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Dynasty Xtreme League est. 2005 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1151.92New York Cereal Killers20131
2149.69Phoenix Phantoms20137
3141.39Las Vegas Assassins20131
4139.31Los Angeles Maniacs201311
5138.77Phoenix Phantoms201315
6136.89Chicago Storm20135
7136.32Long Island Surf201312
8136.2Las Vegas Assassins201310
9135.59Chicago Storm201313
10131.79New York Cereal Killers20134
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
140.86Long Island Surf20139
242.89Denver Banthas20135
344.71Las Vegas Assassins201312
446.66Jacksonville Sheeple20135
546.8San Diego Swarm20138
647.6Long Beach Llamas20137
748.38Seattle Hellcats201314
848.42Denver Banthas20136
948.47San Diego Swarm20137
1049.88Long Island Surf20132
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
161.54Baltimore Wildcats201310Wichita Twisters (61.54-53.99)
262.89Long Beach Llamas20139Long Island Surf (62.89-40.86)
363.19Seattle Hellcats20135Jacksonville Sheeple (63.19-46.66)
464.75Baltimore Wildcats20135Denver Banthas (64.75-42.89)
565.77San Diego Swarm20131Denver Banthas (65.77-65.18)
670.06Baltimore Wildcats20138San Diego Swarm (70.06-46.8)
770.78Long Beach Llamas20136Jersey City Mafia (70.78-63.06)
875Denver Banthas201311San Diego Swarm (75-58.75)
976.07Houston Psychos20133Jersey City Mafia (76.07-65.56)
1076.67San Diego Swarm20133Seattle Hellcats (76.67-53.4)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1121.19Las Vegas Assassins201314Phoenix Phantoms (121.19-124.71)
2116.46New York Cereal Killers201314Chicago Storm (116.46-117.96)
3113.68Los Angeles Maniacs201313Phoenix Phantoms (113.68-114.08)
4111.27Long Beach Llamas201314Houston Psychos (111.27-121.42)
5109.72Las Vegas Assassins20134New York Cereal Killers (109.72-131.79)
6108.8Phoenix Phantoms20136New York Cereal Killers (108.8-114.28)
7108.58Wichita Twisters20134Jacksonville Sheeple (108.58-124.37)
8107.99Wichita Twisters20139New York Cereal Killers (107.99-122.83)
9107.48Houston Psychos201312Long Island Surf (107.48-136.32)
10107.36Seattle Hellcats20132Denver Banthas (107.36-112.81)
Most Combined Points
1245.9Phoenix Phantoms vs Las Vegas Assassins (124.71-121.19)201314
2245.08Los Angeles Maniacs vs Wichita Twisters (139.31-105.77)201311
3243.8Long Island Surf vs Houston Psychos (136.32-107.48)201312
4243.23Las Vegas Assassins vs Phoenix Phantoms (141.39-101.84)20131
5241.51New York Cereal Killers vs Las Vegas Assassins (131.79-109.72)20134
6235.68Phoenix Phantoms vs Chicago Storm (138.77-96.91)201315
7234.42Chicago Storm vs New York Cereal Killers (117.96-116.46)201314
8232.95Jacksonville Sheeple vs Wichita Twisters (124.37-108.58)20134
9232.69Houston Psychos vs Long Beach Llamas (121.42-111.27)201314
10231.93New York Cereal Killers vs Baltimore Wildcats (151.92-80.01)20131
Fewest Combined Points
1103.75Long Beach Llamas vs Long Island Surf (62.89-40.86)20139
2107.64Baltimore Wildcats vs Denver Banthas (64.75-42.89)20135
3109.85Seattle Hellcats vs Jacksonville Sheeple (63.19-46.66)20135
4115.53Baltimore Wildcats vs Wichita Twisters (61.54-53.99)201310
5116.86Baltimore Wildcats vs San Diego Swarm (70.06-46.8)20138
6130.07San Diego Swarm vs Seattle Hellcats (76.67-53.4)20133
7130.95San Diego Swarm vs Denver Banthas (65.77-65.18)20131
8133.75Denver Banthas vs San Diego Swarm (75-58.75)201311
9133.84Long Beach Llamas vs Jersey City Mafia (70.78-63.06)20136
10138.21Wichita Twisters vs Houston Psychos (81.89-56.32)20138
Victory Margin
1101.22Phoenix Phantoms20137San Diego Swarm (149.69-48.47)
271.91New York Cereal Killers20131Baltimore Wildcats (151.92-80.01)
362.39Houston Psychos20139San Diego Swarm (130.31-67.92)
461.56Phoenix Phantoms201310Jacksonville Sheeple (119.05-57.49)
554.94Las Vegas Assassins201310Chicago Storm (136.2-81.26)
654.01Los Angeles Maniacs201312Las Vegas Assassins (98.72-44.71)
752.77Houston Psychos20136Denver Banthas (101.19-48.42)
852.68Jacksonville Sheeple201315Wichita Twisters (128.13-75.45)
951.8Chicago Storm201313Baltimore Wildcats (135.59-83.79)
1050.79Los Angeles Maniacs20136Jacksonville Sheeple (111.1-60.31)
Least Victory Margin
10.30Jacksonville Sheeple201316Jersey City Mafia (86.95-86.65)
20.31Wichita Twisters20135Boston Shamrocks (97.18-96.87)
30.40Phoenix Phantoms201313Los Angeles Maniacs (114.08-113.68)
40.59San Diego Swarm20131Denver Banthas (65.77-65.18)
50.77San Diego Swarm20132Long Beach Llamas (78.17-77.4)
60.79Long Island Surf201311Jersey City Mafia (76.74-75.95)
71.18Wichita Twisters201312Phoenix Phantoms (89.56-88.38)
81.50Chicago Storm201314New York Cereal Killers (117.96-116.46)
92.34Boston Shamrocks20132Jersey City Mafia (88.33-85.99)
102.46Long Island Surf20135Los Angeles Maniacs (84.74-82.28)

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