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CFFL Phoenix Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1202.4Gridiron Godfather201413
2197.87Gridiron Godfather20124
3190.7Viva la Viva201515
4185.2Gridiron Godfather201214
5184.82Slippery Red Carrots201213
8183.09Gridiron Godfather20129
9182.53Lord of No Rings20137
10182.42Gridiron Godfather20153
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
137.38The Window Lickers20153
241.56Viva la Viva201312
345.25When life gives you Clemons201510
550.03Swamp Donkeys20142
652.04Swamp Donkeys201211
855.43Swamp Donkeys201514
1056.11When life gives you Clemons201513
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
169.93Swamp Donkeys201416Buff's Blue Gums (69.93-68.33)
273.73Lord of No Rings201511The Window Lickers (73.73-58.27)
375.91UnprotectedSax20141Lord of No Rings (75.91-68.19)
477.42Lord of No Rings20136Swamp Donkeys (77.42-69.05)
577.71BOARSMEN 201220139Swamp Donkeys (77.71-68.64)
677.94UnprotectedSax20127Air-It-Out (77.94-76.52)
778.3UnprotectedSax201510When life gives you Clemons (78.3-45.25)
878.75Swamp Donkeys201415Shootin the Brees (78.75-63.54)
980.63BOARSMEN 2012201312Vato Locos Forever (80.63-68.07)
1080.99When life gives you Clemons201511Buff's Blue Gums (80.99-69.71)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1153.05Viva la Viva20124Gridiron Godfather (153.05-197.87)
2151.23Lord of No Rings201216Gridiron Godfather (151.23-166.81)
3146.35UnprotectedSax20153Gridiron Godfather (146.35-182.42)
4139.85BOARSMEN 2012201315Buff's Blue Gums (139.85-151.52)
5138.98Gridiron Godfather20158Lord of No Rings (138.98-144.64)
6138.96UnprotectedSax201312Slippery Red Carrots (138.96-166.51)
7138.51UnprotectedSax201513Slippery Red Carrots (138.51-155.14)
8137.07UnprotectedSax20131Buff's Blue Gums (137.07-168.97)
9137.02Viva la Viva20125Lord of No Rings (137.02-139.8)
10133.61When life gives you Clemons201515Viva la Viva (133.61-190.7)
Most Combined Points
1350.92Gridiron Godfather vs Viva la Viva (197.87-153.05)20124
2328.77Gridiron Godfather vs UnprotectedSax (182.42-146.35)20153
3324.31Viva la Viva vs When life gives you Clemons (190.7-133.61)201515
4318.04Gridiron Godfather vs Lord of No Rings (166.81-151.23)201216
5313.07UnprotectedSax vs Gridiron Godfather (184.67-128.4)20148
6306.04Buff's Blue Gums vs UnprotectedSax (168.97-137.07)20131
7305.47Slippery Red Carrots vs UnprotectedSax (166.51-138.96)201312
8303.06Gridiron Godfather vs The Window Lickers (202.4-100.66)201413
9297.16Gridiron Godfather vs The Window Lickers (171.44-125.72)20134
10293.78Gridiron Godfather vs The Window Lickers (175.39-118.39)20155
Fewest Combined Points
1122.59Lord of No Rings vs Viva la Viva (81.03-41.56)201312
2123.55UnprotectedSax vs When life gives you Clemons (78.3-45.25)201510
3132Lord of No Rings vs The Window Lickers (73.73-58.27)201511
4138.26Swamp Donkeys vs Buff's Blue Gums (69.93-68.33)201416
5142.29Swamp Donkeys vs Shootin the Brees (78.75-63.54)201415
6144.1UnprotectedSax vs Lord of No Rings (75.91-68.19)20141
7144.47Slippery Red Carrots vs Gridiron Godfather (85.11-59.36)201215
8145.94BOARSMEN 2012 vs UnprotectedSax (83.99-61.95)20126
9146.35BOARSMEN 2012 vs Swamp Donkeys (77.71-68.64)20139
10146.47Lord of No Rings vs Swamp Donkeys (77.42-69.05)20136
Victory Margin
1126.22The Window Lickers201513When life gives you Clemons (182.33-56.11)
2120.79Gridiron Godfather201214Buff's Blue Gums (185.2-64.41)
3116.4Gridiron Godfather20156When life gives you Clemons (179.85-63.45)
4109.19Gridiron Godfather20129Shootin the Brees (183.09-73.9)
5102.72Slippery Red Carrots201213BOARSMEN 2012 (184.82-82.1)
6101.74Gridiron Godfather201413The Window Lickers (202.4-100.66)
798.13Lord of No Rings20137The Window Lickers (182.53-84.4)
895.71Slippery Red Carrots20134UnprotectedSax (151.24-55.53)
989.95The Window Lickers20148Shootin the Brees (178.54-88.59)
1089.06Shootin the Brees20142Swamp Donkeys (139.09-50.03)
Least Victory Margin
10.15UnprotectedSax20158The Window Lickers (97.95-97.8)
20.29Viva la Viva20155Slippery Red Carrots (127.18-126.89)
30.35Swamp Donkeys20141Slippery Red Carrots (97.47-97.12)
40.56Air-It-Out20147Lord of No Rings (103.37-102.81)
51.37Air-It-Out201510Shootin the Brees (107.06-105.69)
6 (tie)1.42Lord of No Rings201210BOARSMEN 2012 (129.65-128.23)
 1.42UnprotectedSax20127Air-It-Out (77.94-76.52)
81.49TheKlaw201512Air-It-Out (109.74-108.25)
91.51Air-It-Out20129Lord of No Rings (119.89-118.38)
101.57UnprotectedSax20146Slippery Red Carrots (125.56-123.99)

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