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The Doggpound Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1167Lins Demons20066
2148NC SuperCrew200213
3143America's Candyasses200315
4140Carolina Cowboys20053
5 (tie)138The Hustlers200110
 138The Black Widows200214
7136The Black Widows20015
8 (tie)135The Hustlers200615
 135Cookie Monsters20048
10 (tie)133The Hustlers200616
 133Carolina Cowboys20067
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
110Billy's Bandits20008
2 (tie)18The Black Widows20037
 18Iron Heads200010
 18Wilson Wolfpack20001
5 (tie)19The Black Widows20006
 19Redheaded Cowboys200013
720Da Play'es200011
821Lins Demons200012
9 (tie)22Lins Demons20003
 22Redheaded Cowboys20006
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
10The Hustlers20061649ersalltheway (0-0) TB
2 (tie)25Iron Heads20001Wilson Wolfpack (25-18)
 25Redheaded Cowboys20009Billy's Bandits (25-24)
426Lins Demons200013Redheaded Cowboys (26-19)
530Redheaded Cowboys200011The Black Widows (30-25)
631Iron Heads20003Da Play'es (31-23)
732Billy's Bandits20005Lins Demons (32-30)
8 (tie)33The Black Widows20003Dreamin Dolphins (33-32)
 33Iron Heads200012Lins Demons (33-21)
 33Americas Team200012Dreamin Dolphins (33-30)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1120The Black Widows20069Lins Demons (120-120) TB
2119NC SuperCrew20048Cookie Monsters (119-135)
3118Iron Heads200213NC SuperCrew (118-148)
4109RR Fins20041Jerky Jokers (109-113)
5108THE BIG DOG20023America's Candyasses (108-109)
6106THE BIG DOG20066Lins Demons (106-167)
7105THE BIG DOG200315America's Candyasses (105-143)
8104Da Play'es20068Carolina Cowboys (104-114)
9103Iron Heads200212The Black Widows (103-110)
10 (tie)102Carolina Cowboys200110The Hustlers (102-138)
 102The Black Widows20058Da Play'es (102-131)
Most Combined Points
1273Lins Demons vs THE BIG DOG (167-106)20066
2266NC SuperCrew vs Iron Heads (148-118)200213
3254Cookie Monsters vs NC SuperCrew (135-119)20048
4248America's Candyasses vs THE BIG DOG (143-105)200315
5 (tie)240Lins Demons vs The Black Widows (120-120)20069
 240The Hustlers vs Carolina Cowboys (138-102)200110
7236Carolina Cowboys vs The Hustlers (140-96)20053
8233Da Play'es vs The Black Widows (131-102)20058
9225The Black Widows vs Americas Team (124-101)20018
10222Jerky Jokers vs RR Fins (113-109)20041
Fewest Combined Points
143Iron Heads vs Wilson Wolfpack (25-18)20001
245Lins Demons vs Redheaded Cowboys (26-19)200013
349Redheaded Cowboys vs Billy's Bandits (25-24)20009
4 (tie)54Iron Heads vs Da Play'es (31-23)20003
 54Iron Heads vs Lins Demons (33-21)200012
655Redheaded Cowboys vs The Black Widows (30-25)200011
762Billy's Bandits vs Lins Demons (32-30)20005
8 (tie)63Americas Team vs Dreamin Dolphins (33-30)200012
 63Iron Heads vs Billy's Bandits (53-10)20008
 63America's Candyasses vs The Black Widows (39-24)20002
Victory Margin
1102Jerky Jokers200211Da Cops (130-28)
295The Hustlers200615RR Fins (135-40)
383The Black Widows200214America's Candyasses (138-55)
480The Hustlers200411Jerky Jokers (123-43)
5 (tie)74The Hustlers200414THE BIG DOG (124-50)
 74America's Candyasses20016Americas Team (113-39)
7 (tie)69THE BIG DOG20022Avenging Angels (122-53)
 69Iron Heads20035BW's Ballers (110-41)
968MONEY BAG'S200413RR Fins (122-54)
10 (tie)66Carolina Cowboys20067Iron Heads (133-67)
 66THE BIG DOG20034Jerky Jokers (124-58)
 66Iron Heads200413Da Play'es (110-44)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1The Hustlers200213America's Candyasses (64-63)
 1RR Fins200412Cookie Monsters (56-55)
 1RR Fins20042Lins Demons (67-66)
 1Cookie Monsters20067Nerf Stars (50-49)
 1Cookie Monsters20064Da Play'es (73-72)
 1Jerky Jokers200011RR Broncos (45-44)
 1Jerky Jokers20014Dreamin Dolphins (88-87)
 1THE BIG DOG20047Cookie Monsters (59-58)
 1The Black Widows20003Dreamin Dolphins (33-32)
 1America's Candyasses20028NC SuperCrew (71-70)
 1America's Candyasses20023THE BIG DOG (109-108)
 1Lins Demons20062The Black Widows (68-67)
 1Lins Demons20021Avenging Angels (85-84)
 1Iron Heads200610Cookie Monsters (77-76)
 1BW's Ballers20043MONEY BAG'S (65-64)
 1RR Broncos20007Billy's Bandits (49-48)
 1Redheaded Cowboys20009Billy's Bandits (25-24)
 1Shepp Dogg's20008Americas Team (40-39)
 1Team Dog Shit20064Carolina Cowboys (86-85)
 1Nerf Stars20062Da Play'es (73-72)

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