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ebTalk 2022 Gold League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1222.34The Fedora20184
2215.1The Napoleon Fallapartes20148
3212.02Cosa Nostra20077
4199.5The Fedora20107
5199.3Khaos Theory20158
6198.86Truffle Shuffle20073
7197.08Truffle Shuffle202116
8195.22Agent Orange20151
10192.5SHAWshank Redemption20135
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
19.3Linn Is Gay20159
247.86Hepatitis B200812
347.96Cosa Nostra20226
453.52Cosa Nostra20185
555.7Dynasty of Domination20166
658.2The Napoleon Fallapartes202210
758.84Linn Is Gay20075
859.3Sprint Right Option202110
959.44Hepatitis B20085
1059.45Cosa Nostra20181
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
175.36Dynasty of Domination201613Hepatitis B (75.36-70.97)
281.78Linn Is Gay20089Truffle Shuffle (81.78-77.94)
384.44The Brawlers20101Sprint Right Option (84.44-76.78)
485SHAWshank Redemption201811Agent Orange (85-64.79)
585.92Sprint Right Option20135Khaos Theory (85.92-85.16)
685.96Hepatitis B20078Business Time (85.96-76)
786.5Dynasty of Domination20074Business Time (86.5-83.12)
887.46Truffle Shuffle20124Hepatitis B (87.46-86.68)
987.5Cosa Nostra20189Matt Clark (87.5-84.97)
1088.8Cosa Nostra201813Truffle Shuffle (88.8-62.7)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1170.32Sprint Right Option200711Cosa Nostra (170.32-171.68)
2169.67Sprint Right Option201811Pigskin Pimps (169.67-182.62)
3162.2Khaos Theory20097Cosa Nostra (162.2-172.02)
4160.34Sprint Right Option20189The Napoleon Fallapartes (160.34-164.28)
5160.12Puddin Pops20212Hepatitis B (160.12-165.23)
6158.58Dynasty of Domination20139The Fedora (158.58-176.7)
7158.38Truffle Shuffle200912The Fedora (158.38-161.22)
8156.62SHAWshank Redemption20124Dynasty of Domination (156.62-163.56)
9154.46Truffle Shuffle200911Cosa Nostra (154.46-170.2)
10154.02Dynasty of Domination20134SHAWshank Redemption (154.02-157.54)
Most Combined Points
1352.29Pigskin Pimps vs Sprint Right Option (182.62-169.67)201811
2342Cosa Nostra vs Sprint Right Option (171.68-170.32)200711
3339.91The Fedora vs Khaos Theory (222.34-117.57)20184
4335.83Truffle Shuffle vs The Fedora (197.08-138.75)202116
5335.28The Fedora vs Dynasty of Domination (176.7-158.58)20139
6334.22Cosa Nostra vs Khaos Theory (172.02-162.2)20097
7334.08Romoholics vs SHAWshank Redemption (192.88-141.2)200714
8331.46SHAWshank Redemption vs Truffle Shuffle (192.5-138.96)20135
9329.64The Fedora vs The Napoleon Fallapartes (199.5-130.14)20107
10327.71Truffle Shuffle vs Agent Orange (184.89-142.82)202114
Fewest Combined Points
1146.33Dynasty of Domination vs Hepatitis B (75.36-70.97)201613
2148.56Linn Is Gay vs Hepatitis B (100.7-47.86)200812
3149.79SHAWshank Redemption vs Agent Orange (85-64.79)201811
4151.5Cosa Nostra vs Truffle Shuffle (88.8-62.7)201813
5156.9Linn Is Gay vs Hepatitis B (88.82-68.08)201511
6157.28Cosa Nostra vs Linn Is Gay (147.98-9.3)20159
7158.66Truffle Shuffle vs Khaos Theory (90.18-68.48)20075
8159.31Khaos Theory vs Cosa Nostra (111.35-47.96)20226
9159.67Pigskin Pimps vs The Fedora (88.83-70.84)201815
10159.72Linn Is Gay vs Truffle Shuffle (81.78-77.94)20089
Victory Margin
1141.88The Napoleon Fallapartes20148Khaos Theory (215.1-73.22)
2138.68Cosa Nostra20159Linn Is Gay (147.98-9.3)
3117.66The Fedora20181Cosa Nostra (177.11-59.45)
4117.18Cosa Nostra20077Business Time (212.02-94.84)
5104.77The Fedora20184Khaos Theory (222.34-117.57)
6101.14Dynasty of Domination20144SHAWshank Redemption (172.92-71.78)
798.7Truffle Shuffle20139Khaos Theory (184.68-85.98)
898.34Hepatitis B20111SHAWshank Redemption (170.84-72.5)
997.24Sprint Right Option20087The Napoleon Fallapartes (172.38-75.14)
1093.92Dynasty of Domination201112Linn Is Gay (165.04-71.12)
Least Victory Margin
10.02Matt Clark20183Hepatitis B (120.56-120.54)
20.06SHAWshank Redemption201213Khaos Theory (116.68-116.62)
30.07Dynasty of Domination20167Sprint Right Option (100.62-100.55)
4 (tie)0.14Linn Is Gay20079Truffle Shuffle (130.64-130.5)
 0.14The Brawlers200810Truffle Shuffle (127.56-127.42)
60.26The Napoleon Fallapartes20134Linn Is Gay (139.3-139.04)
70.30The Brawlers20116Truffle Shuffle (117.6-117.3)
80.36Romoholics20076Hepatitis B (118.82-118.46)
90.38Dynasty of Domination20108Truffle Shuffle (133.26-132.88)
100.42Romoholics201111SHAWshank Redemption (110.2-109.78)

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