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HURL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1201.95Galt Grouches20187
2199.85Point Specials20195
3197.25The Angry Americans20153
4196.45One Louder201315
5194.2Way More Funner200615
6193.2The Screamin' Pacinos201414
7183.75The Angry Americans20148
8183.65Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus20124
9182.85Die Flotte Flaschen20141
10182.05Way More Funner20113
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
134.85Die Flotte Flaschen200514
236.1Billion Dollar Maybes20079
341.1Oly Rollers20064
442.5The Screamin' Pacinos201710
542.95Die Flotte Flaschen20175
643.2Point Specials20073
744.9Oly Rollers20068
845.15Point Specials20075
946.85The Screamin' Pacinos20064
1047.15One Louder20061
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
146.85The Screamin' Pacinos20064Oly Rollers (46.85-41.1)
252.45Oly Rollers20079Billion Dollar Maybes (52.45-36.1)
360.75Billion Dollar Maybes20065Hedfullalicker (60.75-59.25)
461.05The Screamin' Pacinos20075Legend In His Own Mind (61.05-58.9)
562.35Legend In His Own Mind200510The Screamin' Pacinos (62.35-62.05)
669.55Oly Rollers20191Billion Dollar Maybes (69.55-65.05)
770.3Die Flotte Flaschen20054Point Specials (70.3-67.3)
870.95The Angry Americans20069The Screamin' Pacinos (70.95-65.45)
971.15One Louder20056Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus (71.15-67.9)
1072.6One Louder20075Point Specials (72.6-45.15)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1157.65The Screamin' Pacinos20112Point Specials (157.65-158.7)
2153.85The Screamin' Pacinos201413Way More Funner (153.85-163.9)
3148.25The Angry Americans20184Limp'd Chimps (148.25-162)
4146.65Limp'd Chimps20123The Angry Americans (146.65-153.45)
5145.9Galt Grouches201414The Angry Americans (145.9-147.6)
6144.35Billion Dollar Maybes20186Galt Grouches (144.35-145.45)
7143.55Hedfullalicker201111Oly Rollers (143.55-147.85)
8143.4The Angry Americans20169Die Flotte Flaschen (143.4-160.95)
9143.2Die Flotte Flaschen20153Billion Dollar Maybes (143.2-156.25)
10142.55Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus201315One Louder (142.55-196.45)
Most Combined Points
1339One Louder vs Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus (196.45-142.55)201315
2328.1Point Specials vs Oly Rollers (199.85-128.25)20195
3317.75Way More Funner vs The Screamin' Pacinos (163.9-153.85)201413
4316.5The Angry Americans vs Limp'd Chimps (181.6-134.9)20195
5316.35Point Specials vs The Screamin' Pacinos (158.7-157.65)20112
6313One Louder vs Hedfullalicker (172.75-140.25)20131
7310.25Limp'd Chimps vs The Angry Americans (162-148.25)20184
8307.7Way More Funner vs Galt Grouches (169.3-138.4)20109
9304.35Die Flotte Flaschen vs The Angry Americans (160.95-143.4)20169
10303.1Way More Funner vs Galt Grouches (182.05-121.05)20113
Fewest Combined Points
187.95The Screamin' Pacinos vs Oly Rollers (46.85-41.1)20064
288.55Oly Rollers vs Billion Dollar Maybes (52.45-36.1)20079
3117.75One Louder vs Point Specials (72.6-45.15)20075
4119.95The Screamin' Pacinos vs Legend In His Own Mind (61.05-58.9)20075
5120Billion Dollar Maybes vs Hedfullalicker (60.75-59.25)20065
6120.7Legend In His Own Mind vs Die Flotte Flaschen (85.85-34.85)200514
7124.4Legend In His Own Mind vs The Screamin' Pacinos (62.35-62.05)200510
8124.9Billion Dollar Maybes vs Point Specials (81.7-43.2)20073
9130.35The Angry Americans vs Oly Rollers (85.45-44.9)20068
10134.6Oly Rollers vs Billion Dollar Maybes (69.55-65.05)20191
Victory Margin
1121.65Galt Grouches20187The Screamin' Pacinos (201.95-80.3)
2113.9Way More Funner200615Billion Dollar Maybes (194.2-80.3)
3108.05The Angry Americans20153Oly Rollers (197.25-89.2)
499.75Way More Funner20055Die Flotte Flaschen (148.6-48.85)
594.15Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus20124Galt Grouches (183.65-89.5)
693.6The Screamin' Pacinos201414Oly Rollers (193.2-99.6)
792.65Die Flotte Flaschen20073Legend In His Own Mind (164.95-72.3)
890.65Galt Grouches20189Oly Rollers (153.1-62.45)
9 (tie)88.75Hedfullalicker20185Limp'd Chimps (164.3-75.55)
 88.75Die Flotte Flaschen20092Legend In His Own Mind (160.6-71.85)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Oly Rollers20098Hedfullalicker (124.15-124.05)
 0.10Legend In His Own Mind20097The Screamin' Pacinos (83.9-83.8)
3 (tie)0.15Legend In His Own Mind200711Way More Funner (120.25-120.1)
 0.15Galt Grouches201810Way More Funner (112.75-112.6)
5 (tie)0.25The Angry Americans20147One Louder (136.45-136.2)
 0.25Galt Grouches20133Hedfullalicker (74.25-74)
 0.25Point Specials20078Hedfullalicker (93.3-93.05)
8 (tie)0.30The Angry Americans200714Point Specials (74.2-73.9)
 0.30Oly Rollers201913Limp'd Chimps (109.9-109.6)
 0.30Legend In His Own Mind200510The Screamin' Pacinos (62.35-62.05)
11 (tie)0.35Oly Rollers20141The Screamin' Pacinos (111.85-111.5)
 0.35Legend In His Own Mind20053Way More Funner (110.85-110.5)
 0.35Die Flotte Flaschen201911Galt Grouches (110.65-110.3)
 0.35Limp'd Chimps20122Hedfullalicker (106.45-106.1)
15 (tie)0.40Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus20162The Screamin' Pacinos (86.6-86.2)
 0.40Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus200511Point Specials (120.55-120.15)
17 (tie)0.45Legend In His Own Mind200511One Louder (89.25-88.8)
 0.45The Screamin' Pacinos201913One Louder (94.1-93.65)
19 (tie)0.50Way More Funner201416One Louder (115.55-115.05)
 0.50Oly Rollers200510The Angry Americans (97.05-96.55)
210.55Oly Rollers20124Way More Funner (123.15-122.6)
220.65Billion Dollar Maybes20157Point Specials (114.75-114.1)
23 (tie)0.75Way More Funner201211Hedfullalicker (114.55-113.8)
 0.75Legend In His Own Mind200810Way More Funner (105.05-104.3)
 0.75The Screamin' Pacinos20132Limp'd Chimps (99.65-98.9)
26 (tie)0.85The Angry Americans20058Point Specials (89.45-88.6)
 0.85One Louder20071Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus (100.85-100)
28 (tie)0.90Hedfullalicker20164Oly Rollers (100.7-99.8)
 0.90Billion Dollar Maybes20098Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus (121.05-120.15)
 0.90Limp'd Chimps201710Dairyland Disciples of Touchdown Jesus (128.95-128.05)

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