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Erie Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1207.68Long Shots201414
2175.95Lady Chatterly's Lovers201313
4175.56Sons of Anarchy20148
6171.75Atomic Punks20114
7171.2The Playmaker20125
8169.12Burma Road20141
9169.1Nasty "D"20112
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
11Kim's Krunchers19909
23Brews Bros.19926
3 (tie)4Midnight Vigilantes199215
 4Brown Bombers19921
5 (tie)6King Salmons199212
 6Arabian Knights199011
9 (tie)7Bonecrushers199010
 7Arabian Knights199010
 7Arabian Knights199012
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
111Brews Bros.199211Blue Streaks (11-8)
212Midnight Vigilantes19928Atomic Punks (12-9)
313Brews Bros.199210Marci's Team (13-10)
4 (tie)14Shadow Bandits199312King Salmons (14-12)
 14Marci's Team199213King Salmons (14-13)
 14Blue Streaks199213Brown Bombers (14-11)
 14Cruisers199011Bonecrushers (14-10)
815Assassins19929Blue Streaks (15-8)
9 (tie)16Atomic Punks199012King Salmons (16-14)
 16Hostile Omish19924Brown Bombers (16-12)
 16Bonecrushers19924King Salmons (16-12)
 16Bonecrushers19929Atomic Punks (16-14)
 16Bonecrushers199212Hostile Omish (16-14)
 16Blue Streaks19904Cruisers (16-12)
 16Blue Streaks19909Fornicators (16-6)
 16Kim's Krunchers199010Fornicators (16-9)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1169.1Nasty "D"20112Donikers-DTL (169.1-174.55)
2145.76Long Shots20159The Fumble (145.76-148.58)
3143.35Butt Head20131Shadow Bandits (143.35-150.6)
4142.4Lady Chatterly's Lovers20079The Juice Monkeys (142.4-143.55)
5142.2Hostile Omish20136Channel 4 News Team (142.2-148.1)
6141.38The Eliminators20158Lady Chatterly's Lovers (141.38-152)
7140Channel 4 News Team201514Sons of Anarchy (140-144.86)
8138.2Multiple Scoregasms20131Burma Road (138.2-142.5)
9138.14Burma Road20146Captain Tripps (138.14-138.8)
10135.95Black Diamond20125Multiple Scoregasms (135.95-143.4)
Most Combined Points
1343.65Donikers-DTL vs Nasty "D" (174.55-169.1)20112
2306.88Long Shots vs The Playmaker (207.68-99.2)201414
3297.45Multiple Scoregasms vs Captain Tripps (163.45-134)20138
4294.34The Fumble vs Long Shots (148.58-145.76)20159
5294.26Sons of Anarchy vs Captain Tripps (175.56-118.7)20148
6294.1Channel 4 News Team vs Horn Headed Degenerates (165.75-128.35)201316
7293.95Shadow Bandits vs Butt Head (150.6-143.35)20131
8293.38Lady Chatterly's Lovers vs The Eliminators (152-141.38)20158
9292.74The Eliminators vs Sons of Anarchy (157.88-134.86)201413
10292.7Long Shots vs Donikers-DTL (167.45-125.25)201210
Fewest Combined Points
119Brews Bros. vs Blue Streaks (11-8)199211
2 (tie)21Bonecrushers vs Brews Bros. (18-3)19926
 21Midnight Vigilantes vs Atomic Punks (12-9)19928
422Blue Streaks vs Fornicators (16-6)19909
5 (tie)23Assassins vs Blue Streaks (15-8)19929
 23Brews Bros. vs Marci's Team (13-10)199210
7 (tie)24King Salmons vs Kim's Krunchers (23-1)19909
 24Cruisers vs Bonecrushers (14-10)199011
9 (tie)25Blue Streaks vs Brown Bombers (14-11)199213
 25Kim's Krunchers vs Fornicators (16-9)199010
Victory Margin
1108.48Long Shots201414The Playmaker (207.68-99.2)
2100Atomic Punks19964Donikers-DTL (123-23)
399.66Nasty "D"201412Hurt's Donuts (152.54-52.88)
499Shadow Bandits200212Long Shots (148-49)
594.82Burma Road20141Hostile Omish (169.12-74.3)
687.8Nasty "D"20079Long Shots (168.7-80.9)
787Atomic Punks199612Assassins (117-30)
885.25Lady Chatterly's Lovers20131The C.K. Team (165-79.75)
984.1Sons of Anarchy20087Hostile Omish (128.15-44.05)
10 (tie)84LTP199911Kodiak (102-18)
 84Bonecrushers19967Assassins (138-54)
Least Victory Margin
10.04Lady Chatterly's Lovers201511Sons of Anarchy (87.58-87.54)
20.06Channel 4 News Team20147The Eliminators (87.6-87.54)
30.08Donikers-DTL201514Injured Reserves (109.86-109.78)
40.10Sons of Anarchy20114Madtown Mayhem (114.75-114.65)
50.12JEDI201413Captain Tripps (116.32-116.2)
60.14WARPIGS20152Butt Head (99-98.86)
7 (tie)0.15Sons of Anarchy200513The Juice Monkeys (84-83.85)
 0.15Atomic Punks201111LTP (101.55-101.4)
9 (tie)0.20Captain Tripps201013Black Diamond (76.7-76.5)
 0.20Midnight Vigilantes200813Madtown Mayhem (89.05-88.85)
 0.20King Salmons20135The Dukes (110.45-110.25)

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