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Chicago Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1166Chicago Mini-Ditka's20053
2157Chicago Mini-Ditka's20129
3154Team Cute and Fuzzy20102
5150Chicago Mini-Ditka's20068
6144Scottie Doesn't Know201110
7143Scottie Doesn't Know20091
8142Chicago Mini-Ditka's200812
9 (tie)140Leathernecks20049
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Itty Bitty TD Committee20048
322All American Pussies20046
9 (tie)32Chicago Mini-Ditka's20046
 32Scottie Doesn't Know20093
 32Itty Bitty TD Committee200612
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
139Goobacks20075Itty Bitty TD Committee (39-37)
240Leathernecks20061Chicago Mini-Ditka's (40-38)
343Jesus I need a Touchdown20122The Cougar Hunters (43-39)
4 (tie)44Itty Bitty TD Committee200513Jagbags (44-25)
 44All American Pussies20045Jesus I need a Touchdown (44-42)
6 (tie)47Leathernecks20057Jagbags (47-44)
 47Scottie Doesn't Know20048Itty Bitty TD Committee (47-0)
 47Itty Bitty TD Committee20056Made Men (47-46)
950Leathernecks20093Scottie Doesn't Know (50-32)
10 (tie)53The Cougar Hunters20053Jesus I need a Touchdown (53-47)
 53Scottie Doesn't Know20085Banhammers (53-44)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1118Banhammers20112Leathernecks (118-122)
2112Jagbags20099MIGHTY POLAKS (112-124)
3111Made Men20096Jagbags (111-123)
4109Chicago Mini-Ditka's20077Banhammers (109-126)
5108Jesus I need a Touchdown20111Jagbags (108-110)
6107Leathernecks20066Made Men (107-117)
7106Jesus I need a Touchdown20073Jagbags (106-123)
8 (tie)104The Cougar Hunters201114Made Men (104-110)
 104Banhammers20091Scottie Doesn't Know (104-143)
 104Goobacks201115Scottie Doesn't Know (104-111)
Most Combined Points
1250Chicago Mini-Ditka's vs Goobacks (150-100)20068
2249Chicago Mini-Ditka's vs Itty Bitty TD Committee (166-83)20053
3247Scottie Doesn't Know vs Banhammers (143-104)20091
4 (tie)240Scottie Doesn't Know vs Itty Bitty TD Committee (139-101)20105
 240Leathernecks vs Banhammers (122-118)20112
6239Chicago Mini-Ditka's vs MIGHTY POLAKS (142-97)200812
7 (tie)236MIGHTY POLAKS vs Jagbags (124-112)20099
 236Team Cute and Fuzzy vs Itty Bitty TD Committee (135-101)200610
9235Banhammers vs Chicago Mini-Ditka's (126-109)20077
10234Jagbags vs Made Men (123-111)20096
Fewest Combined Points
147Scottie Doesn't Know vs Itty Bitty TD Committee (47-0)20048
269Itty Bitty TD Committee vs Jagbags (44-25)200513
376Goobacks vs Itty Bitty TD Committee (39-37)20075
478Leathernecks vs Chicago Mini-Ditka's (40-38)20061
5 (tie)82Jesus I need a Touchdown vs The Cougar Hunters (43-39)20122
 82Leathernecks vs Scottie Doesn't Know (50-32)20093
7 (tie)86Leathernecks vs All American Pussies (64-22)20046
 86All American Pussies vs Jesus I need a Touchdown (44-42)20045
987Leathernecks vs Goobacks (60-27)20058
1088Itty Bitty TD Committee vs Goobacks (67-21)201111
Victory Margin
1114Jagbags20067Leathernecks (151-37)
2100Scottie Doesn't Know201110Chicago Mini-Ditka's (144-44)
388Chicago Mini-Ditka's20129Goobacks (157-69)
483Chicago Mini-Ditka's20053Itty Bitty TD Committee (166-83)
580Made Men200413Scottie Doesn't Know (134-54)
6 (tie)79Team Cute and Fuzzy20102Scottie Doesn't Know (154-75)
 79Made Men200711Banhammers (107-28)
 79Jesus I need a Touchdown20076Made Men (119-40)
977Leathernecks20116Itty Bitty TD Committee (125-48)
1074The Cougar Hunters20064Itty Bitty TD Committee (120-46)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1The Cougar Hunters20076MIGHTY POLAKS (85-84)
 1The Cougar Hunters20117Jesus I need a Touchdown (103-102)
 1Banhammers200614The Cougar Hunters (80-79)
 1Banhammers20103Goobacks (80-79)
 1Scottie Doesn't Know20088Team Cute and Fuzzy (73-72)
 1Itty Bitty TD Committee20056Made Men (47-46)
 1Made Men20068Team Cute and Fuzzy (59-58)
 1Jagbags20053MIGHTY POLAKS (64-63)
 1Jagbags201116Scottie Doesn't Know (73-72)
 1Jesus I need a Touchdown20105MIGHTY POLAKS (84-83)

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