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The Longest Yard Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2157.7Biggie's Bastards20129
5139Longhair Hillbillys201015
6138.3Biggie's Bastards20114
7138Hilliard Hitmen200311
8135.9Stow Grizzlies20112
9135.5Polk High Panthers20148
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
117Chokeslam's Angels200113
220Longhair Hillbillys20028
320.5McCann's Mega Hoes20061
4 (tie)23The Munroe Monster20035
 23Chokeslam's Angels20018
7 (tie)25Toadkiller Dogs20021
 25Frantico Stubbs20012
9 (tie)26Kent State Sexxies20033
 26The Munroe Monster20016
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
140The Munroe Monster20012Frantico Stubbs (40-25)
2 (tie)42The Munroe Monster20029Longhair Hillbillys (42-37)
 42Meat Grinders20035The Munroe Monster (42-23)
4 (tie)42.5Meat Grinders20061McCann's Mega Hoes (42.5-20.5)
 42.5Flame Boats20057Awayboys (42.5-41.5)
644Meat Grinders20011Stein's Your Daddy (44-28)
744.5White Lightning200510Flame Boats (44.5-41)
846Biggie's Bastards201511Joemama (46-42.8)
9 (tie)47Toadkiller Dogs20059Awayboys (47-41)
 47Stein's Your Daddy20036McCann's Mega Hoes (47-30)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1121.5Gunslingers20131The Shockmaster (121.5-125.5)
2119.5Gunslingers20072Flame Boats (119.5-127.5)
3117.1Gunslingers20153Joemama (117.1-122.5)
4116White Lightning201214Gunslingers (116-144)
5110Polk High Panthers201413Joemama (110-129.1)
6108.5Joemama20149Toadkiller Dogs (108.5-125.5)
7107.6Kent State Sexxies20156Joemama (107.6-114.6)
8107.5Flame Boats20076Longhair Hillbillys (107.5-133.5)
9107.1Gunslingers201213Rittman Rage (107.1-112.2)
10106.5Awayboys201312Joemama (106.5-122.7)
Most Combined Points
1260Gunslingers vs White Lightning (144-116)201214
2 (tie)247Flame Boats vs Gunslingers (127.5-119.5)20072
 247The Shockmaster vs Gunslingers (125.5-121.5)20131
4242.6Joemama vs Polk High Panthers (174.2-68.4)201513
5242.2Biggie's Bastards vs Joemama (157.7-84.5)20129
6241Longhair Hillbillys vs Flame Boats (133.5-107.5)20076
7239.6Joemama vs Gunslingers (122.5-117.1)20153
8239.1Joemama vs Polk High Panthers (129.1-110)201413
9237.8Stow Grizzlies vs Gunslingers (135.9-101.9)20112
10236.3Kent State Sexxies vs Biggie's Bastards (133.5-102.8)201313
Fewest Combined Points
163Meat Grinders vs McCann's Mega Hoes (42.5-20.5)20061
2 (tie)65Meat Grinders vs The Munroe Monster (42-23)20035
 65The Munroe Monster vs Frantico Stubbs (40-25)20012
467The Munroe Monster vs Chokeslam's Angels (50-17)200113
572Meat Grinders vs Stein's Your Daddy (44-28)20011
677Stein's Your Daddy vs McCann's Mega Hoes (47-30)20036
778Meat Grinders vs Kent State Sexxies (51-27)200310
879The Munroe Monster vs Longhair Hillbillys (42-37)20029
981.5White Lightning vs The Game (53-28.5)20045
1082The Game vs Frantico Stubbs (52-30)20029
Victory Margin
1105.8Joemama201513Polk High Panthers (174.2-68.4)
293.5Stein's Your Daddy20043The Munroe Monster (120.5-27)
388Longhair Hillbillys201015Toadkiller Dogs (139-51)
485.3Longhair Hillbillys201113Hilliard Hitmen (124.7-39.4)
581Stow Grizzlies201013Joemama (118.5-37.5)
680.5The Game20041The Munroe Monster (124.5-44)
778.1Kenergy201516Biggie's Bastards (125-46.9)
878Stein's Your Daddy20068The Game (121-43)
977.9Gunslingers20129Toadkiller Dogs (118.1-40.2)
1076.3Biggie's Bastards20111White Lightning (133.8-57.5)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Joemama20134Stein's Your Daddy (86.7-86.6)
 0.10The Shockmaster20149Hilliard Hitmen (89.4-89.3)
3 (tie)0.30Gunslingers20136Toadkiller Dogs (68.3-68)
 0.30Biggie's Bastards20146The Shockmaster (86.7-86.4)
5 (tie)0.50Toadkiller Dogs20047Stein's Your Daddy (83.5-83)
 0.50Stow Grizzlies20092Stein's Your Daddy (69-68.5)
 0.50Stein's Your Daddy20075Stow Grizzlies (67.5-67)
 0.50Longhair Hillbillys20099Flame Boats (97-96.5)
 0.50Meat Grinders20062Toadkiller Dogs (56-55.5)
 0.50McCann's Mega Hoes200410Longhair Hillbillys (57.5-57)
 0.50The Game200810Hilliard Hitmen (62.5-62)

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