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Michigan League 5 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2183*Mud Rats20048
3177*The Blue Legion200711
4173*Fighting Flintstones20073
5166*Vermont Catamounts200413
7 (tie)160*The Blue Legion20073
 160*Fighting Flintstones20077
9158*Flying Porkers20066
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10*Crush II20061
219*Crush II20059
334.85*Fighting Flintstones20082
439*Rocky Mountain Cougars20085
541*The Blue Legion200611
643 Lions200512
743.9*Fighting Flintstones20081
844*THE PATRIOT200515
947*Ludington Lions20061
1048war machine200412
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
158*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20052*Crush II (58-54)
261*Crush II200513 Lions (61-57)
3 (tie)65*Fighting Flintstones20046war machine (65-63)
 65*Dawg Pound20053MUSCLEHEDZ (65-65) TB
567 Lions20057*Crush II (67-66)
670.05*Endzone Campers200813*Fighting Flintstones (70.05-69.25)
7 (tie)71*Crush II20065*Endzone Campers (71-64)
 71*Fighting Flintstones20056*Dawg Pound (71-69)
 71*THE PATRIOT20059*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (71-65)
1072*Dawg Pound20059*Crush II (72-19)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1144*Flying Porkers20045*The Blue Legion (144-152)
2134*The Blue Legion20053*Flying Porkers (134-146)
3 (tie)131*The Blue Legion20046*Vermont Catamounts (131-137)
 131*THE PATRIOT20072*The Blue Legion (131-138)
5129*The Blue Legion200414*SHOCK'N Y'ALL (129-138)
6127Oregon Terror20079*The Blue Legion (127-152)
7125Oregon Terror200713*Flying Porkers (125-142)
8 (tie)124MUSCLEHEDZ20056*SteamRollers (124-144)
 124*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20058*Flying Porkers (124-138)
10123*SteamRollers200712Oregon Terror (123-132)
Most Combined Points
1325*SteamRollers vs *Endzone Campers (203-122)20072
2296*The Blue Legion vs *Flying Porkers (152-144)20045
3285*The Blue Legion vs * URT-3486 (177-108)200711
4280*Flying Porkers vs *The Blue Legion (146-134)20053
5279*The Blue Legion vs Oregon Terror (152-127)20079
6274*Fighting Flintstones vs *Flying Porkers (173-101)20073
7 (tie)272*Fighting Flintstones vs *SteamRollers (151-121)200511
 272*Mud Rats vs *Dawg Pound (183-89)20048
9271Oregon Terror vs *Fighting Flintstones (153-118)20053
10 (tie)269*The Blue Legion vs *THE PATRIOT (138-131)20072
 269MUSCLEHEDZ vs *Rocky Mountain Cougars (148.7-120.3)20082
Fewest Combined Points
191*Dawg Pound vs *Crush II (72-19)20059
294*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads vs *Crush II (94-0)20061
3112*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads vs *Crush II (58-54)20052
4118*Crush II vs Lions (61-57)200513
5126.9Oregon Terror vs *Rocky Mountain Cougars (87.9-39)20085
6128*Fighting Flintstones vs war machine (65-63)20046
7130MUSCLEHEDZ vs *Dawg Pound (65-65)20053
8133 Lions vs *Crush II (67-66)20057
9135*Crush II vs *Endzone Campers (71-64)20065
10136*THE PATRIOT vs *Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads (71-65)20059
Victory Margin
1113*SteamRollers200515*THE PATRIOT (157-44)
2102.9Oregon Terror20082*Fighting Flintstones (137.75-34.85)
398*SteamRollers200611*The Blue Legion (139-41)
497*Flying Porkers200412war machine (145-48)
5 (tie)94*Mighty,Mighty,Meatheads20061*Crush II (94-0)
 94*Mud Rats20048*Dawg Pound (183-89)
792*The Blue Legion200710*Fighting Flintstones (147-55)
889*Vermont Catamounts200413*Flying Porkers (166-77)
988*SteamRollers20053*Crush II (153-65)
1084*SteamRollers200610*Endzone Campers (165-81)
Least Victory Margin
10.15*Fighting Flintstones200811MUSCLEHEDZ (103.75-103.6)
20.75*Fighting Flintstones200810*Rocky Mountain Cougars (106.95-106.2)
30.80*Endzone Campers200813*Fighting Flintstones (70.05-69.25)
4 (tie)1*Crush II20066*THE PATRIOT (94-93)
 1 Lions20057*Crush II (67-66)
 1*Flying Porkers20077Oregon Terror (107-106)
 1*Fighting Flintstones20052*THE PATRIOT (89-88)
 1*Fighting Flintstones20072Oregon Terror (101-100)
 1*Dawg Pound20042*Flying Porkers (103-102)
 1*Endzone Campers200613*THE PATRIOT (84-83)
 1*Endzone Campers20078*The Death Lords (103-102)
 1*The Death Lords200711Oregon Terror (93-92)

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