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MNR 527 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1187Royal Irish Asses201315
2171Stray Dogz201515
3169The Huns20139
4 (tie)166Two Poker Guys20092
 166The Fantasy Feat201513
6161The Fantasy Feat20148
7160Mean Machine201114
8 (tie)159The Huns200711
 159The Football Scientist200911
10 (tie)158Kelly's Heroes20068
 158Royal Irish Asses200914
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
114The Kilted Potatoes20085
222Psychotic Red Chinchillas200810
331Big Easy20077
432West Coast Bitches20139
5 (tie)37Stray Dogz20122
 37The Fantasy Feat20095
7 (tie)38Bavaro's Brigade20101
 38Mean Machine20129
 38Psychotic Red Chinchillas20101
10 (tie)40Big Easy20083
 40The Football Scientist20098
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
147The Kilted Potatoes20104West Coast Bitches (47-42)
2 (tie)48Two Poker Guys20075Fighting Irish (48-41)
 48Balloon Knotz201013Team America (48-45)
451The Fantasy Feat20075Two Poker Guys (51-48)
5 (tie)55Two Poker Guys20074Damage Ink (55-52)
 55TBD201511Mean Machine (55-49)
758Leather Helmets201511Two Poker Guys (58-44)
8 (tie)59Shake & Bake20157The Fantasy Feat (59-54)
 59Fighting Irish 201012The Kilted Potatoes (59-54)
10 (tie)60Bavaro's Brigade201511Leather Helmets (60-58)
 60The Swiss Resistance20067How Ya doin How Ya doin (60-54)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1132Kappy200714Royal Irish Asses (132-154)
2131The Fantasy Feat201112Kelly's Heroes (131-132)
3130Big Easy20125Blind Side Shorties (130-143)
4 (tie)128Fazoul220134Two Poker Guys (128-145)
 128Kelly's Heroes20159GoodFellas (128-138)
 128Balloon Knotz20088Bavaro's Brigade (128-129)
 128Team America200813Mean Machine (128-144)
8 (tie)126The Huns201011Fighting Irish (126-134)
 126The Huns201011The Fantasy Feat (126-135)
10 (tie)125Shake & Bake20124Fazoul2 (125-135)
 125Shake & Bake20124Kelly's Heroes (125-129)
 125Psychotic Red Chinchillas20124Kelly's Heroes (125-129)
 125Kelly's Heroes201012Stray Dogz (125-147)
 125Balloon Knotz201012Stray Dogz (125-147)
Most Combined Points
1 (tie)286The Fantasy Feat vs How Ya doin How Ya doin (166-120)201513
 286Royal Irish Asses vs Kappy (154-132)200714
3278West Coast Bitches vs Royal Irish Asses (156-122)20134
4 (tie)273Blind Side Shorties vs Big Easy (143-130)20125
 273Two Poker Guys vs Fazoul2 (145-128)20134
 273West Coast Bitches vs GoodFellas (156-117)20134
7 (tie)272Royal Irish Asses vs Kelly's Heroes (151-121)20153
 272Mean Machine vs Team America (144-128)200813
 272Stray Dogz vs Kelly's Heroes (147-125)201012
 272Stray Dogz vs Balloon Knotz (147-125)201012
Fewest Combined Points
188Kelly's Heroes vs The Kilted Potatoes (74-14)20085
2 (tie)89Two Poker Guys vs Fighting Irish (48-41)20075
 89The Kilted Potatoes vs West Coast Bitches (47-42)20104
493Balloon Knotz vs Team America (48-45)201013
5 (tie)98Bavaro's Brigade vs The Kilted Potatoes (84-14)20085
 98Two Poker Guys vs West Coast Bitches (66-32)20139
799The Fantasy Feat vs Two Poker Guys (51-48)20075
8 (tie)102Leather Helmets vs Two Poker Guys (58-44)201511
 102Kelly's Heroes vs Psychotic Red Chinchillas (64-38)20101
10104TBD vs Mean Machine (55-49)201511
Victory Margin
1108Royal Irish Asses201315Two Poker Guys (187-79)
2102Balloon Knotz200710The Swiss Resistance (151-49)
399Leather Helmets200810Psychotic Red Chinchillas (121-22)
494West Coast Bitches20131Kelly's Heroes (148-54)
5 (tie)92Kappy20074The Fantasy Feat (146-54)
 92Blind Side Shorties20125How Ya doin How Ya doin (143-51)
790The Football Scientist200911Kappy (159-69)
8 (tie)89Damage Ink20129Mean Machine (127-38)
 89Kappy20099Big Easy (148-59)
10 (tie)88Big Easy20109West Coast Bitches (148-60)
 88Two Poker Guys20092The Huns (166-78)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Damage Ink20085Balloon Knotz (89-88)
 1Leather Helmets20063Big Easy (100-99)
 1Big Easy20084Bavaro's Brigade (116-115)
 1Bavaro's Brigade20089How Ya doin How Ya doin (65-64)
 1Bavaro's Brigade20088Balloon Knotz (129-128)
 1Stray Dogz20088How Ya doin How Ya doin (75-74)
 1Stray Dogz20076Royal Irish Asses (83-82)
 1Stray Dogz20153How Ya doin How Ya doin (87-86)
 1Stray Dogz20157The Huns (88-87)
 1Stray Dogz20084The Kilted Potatoes (89-88)
 1Stray Dogz20089Fighting Irish (89-88)
 1Stray Dogz200612The Fantasy Feat (116-115)
 1Mean Machine20084Royal Irish Asses (69-68)
 1Mean Machine20154Kappy (86-85)
 1Fazoul220154Shake & Bake (68-67)
 1Fighting Irish 200811Kappy (78-77)
 1Fighting Irish 20062Stray Dogz (106-105)
 1Psychotic Red Chinchillas20067Balloon Knotz (76-75)
 1Psychotic Red Chinchillas200812Royal Irish Asses (109-108)
 1GoodFellas201510Oh Kneel (92-91)
 1GoodFellas201513Fighting Irish (124-123)
 1The Fantasy Feat200811Bavaro's Brigade (96-95)
 1The Huns20155Damage Ink (89-88)
 1Kappy20086Psychotic Red Chinchillas (91-90)
 1Royal Irish Asses200813Kelly's Heroes (88-87)
 1Balloon Knotz20066Murphy's Law (111-110)
 1Murphy's Law20069Bavaro's Brigade (92-91)
 1Team America20078Damage Ink (72-71)
 1The Swiss Resistance20073Psychotic Red Chinchillas (107-106)
 1The Panic20069How Ya doin How Ya doin (67-66)

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