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CrunchTime Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2175.28GB Gamblers20186
3164.88GB Gamblers20178
4163.92GB Gamblers20181
5162.8The Pimps20164
6162.02GB Gamblers201816
7161.5GB Gamblers20189
9158.42GB Gamblers201711
10154.66IcEbAy bAsHeRs201810
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
221.17Midway Monsters20107
321.31The X Factor20024
422.2IcEbAy bAsHeRs20058
522.21The Pimps201414
623.94GB Gamblers20087
724.07Purple Haze20045
824.09Darque Warriors201511
924.34IcEbAy bAsHeRs200710
1024.55Sons of Anarchy 20032
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
132.24Midway Monsters20044Darque Warriors (32.24-28.11)
234.45Budda Nuggs20033Purple Haze (34.45-34.05)
341.06Irish Pride20095Sons of Anarchy (41.06-36.78)
442.64Top Dawgs20029The X Factor (42.64-40.11)
546.01Top Dawgs20101Irish Pride (46.01-41.34)
646.19The Pimps20015Top Dawgs (46.19-36.97)
746.37Darque Warriors20039Purple Haze (46.37-45.26)
846.5Who Hate Me20013Irish Pride (46.5-39.81)
946.85Jesters20087GB Gamblers (46.85-23.94)
1047.04GB Gamblers20075Jesters (47.04-46.93)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1127.96IcEbAy bAsHeRs20186GB Gamblers (127.96-175.28)
2126.52The Pimps201810Top Dawgs (126.52-140.5)
3125.04Misfits201816GB Gamblers (125.04-162.02)
4 (tie)123.26GB Gamblers20184Irish Pride (123.26-136.46)
 123.26IcEbAy bAsHeRs201811Top Dawgs (123.26-124.34)
6122.18Midway Monsters20181GB Gamblers (122.18-163.92)
7120.72Misfits201711GB Gamblers (120.72-158.42)
8119.3Irish Pride201611Sons of Anarchy (119.3-141.64)
9117.19Sons of Anarchy 20079IcEbAy bAsHeRs (117.19-118.2)
10115.58Irish Pride201811Sons of Anarchy (115.58-124.08)
Most Combined Points
1303.24GB Gamblers vs IcEbAy bAsHeRs (175.28-127.96)20186
2287.06GB Gamblers vs Misfits (162.02-125.04)201816
3286.1GB Gamblers vs Midway Monsters (163.92-122.18)20181
4279.14GB Gamblers vs Misfits (158.42-120.72)201711
5276Misfits vs Irish Pride (182.6-93.4)201810
6275.58GB Gamblers vs Sons of Anarchy (161.5-114.08)20189
7267.02Top Dawgs vs The Pimps (140.5-126.52)201810
8265.06IcEbAy bAsHeRs vs Darque Warriors (154.66-110.4)201810
9262.08GB Gamblers vs Midway Monsters (149.66-112.42)201810
10260.94Sons of Anarchy vs Irish Pride (141.64-119.3)201611
Fewest Combined Points
160.35Midway Monsters vs Darque Warriors (32.24-28.11)20044
268.5Budda Nuggs vs Purple Haze (34.45-34.05)20033
370.79Jesters vs GB Gamblers (46.85-23.94)20087
473.08Purple Haze vs DEADwings (47.39-25.69)20036
575.46Irish Pride vs The Pimps (53.25-22.21)201414
677.84Irish Pride vs Sons of Anarchy (41.06-36.78)20095
781.62Irish Pride vs IcEbAy bAsHeRs (57.28-24.34)200710
882.75Top Dawgs vs The X Factor (42.64-40.11)20029
983.16The Pimps vs Top Dawgs (46.19-36.97)20015
1084.4Jesters vs Sons of Anarchy (55.1-29.3)200713
Victory Margin
197.42The Pimps20013Purple Haze (132.14-34.72)
292.13DEADwings200213The X Factor (128.44-36.31)
389.2Misfits201810Irish Pride (182.6-93.4)
487.95Midway Monsters200914Jesters (119.7-31.75)
586.15GB Gamblers200612The Pimps (114.26-28.11)
682.87The Pimps200113IcEbAy bAsHeRs (117.11-34.24)
780.05Darque Warriors201513Top Dawgs (120.74-40.69)
879.78GB Gamblers20176The Pimps (132.02-52.24)
978.66GB Gamblers20178Jesters (164.88-86.22)
1077.78Jesters201713The Pimps (158.94-81.16)
Least Victory Margin
10.05Midway Monsters20063Flatland Hurricanes (57.82-57.77)
2 (tie)0.08GB Gamblers20118Sons of Anarchy (70.66-70.58)
 0.08IcEbAy bAsHeRs20109Jesters (97.83-97.75)
40.10Top Dawgs200316IcEbAy bAsHeRs (108.93-108.83)
50.11GB Gamblers20075Jesters (47.04-46.93)
60.17Sons of Anarchy 20158Irish Pride (79.39-79.22)
7 (tie)0.20Top Dawgs20047Sons of Anarchy (65.66-65.46)
 0.20Irish Pride20048Top Dawgs (87.72-87.52)
9 (tie)0.24Top Dawgs20163GB Gamblers (82.66-82.42)
 0.24The Pimps20165Sons of Anarchy (109.6-109.36)

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