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Great Lakes Gurus 1 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1176*Roseville Renegades20048
2172*Carnivorous Vegans200714
3165*Dachsoid Chorgis200711
4 (tie)164*Dachsoid Chorgis20082
 164*Deadly Force20053
6160*Tacoma Killers200413
7158*Phoenix Monsoons200412
8 (tie)156*Gossamer Monsters20053
 156*Phoenix Monsoons20052
10 (tie)152*Warp Speed Warriors200413
 152*Phoenix Monsoons20062
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
137*Warp Speed Warriors20038
346*Phoenix Monsoons20033
447*The Nine Riders200711
650*Warp Speed Warriors20088
7 (tie)52*Tacoma Killers20056
 52*Deadly Force20083
1054*Warp Speed Warriors200513
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
165*Phoenix Monsoons200611*Dazed and Confused (65-61)
266*Army Of God200814*Cellar Dwellar (66-61)
369*Warp Speed Warriors20033*Warsaw Death Squad (69-62)
471*Wolf Mountain Guru II20068*Phoenix Monsoons (71-68)
5 (tie)72*Shrek's Sumptuous Suds20052*Warsaw Death Squad (72-59)
 72*Warp Speed Warriors20052*Tacoma Killers (72-71)
773*Carnivorous Vegans20065*Warsaw Death Squad (73-67)
874*Army Of God200613*Dachsoid Chorgis (74-66)
9 (tie)75*Shrek's Sumptuous Suds20038*Tacoma Killers (75-64)
 75*Warp Speed Warriors20075*Gossamer Monsters (75-66)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1156*Gossamer Monsters20053*Deadly Force (156-164)
2137*Carnivorous Vegans200416*Roseville Renegades (137-147)
3 (tie)135*Carnivorous Vegans200410*Gossamer Monsters (135-149)
 135*Deadly Force20073*Phoenix Monsoons (135-138)
5129*Deadly Force200511*Warsaw Death Squad (129-130)
6127*Carnivorous Vegans20052*Phoenix Monsoons (127-156)
7126*Dachsoid Chorgis200614*Phoenix Monsoons (126-132)
8 (tie)124*Warsaw Death Squad200414*Carnivorous Vegans (124-147)
 124*Dachsoid Chorgis20083*Dazed and Confused (124-132)
10123*Dachsoid Chorgis20048*Roseville Renegades (123-176)
Most Combined Points
1320*Deadly Force vs *Gossamer Monsters (164-156)20053
2299*Roseville Renegades vs *Dachsoid Chorgis (176-123)20048
3 (tie)284*Roseville Renegades vs *Carnivorous Vegans (147-137)200416
 284*Gossamer Monsters vs *Carnivorous Vegans (149-135)200410
5283*Phoenix Monsoons vs *Carnivorous Vegans (156-127)20052
6276*Dachsoid Chorgis vs *Gossamer Monsters (164-112)20082
7273*Phoenix Monsoons vs *Deadly Force (138-135)20073
8271*Carnivorous Vegans vs *Warsaw Death Squad (147-124)200414
9 (tie)264*Carnivorous Vegans vs *Deadly Force (151-113)200415
 264*Carnivorous Vegans vs *Shrek's Sumptuous Suds (148-116)200315
Fewest Combined Points
1126*Phoenix Monsoons vs *Dazed and Confused (65-61)200611
2127*Army Of God vs *Cellar Dwellar (66-61)200814
3 (tie)131*Shrek's Sumptuous Suds vs *Warsaw Death Squad (72-59)20052
 131*Warp Speed Warriors vs *Warsaw Death Squad (69-62)20033
5136*KnackersWackers vs *Phoenix Monsoons (90-46)20033
6 (tie)137*Tacoma Killers vs *KnackersWackers (85-52)20046
 137*Phoenix Monsoons vs *Deadly Force (85-52)20083
8 (tie)139*Shrek's Sumptuous Suds vs *Tacoma Killers (75-64)20038
 139*Wolf Mountain Guru II vs *Phoenix Monsoons (71-68)20068
10 (tie)140*Army Of God vs *Dachsoid Chorgis (74-66)200613
 140*Army Of God vs *Warp Speed Warriors (83-57)20061
 140*Carnivorous Vegans vs *Warsaw Death Squad (73-67)20065
Victory Margin
1118*Dachsoid Chorgis200711*The Nine Riders (165-47)
293*Carnivorous Vegans200714*Phoenix Monsoons (172-79)
386*Carnivorous Vegans20038*Warp Speed Warriors (123-37)
482*Deadly Force200710*Army Of God (148-66)
579*Warsaw Death Squad20086*KnackersWackers (121-42)
6 (tie)75*Dachsoid Chorgis200611*Warsaw Death Squad (142-67)
 75*Tacoma Killers200413*Dachsoid Chorgis (160-85)
872*Dachsoid Chorgis20058*Dazed and Confused (131-59)
9 (tie)70*Carnivorous Vegans20072*Army Of God (129-59)
 70*Carnivorous Vegans200312Thunder (139-69)
 70*Phoenix Monsoons20067*KnackersWackers (139-69)
 70*Roseville Renegades200511*Tacoma Killers (132-62)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1*Warsaw Death Squad20068*KnackersWackers (77-76)
 1*Warsaw Death Squad200511*Deadly Force (130-129)
 1*Warp Speed Warriors20052*Tacoma Killers (72-71)
 1*Deadly Force20086*Gossamer Monsters (78-77)
 1*Deadly Force200515*Shrek's Sumptuous Suds (95-94)
 1*KnackersWackers20076*Warsaw Death Squad (94-93)
 1*Dazed and Confused20066*Roseville Renegades (85-84)
 1*Phoenix Monsoons200512*Warp Speed Warriors (83-82)
 1*Roseville Renegades20035*Tacoma Killers (92-91)
 1*Roseville Renegades200312*Gossamer Monsters (93-92)
 1*The Nine Riders20079*Warp Speed Warriors (115-114)

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