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H-town Gridiron Dynasty Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
11043Peyton's World201812
21041Beezys Crew20184
31033Peyton's World20177
41029Meat Headzz201711
7996Peyton's World20186
8981Beezys Crew20186
10959Suck My Dikta20161
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1236Reverse Cowgirl201816
2 (tie)237Reverse Cowgirl201612
 237Reverse Cowgirl20171
4266Stellas Pound201811
5273Swatt that Twatt20166
6279NE Given Sunday 201411
7296Swatt that Twatt201611
9321NE Given Sunday 201813
10324Reverse Cowgirl20175
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1393Peyton's World20175Reverse Cowgirl (393-324)
2400Swatt that Twatt20142NE Given Sunday (400-370)
3 (tie)425NE Given Sunday 2014450BMG (425-314)
 425Swatt that Twatt20149Reverse Cowgirl (425-380)
 425Swatt that Twatt20149NE Given Sunday (425-328)
6440Reverse Cowgirl2014450BMG (440-314)
7441Gator Symphony20155Goldmember (441-360)
8447Goldmember201813NE Given Sunday (447-321)
9450Reverse Cowgirl201410NE Given Sunday (450-414)
10454Gator Symphony20175Meat Headzz (454-349)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1102750BMG20184Beezys Crew (1027-1041)
2901Peyton's World20148Meat Headzz (901-914)
3836Meat Headzz201816Beezys Crew (836-900)
4835Beezys Crew201812Suck My Dikta (835-857)
5821Goldmember201711Meat Headzz (821-1029)
6810Suck My Dikta20181150BMG (810-1007)
7797Beezys Crew20165Suck My Dikta (797-831)
8 (tie)793Reverse Cowgirl201810Beezys Crew (793-912)
 793Meat Headzz201713Peyton's World (793-840)
1078450BMG20182Stellas Pound (784-801)
Most Combined Points
12068Beezys Crew vs 50BMG (1041-1027)20184
21850Meat Headzz vs Goldmember (1029-821)201711
3181750BMG vs Suck My Dikta (1007-810)201811
41815Meat Headzz vs Peyton's World (914-901)20148
51736Beezys Crew vs Meat Headzz (900-836)201816
61728Peyton's World vs Reverse Cowgirl (1043-685)201812
7171650BMG vs Beezys Crew (1007-709)201811
81705Beezys Crew vs Reverse Cowgirl (912-793)201810
91697Beezys Crew vs Peyton's World (930-767)201611
10169650BMG vs Peyton's World (955-741)20187
Fewest Combined Points
1716Suck My Dikta vs Reverse Cowgirl (479-237)20171
2717Peyton's World vs Reverse Cowgirl (393-324)20175
3739NE Given Sunday vs 50BMG (425-314)20144
4752Swatt that Twatt vs Stellas Pound (486-266)201811
5753Swatt that Twatt vs NE Given Sunday (425-328)20149
6754Reverse Cowgirl vs 50BMG (440-314)20144
7756Goldmember vs NE Given Sunday (477-279)201411
8762Gator Symphony vs Swatt that Twatt (466-296)201611
9765Peyton's World vs Reverse Cowgirl (528-237)201612
10768Goldmember vs NE Given Sunday (447-321)201813
Victory Margin
1641Meat Headzz201612Reverse Cowgirl (878-237)
2550Meat Headzz201711NE Given Sunday (1029-479)
3540Peyton's World201712Reverse Cowgirl (915-375)
4532Beezys Crew20166Swatt that Twatt (805-273)
5517Goldmember20172Reverse Cowgirl (896-379)
6513Suck My Dikta20161Reverse Cowgirl (959-446)
7505Suck My Dikta201816Reverse Cowgirl (741-236)
8503NE Given Sunday 20171Reverse Cowgirl (740-237)
9493Goldmember201811Stellas Pound (759-266)
1047150BMG20189Reverse Cowgirl (968-497)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Reverse Cowgirl201811Swatt that Twatt (487-486)
 1NE Given Sunday 2015650BMG (572-571)
3 (tie)2Suck My Dikta20157Cleats and Cleavage (562-560)
 2Goldmember201511Gator Symphony (564-562)
5 (tie)3Peyton's World20171050BMG (637-634)
 3Reverse Cowgirl201711NE Given Sunday (482-479)
 350BMG20148NE Given Sunday (684-681)
 3NE Given Sunday 201412Suck My Dikta (486-483)
 3NE Given Sunday 201512Gator Symphony (592-589)
10 (tie)450BMG20145Anabolic All Stars (475-471)
 4Meat Headzz2017450BMG (580-576)
 4NE Given Sunday 20172Suck My Dikta (634-630)

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