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AlsFFL Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1274Al Occhipinti201010
2265Ryan Barbeau201117
3247Dirty Deeds20102
4 (tie)235RackeydeeR201116
 235Ryan Barbeau20113
6228Trini Poisson20114
7224Phil Tinkham20112
8 (tie)219Keith Camire201115
 219Phil Tinkham20119
10 (tie)218Geoff Bettencourt201114
 218Rich Occhipinti201012
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
170Keith Camire20105
275Frank Davolos20117
378Frank Davolos201113
4 (tie)79Phil Tinkham201014
 79Geoff Bettencourt20117
7 (tie)82Dirty Deeds20115
 82Phil Tinkham201010
9 (tie)86Chad Tower201114
 86Chad Tower201115
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
179Geoff Bettencourt20117Frank Davolos (79-75)
291Trini Poisson20101RackeydeeR (91-81)
393Dirty Deeds201014Ryan Barbeau (93-87)
494Keith Camire201017Frank Davolos (94-88)
5103Ryan Barbeau20108Trini Poisson (103-90)
6 (tie)105Holla Productions20101Rich Occhipinti (105-104)
 105Frank Davolos201012Chris Ellis (105-104)
8106Ryan Barbeau201010Phil Tinkham (106-82)
9112RackeydeeR20117Ryan Barbeau (112-109)
10113RackeydeeR20104Frank Davolos (113-98)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1206Rich Occhipinti201010Al Occhipinti (206-274)
2201Holla Productions20113Ryan Barbeau (201-235)
3191RackeydeeR20112Phil Tinkham (191-224)
4189Phil Tinkham201114Holla Productions (189-202)
5182Keith Camire20102Dirty Deeds (182-247)
6178Al Occhipinti201117Ryan Barbeau (178-265)
7173Al Occhipinti20103Keith Camire (173-174)
8170RackeydeeR20103Chris Ellis (170-189)
9 (tie)169Phil Tinkham20105Holla Productions (169-184)
 169Phil Tinkham20115Al Occhipinti (169-171)
Most Combined Points
1480Al Occhipinti vs Rich Occhipinti (274-206)201010
2443Ryan Barbeau vs Al Occhipinti (265-178)201117
3436Ryan Barbeau vs Holla Productions (235-201)20113
4429Dirty Deeds vs Keith Camire (247-182)20102
5415Phil Tinkham vs RackeydeeR (224-191)20112
6391Holla Productions vs Phil Tinkham (202-189)201114
7378Phil Tinkham vs Dirty Deeds (214-164)201011
8372RackeydeeR vs Phil Tinkham (235-137)201116
9371Trini Poisson vs Chris Ellis (204-167)201010
10369Al Occhipinti vs Chris Ellis (212-157)201115
Fewest Combined Points
1154Geoff Bettencourt vs Frank Davolos (79-75)20117
2172Trini Poisson vs RackeydeeR (91-81)20101
3180Dirty Deeds vs Ryan Barbeau (93-87)201014
4182Keith Camire vs Frank Davolos (94-88)201017
5188Ryan Barbeau vs Phil Tinkham (106-82)201010
6193Ryan Barbeau vs Trini Poisson (103-90)20108
7 (tie)209Holla Productions vs Rich Occhipinti (105-104)20101
 209Frank Davolos vs Chris Ellis (105-104)201012
9210Chad Tower vs Frank Davolos (117-93)201013
10211RackeydeeR vs Frank Davolos (113-98)20104
Victory Margin
1113Rich Occhipinti201012Holla Productions (218-105)
2 (tie)99Al Occhipinti201012Dirty Deeds (200-101)
 99Trini Poisson20114Keith Camire (228-129)
 99Chris Ellis20105Keith Camire (169-70)
5 (tie)98RackeydeeR201116Phil Tinkham (235-137)
 98Trini Poisson20111Chris Ellis (201-103)
797Chad Tower201012Ryan Barbeau (189-92)
894Geoff Bettencourt201114Frank Davolos (218-124)
992Dirty Deeds201114Keith Camire (191-99)
1091Chad Tower20115Dirty Deeds (173-82)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Keith Camire20103Al Occhipinti (174-173)
 1Holla Productions20101Rich Occhipinti (105-104)
 1Chris Ellis20116Geoff Bettencourt (118-117)
 1Frank Davolos201012Chris Ellis (105-104)
5 (tie)2Al Occhipinti20115Phil Tinkham (171-169)
 2Ryan Barbeau201114RackeydeeR (146-144)
 2Chad Tower20118Frank Davolos (152-150)
 2Chris Ellis201110Dirty Deeds (120-118)
 2Frank Davolos20115Ryan Barbeau (144-142)
 2Geoff Bettencourt20111Al Occhipinti (148-146)

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