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EFS9 Resurrection Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1587.7Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20215
2539.1Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20205
3526.5Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20184
4512.6Gray Wolves 920229
5508.1Average Joes201915
6496.3Blitzing Lunatics20224
7482.5Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel201810
8476.4MaSyDoEl Devilz202216
9471.7Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20207
11469.3Average Joes20204
12468.9Bridge 420206
13464.4Blitzing Lunatics202216
14463.4Iron Brigade202114
15458.7The Upward Spiral20223
16458.6MaSyDoEl Devilz20224
17 (tie)458.5QUEDOGS20228
 458.5Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20223
19455.1Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20196
20454.1Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20214
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1158Raven Maniacs20197
2164.7Blue Ball Baters20189
3183.3The Rollin Spliffs20217
4185.5Blue Ball Baters20186
5187.6The Rollin Spliffs202211
6194Raven Maniacs20218
7197.1Carolina Chaos20196
8197.4Bridge 4201913
10199.3Raven Maniacs20185
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1216.3Bridge 420226Abaddon (216.3-203.1)
2222.6QUEDOGS201913Bridge 4 (222.6-197.4)
3229.6Carolina Chaos202213Krome Phrogs (229.6-221.9)
4232.4QUEDOGS20217The Rollin Spliffs (232.4-183.3)
5233.9MaSyDoEl Devilz20229The Rollin Spliffs (233.9-200.1)
6235.5Gray Wolves 9201810Iron Brigade (235.5-231.9)
7244.5Carolina Chaos20192Abaddon (244.5-199.2)
8245.9Abaddon201812The Rollin Spliffs (245.9-238.1)
9247.9Gray Wolves 9202214Bridge 4 (247.9-205.9)
10252.1Abaddon20193Blitzing Lunatics (252.1-206.1)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1435.5Bridge 420228QUEDOGS (435.5-458.5)
2423.8Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel202216Blitzing Lunatics (423.8-464.4)
3408.9Gray Wolves 9202213QUEDOGS (408.9-470.9)
4404QUEDOGS20193Iron Brigade (404-447.6)
5403.7Blue Ball Baters201916Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel (403.7-406.8)
6397.5The Rollin Spliffs20202The Upward Spiral (397.5-408.6)
7397.1Krome Phrogs20203Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel (397.1-408.8)
8394Gray Wolves 920228Blitzing Lunatics (394-424.1)
9392.9Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel201915Average Joes (392.9-508.1)
10391.1Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20228Gray Wolves 9 (391.1-394)
Most Combined Points
1943.5Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel vs Average Joes (587.7-355.8)20215
2901Average Joes vs Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel (508.1-392.9)201915
3894QUEDOGS vs Bridge 4 (458.5-435.5)20228
4888.2Blitzing Lunatics vs Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel (464.4-423.8)202216
5884.1Blitzing Lunatics vs Carolina Chaos (496.3-387.8)20224
6879.8QUEDOGS vs Gray Wolves 9 (470.9-408.9)202213
7869.7Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel vs Raven Maniacs (539.1-330.6)20205
8851.6Iron Brigade vs QUEDOGS (447.6-404)20193
9843.2Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel vs MaSyDoEl Devilz (482.5-360.7)201810
10820.6Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel vs Average Joes (458.5-362.1)20223
Fewest Combined Points
1415.7QUEDOGS vs The Rollin Spliffs (232.4-183.3)20217
2419.4Bridge 4 vs Abaddon (216.3-203.1)20226
3420QUEDOGS vs Bridge 4 (222.6-197.4)201913
4432.1Abaddon vs Blue Ball Baters (267.4-164.7)20189
5434MaSyDoEl Devilz vs The Rollin Spliffs (233.9-200.1)20229
6443.7Carolina Chaos vs Abaddon (244.5-199.2)20192
7451.5Carolina Chaos vs Krome Phrogs (229.6-221.9)202213
8451.7Abaddon vs The Rollin Spliffs (264.1-187.6)202211
9453.8Gray Wolves 9 vs Bridge 4 (247.9-205.9)202214
10458.2Abaddon vs Blitzing Lunatics (252.1-206.1)20193
Victory Margin
1267.6Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20184Raven Maniacs (526.5-258.9)
2238.9Gray Wolves 920229Carolina Chaos (512.6-273.7)
3233.7Iron Brigade201910Bridge 4 (449-215.3)
4231.9Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20215Average Joes (587.7-355.8)
5223Iron Brigade20218The Rollin Spliffs (441.9-218.9)
6211.8Iron Brigade202114Carolina Chaos (463.4-251.6)
7208.5Lamarmageddon of Ezekiel20205Raven Maniacs (539.1-330.6)
8200.6The Upward Spiral20198Krome Phrogs (413.6-213)
9199.6MaSyDoEl Devilz201811The Rollin Spliffs (421.5-221.9)
10197.3Blue Ball Baters20198Krome Phrogs (410.3-213)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.30MaSyDoEl Devilz20187QUEDOGS (310-309.7)
 0.30MaSyDoEl Devilz20203Carolina Chaos (372.2-371.9)
 0.30The Rollin Spliffs20185Iron Brigade (379.5-379.2)
40.80MaSyDoEl Devilz201911QUEDOGS (278.9-278.1)
50.90The Upward Spiral20226Raven Maniacs (373.7-372.8)
6 (tie)1.10Krome Phrogs20218Average Joes (314.2-313.1)
 1.10Carolina Chaos202110Timpanogos Thunder (300.5-299.4)
81.50Blitzing Lunatics20189Gray Wolves 9 (252.7-251.2)
92Bridge 4202212Blitzing Lunatics (330.1-328.1)
102.40Blitzing Lunatics202011Raven Maniacs (290.7-288.3)

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