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
164*SteamRollers20068*Manhattan Knights (64-60)
267*The Flying Korbellies20059*Florida Fintastics (67-36)
370*The Flying Korbellies20075*PackerFan 8 (70-40)
472*Soggy Cheerios20078*Florida Fintastics (72-62)
5 (tie)74*Special Spartans200513*The Crazy Eighty-eight (74-69)
 74*SteamRollers20051*The Crazy Eighty-eight (74-63)
 74*PackerFan 820074*SteamRollers (74-70)
8 (tie)76*Nix Niners20055Oregon Reign (76-73)
 76Sacramento Haymakers20071*Florida Fintastics (76-75)
1077*The Crazy Eighty-eight20061*SteamRollers (77-69)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1133.55*Soggy Cheerios200812*The Flying Korbellies (133.55-145.35)
2130*The Rookie Returns200711*Capital City Cowboys (130-135)
3 (tie)128*Nix Niners20053*Soggy Cheerios (128-133)
 128*Soggy Cheerios200712*The Flying Korbellies (128-135)
 128*The Rookie Returns200514*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (128-135)
6125*Special Spartans200614*The Flying Korbellies (125-131)
7124Oregon Reign200714Sacramento Haymakers (124-134)
8123*Manhattan Knights20071*The Rookie Returns (123-132)
9119.9Sacramento Haymakers20083Oregon Reign (119.9-132.4)
10118.75*The Flying Korbellies20081Oregon Reign (118.75-120.7)
Most Combined Points
1278.9*The Flying Korbellies vs *Soggy Cheerios (145.35-133.55)200812
2271*Soggy Cheerios vs *SteamRollers (165-106)20072
3266*Soggy Cheerios vs *Special Spartans (161-105)200515
4265*Capital City Cowboys vs *The Rookie Returns (135-130)200711
5263.7*The Flying Korbellies vs *Nix Niners (154.4-109.3)20086
6 (tie)263*The Flying Korbellies vs *Soggy Cheerios (135-128)200712
 263*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads vs *The Rookie Returns (135-128)200514
8261*Soggy Cheerios vs *Nix Niners (133-128)20053
9259.2*The Flying Korbellies vs *The Rookie Returns (165.8-93.4)200810
10258Sacramento Haymakers vs Oregon Reign (134-124)200714
Fewest Combined Points
1103*The Flying Korbellies vs *Florida Fintastics (67-36)20059
2110*The Flying Korbellies vs *PackerFan 8 (70-40)20075
3124*SteamRollers vs *Manhattan Knights (64-60)20068
4129*Special Spartans vs *The Crazy Eighty-eight (79-50)20057
5132*Florida Fintastics vs *The Crazy Eighty-eight (85-47)200510
6 (tie)134Oregon Reign vs *Florida Fintastics (79-55)200710
 134*Soggy Cheerios vs *Florida Fintastics (72-62)20078
8137*SteamRollers vs *The Crazy Eighty-eight (74-63)20051
9140*The Rookie Returns vs *Nix Niners (98-42)200611
10142Oregon Reign vs *Florida Fintastics (102-40)20056
Victory Margin
1110*Soggy Cheerios200611*Manhattan Knights (150-40)
281*PackerFan 820073*Florida Fintastics (156-75)
380.2*The Rookie Returns20084*VINCERO (156.3-76.1)
480*The Flying Korbellies20068*Special Spartans (159-79)
577*Soggy Cheerios200610*Florida Fintastics (159-82)
674.9*VINCERO20082*The Crazy Eighty-eight (145.8-70.9)
7 (tie)74*Soggy Cheerios200511*Manhattan Knights (163-89)
 74*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20066*Florida Fintastics (136-62)
972.4*The Flying Korbellies200810*The Rookie Returns (165.8-93.4)
10 (tie)69*The Flying Korbellies20057*Manhattan Knights (124-55)
 69Oregon Reign20061*Florida Fintastics (120-51)
Least Victory Margin
10.15*SteamRollers200813*The Rookie Returns (97.2-97.05)
20.45*Capital City Cowboys20082Oregon Reign (113.85-113.4)
3 (tie)1*Nix Niners20074Oregon Reign (96-95)
 1*SteamRollers200713*Capital City Cowboys (107-106)
 1*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20055*Florida Fintastics (86-85)
 1Sacramento Haymakers20071*Florida Fintastics (76-75)
 1Sacramento Haymakers20075Oregon Reign (103-102)
81.95Oregon Reign20081*The Flying Korbellies (120.7-118.75)
9 (tie)2*Special Spartans20053*The Flying Korbellies (86-84)
 2*Soggy Cheerios200615*The Flying Korbellies (83-81)
 2*The Rookie Returns20076Oregon Reign (79-77)
 2*The Rookie Returns20052*Nix Niners (106-104)
 2Oregon Reign20065*Soggy Cheerios (109-107)
 2Oregon Reign200616*Soggy Cheerios (116-114)

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