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ALL PRO Dy-NASTY PigSkins Fantasy League Single Game Records

Most Combined Points
1314BearCats vs Choke Artists (166-148)200911
2311BearCats vs Kiss the Rings!!! (180-131)20094
3296Hand of God vs Big Blue (154-142)200910
4295Kiefer Warriors vs Choke Artists (151-144)200913
5294Huge Nugz vs Renegade Cows (192-102)20096
Most Points Scored - Single Game
1208Divine Favor20097
2192Huge Nugz20096
4172Kiefer Warriors20098
Victory Margin
1137Divine Favor20097Renegade Cows (208-71)
296Kiefer Warriors20098Reaganomics (172-76)
390Huge Nugz20096Renegade Cows (192-102)
464Reaganomics200910The Dirty Sanchez (129-65)
5 (tie)63Kiss the Rings!!!20095Reaganomics (147-84)
 63Divine Favor200911Deep Fried Oreo's (160-97)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1148Choke Artists200911BearCats (148-166)
2144Choke Artists200913Kiefer Warriors (144-151)
3142Big Blue 200910Hand of God (142-154)
4 (tie)140Reaganomics20094Big Blue (140-144)
 140Divine Favor200915Renegade Cows (140-151)
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
180Hand of God20094The Dirty Sanchez (80-61)
282Deep Fried Oreo's20099Huge Nugz (82-80)
3 (tie)95BearCats20091Deep Fried Oreo's (95-81)
 95Big Blue 20091Deep Fried Oreo's (95-81)
596Big Blue 200912Deep Fried Oreo's (96-87)
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
155Huge Nugz20093
257Deep Fried Oreo's20094
360Deep Fried Oreo's200910
461The Dirty Sanchez20094
565The Dirty Sanchez200910
Fewest Combined Points
1141Hand of God vs The Dirty Sanchez (80-61)20094
2156Huge Nugz vs Deep Fried Oreo's (99-57)20094
3162Deep Fried Oreo's vs Huge Nugz (82-80)20099
4172Hand of God vs Huge Nugz (117-55)20093
5 (tie)176BearCats vs Deep Fried Oreo's (95-81)20091
 176Big Blue vs Deep Fried Oreo's (95-81)20091

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