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CFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1204.87Fighting Moose Knuckles201414
3191.22Fighting Moose Knuckles20153
4188.1Vanilla Gorilla20131
5185.61Grundle Goblins20148
6178.42Reefer Sticks201414
7172.59Reefer Sticks201314
8172.34Finger Puppet Mafia20122
10170.45Money Inc.20119
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
138.07Vanilla Gorilla201113
344.7Reefer Sticks200910
445.83Red Eye's Revenge201411
651.74Fighting Moose Knuckles201211
853.85Muff Shockers20154
955.11Reefer Sticks201615
1055.52Finger Puppet Mafia20175
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
164.06Finger Puppet Mafia201110Vanilla Gorilla (64.06-57.47)
265.3Money Inc.20098Vanilla Gorilla (65.3-61.26)
369.04Red Eye's Revenge20147Coldies (69.04-51.72)
471.28Fighting Moose Knuckles20119Vanilla Gorilla (71.28-60.21)
571.47Muff Shockers20123Money Inc. (71.47-61.69)
673Reefer Sticks201614Fighting Moose Knuckles (73-63.5)
776.1Coldies20173Fighting Moose Knuckles (76.1-57.21)
878.78Skins20095Finger Puppet Mafia (78.78-57.12)
979.64Skins201511Grundle Goblins (79.64-74.27)
1079.68Grundle Goblins20094Finger Puppet Mafia (79.68-78.56)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1155.8Coldies20153Skins (155.8-171.2)
2154.11Money Inc.20148Red Eye's Revenge (154.11-165.4)
3147.06Grundle Goblins20112Finger Puppet Mafia (147.06-153.99)
4146.39Grundle Goblins201612Money Inc. (146.39-156.53)
5140.88Muff Shockers201113Money Inc. (140.88-146.92)
6139.68Skins20169Red Eye's Revenge (139.68-146.72)
7138.3Coldies201313Fighting Moose Knuckles (138.3-158.99)
8137.43Muff Shockers20153Skins (137.43-171.2)
9137.11Red Eye's Revenge20112Money Inc. (137.11-145.84)
10136.78Grundle Goblins201610Skins (136.78-156.71)
Most Combined Points
1327Skins vs Coldies (171.2-155.8)20153
2319.51Red Eye's Revenge vs Money Inc. (165.4-154.11)20148
3317.53Fighting Moose Knuckles vs Muff Shockers (204.87-112.66)201414
4309.12Fighting Moose Knuckles vs Grundle Goblins (191.22-117.9)20153
5308.63Skins vs Muff Shockers (171.2-137.43)20153
6302.92Money Inc. vs Grundle Goblins (156.53-146.39)201612
7301.05Finger Puppet Mafia vs Grundle Goblins (153.99-147.06)20112
8298.75Coldies vs Fighting Moose Knuckles (162.84-135.91)20151
9297.29Fighting Moose Knuckles vs Coldies (158.99-138.3)201313
10297.16Muff Shockers vs Vanilla Gorilla (169.37-127.79)20111
Fewest Combined Points
1120.76Red Eye's Revenge vs Coldies (69.04-51.72)20147
2121.53Finger Puppet Mafia vs Vanilla Gorilla (64.06-57.47)201110
3126.56Money Inc. vs Vanilla Gorilla (65.3-61.26)20098
4127Finger Puppet Mafia vs Coldies (85.06-41.94)20154
5131.49Fighting Moose Knuckles vs Vanilla Gorilla (71.28-60.21)20119
6133.11Red Eye's Revenge vs Fighting Moose Knuckles (81.37-51.74)201211
7133.16Muff Shockers vs Money Inc. (71.47-61.69)20123
8133.31Coldies vs Fighting Moose Knuckles (76.1-57.21)20173
9135.9Skins vs Finger Puppet Mafia (78.78-57.12)20095
10136.5Reefer Sticks vs Fighting Moose Knuckles (73-63.5)201614
Victory Margin
1130.46Fighting Moose Knuckles20153Vanilla Gorilla (191.22-60.76)
2128.28Grundle Goblins20148Coldies (185.61-57.33)
3110.24Money Inc.20119Vanilla Gorilla (170.45-60.21)
4104.45Coldies20125Money Inc. (194.04-89.59)
5103.15Reefer Sticks20132Grundle Goblins (167.35-64.2)
6102.86Reefer Sticks201314Skins (172.59-69.73)
7101.96Skins200910Reefer Sticks (146.66-44.7)
898.27Skins201413Coldies (156.27-58)
996.67Fighting Moose Knuckles201411Red Eye's Revenge (142.5-45.83)
1093.41Grundle Goblins20148Finger Puppet Mafia (185.61-92.2)
Least Victory Margin
10.15Muff Shockers20121Finger Puppet Mafia (119.8-119.65)
20.17Reefer Sticks20152Finger Puppet Mafia (90.55-90.38)
30.22Reefer Sticks201112Fighting Moose Knuckles (119.99-119.77)
40.24Fighting Moose Knuckles20099Finger Puppet Mafia (99.88-99.64)
50.27Reefer Sticks201413Money Inc. (133.63-133.36)
60.43Red Eye's Revenge201612Muff Shockers (124.16-123.73)
70.45Finger Puppet Mafia201515Reefer Sticks (99.35-98.9)
80.47Coldies20122Vanilla Gorilla (90.89-90.42)
90.48Fighting Moose Knuckles20092Grundle Goblins (104.98-104.5)
100.52Money Inc.20171Fighting Moose Knuckles (109.12-108.6)

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