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The Distinguished Gentlemen's Club Individual Player Records

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Most Points in a Game - Starter
RankScorePlayerPosNFLFantasy TeamSeasonWeek
153Rodgers, AaronQBGBPFranchise 820114
247.4Foster, ArianRBHOUFranchise 120117
339.25Brees, DrewQBNOSFranchise 220117
438.65Rodgers, AaronQBGBPFranchise 8201113
538.6Welker, WesWRNEPFranchise 620113
637.6Jones-Drew, MauriceRBJACFranchise 5201114
737.3Vick, MichaelQBPHIFranchise 420114
837.05Stafford, MatthewQBDETFranchise 1201115
936.25Brees, DrewQBNOSFranchise 220111
1036Bears, ChicagoDefCHIFranchise 6201110

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