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Fox's Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1266Rich Chemistry20052
2 (tie)260Ruskies20054
 260The Wild Bunch200412
4256Texas Thunderbolts20045
5 (tie)252Rich Chemistry200716
 252Texas Thunderbolts200614
7245Curley Wolves200414
8 (tie)243Rich Chemistry200412
 243Texas Thunderbolts200413
 243Texas Thunderbolts200415
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
461Rich Chemistry20033
562Peon Gorillas20085
6 (tie)64Silver Hammers20096
 64Agate Types20095
8 (tie)65Rangers20056
10 (tie)66Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs200413
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
177The Wild Bunch200914Peon Gorillas (77-68)
292Ruskies20028Leathernecks (92-86)
394Ruskies20029Mercenaries (94-86)
497Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs200210Twisters (97-93)
5 (tie)100Texas Turf Hounds20095First Cav Scouts (100-79)
 100First Cav Scouts20097War Ducks (100-85)
 100Rich Chemistry200613Rangers (100-82)
8 (tie)101Curley Wolves20085Silver Hammers (101-93)
 101First Cav Scouts20091Texas Turf Hounds (101-81)
10102Rangers200412Peon Gorillas (102-82)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1235Ruskies200413Texas Thunderbolts (235-243)
2226Texas Thunderbolts200412Rich Chemistry (226-243)
3213Curley Wolves200412The Wild Bunch (213-260)
4199Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs20053Curley Wolves (199-200)
5195Leathernecks20048The Wild Bunch (195-212)
6194Texas Thunderbolts20058Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs (194-228)
7188Rangers20037Ruskies (188-192)
8186Rich Chemistry20041Leathernecks (186-214)
9 (tie)185Peon Gorillas200413Curley Wolves (185-234)
 185Texas Thunderbolts20066Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs (185-210)
Most Combined Points
1478Texas Thunderbolts vs Ruskies (243-235)200413
2473The Wild Bunch vs Curley Wolves (260-213)200412
3469Rich Chemistry vs Texas Thunderbolts (243-226)200412
4437Rich Chemistry vs Rangers (266-171)20052
5422Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs vs Texas Thunderbolts (228-194)20058
6419Curley Wolves vs Peon Gorillas (234-185)200413
7418Texas Thunderbolts vs Curley Wolves (243-175)200415
8 (tie)416Curley Wolves vs Leathernecks (241-175)200511
 416Texas Thunderbolts vs Ruskies (241-175)200511
10413Curley Wolves vs Rich Chemistry (245-168)200414
Fewest Combined Points
1145The Wild Bunch vs Peon Gorillas (77-68)200914
2170War Ducks vs Leathernecks (114-56)20078
3174Rich Chemistry vs Agate Types (110-64)20095
4178Ruskies vs Leathernecks (92-86)20028
5179Texas Turf Hounds vs First Cav Scouts (100-79)20095
6180Ruskies vs Mercenaries (94-86)20029
7181War Ducks vs The Wild Bunch (109-72)20094
8 (tie)182Rich Chemistry vs Rangers (100-82)200613
 182First Cav Scouts vs Texas Turf Hounds (101-81)20091
10184Rangers vs Peon Gorillas (102-82)200412
Victory Margin
1151Rangers200316Texas Turf Hounds (237-86)
2145Ruskies20054Rangers (260-115)
3143Texas Thunderbolts200210Mercenaries (191-48)
4142Texas Thunderbolts20045Texas Turf Hounds (256-114)
5 (tie)129Curley Wolves200712Texas Turf Hounds (212-83)
 129Rich Chemistry20067Curley Wolves (202-73)
7128Ruskies200513Rangers (210-82)
8127Ruskies20043Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs (243-116)
9122Texas Thunderbolts20027Twisters (226-104)
10118Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs20088Texas Turf Hounds (219-101)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Curley Wolves20053Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs (200-199)
 1Texas Turf Hounds20037Twisters (137-136)
 1Texas Turf Hounds20092The Wild Bunch (142-141)
 1Texas Turf Hounds20041Peon Gorillas (148-147)
 1War Ducks20099Texas Thunderbolts (153-152)
 1Las Cruces Fightin' Powder Puffs20077War Ducks (125-124)
 1Rich Chemistry200212Texas Thunderbolts (118-117)
 1Ruskies200312Texas Thunderbolts (116-115)
 1Ruskies20065The Wild Bunch (130-129)
 1Twisters20023Ruskies (118-117)

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