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Most Points Scored - Single Game
2160Cobra Kai20084
3157.3Dallas Jackasses200810
4156.7Orlando MAVS200810
5 (tie)145.6Batista Bomb20087
 145.6Team Penguins20085
7145.5Team Penguins20082
8141.1Dallas Jackasses200814
10136.2Chicago Fear20082
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
155.3Team Ganglions20087
255.6Team Ganglions20083
361.3Team Penguins20083
462.2Big Ben's Rightful Owner20082
565.8Team Ganglions20085
667.3Cobra Kai200813
767.7Team Ganglions20081
868.5Team Ganglions20082
969.2Team Penguins200812
1070.6Big Ben's Rightful Owner20089
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
175.3Team Penguins20087Team Ganglions (75.3-55.3)
279.7Batista Bomb200813Team Ganglions (79.7-71.5)
386.9Cobra Kai20081Team Ganglions (86.9-67.7)
488.8Team Penguins20086Batista Bomb (88.8-88)
590Chicago Fear20089Big Ben's Rightful Owner (90-70.6)
691.9Orlando MAVS20082Team Ganglions (91.9-68.5)
792Team Ganglions200812Shake & Bake (92-89.5)
892.9Team Ganglions20089Orlando MAVS (92.9-82.3)
995.9Big Ben's Rightful Owner20081Godfather (95.9-92.1)
1097.3Dallas Jackasses20088Orlando MAVS (97.3-81.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1125.4Godfather20086Chicago Fear (125.4-128.8)
2120.5Cobra Kai200814Dallas Jackasses (120.5-141.1)
3119.9Chicago Fear20087Shake & Bake (119.9-127.1)
4118.9Big Ben's Rightful Owner200813Godfather (118.9-161.8)
5118Team Ganglions200814Team Penguins (118-128.2)
6113.2Shake & Bake20082Dallas Jackasses (113.2-135.1)
7113.1Batista Bomb20084Godfather (113.1-131.6)
8110.6Chicago Fear200814Big Ben's Rightful Owner (110.6-134.6)
9107.4Shake & Bake200811Big Ben's Rightful Owner (107.4-120.4)
10106.2Cobra Kai20083Chicago Fear (106.2-111.8)
Most Combined Points
1280.7Godfather vs Big Ben's Rightful Owner (161.8-118.9)200813
2261.6Dallas Jackasses vs Cobra Kai (141.1-120.5)200814
3254.2Chicago Fear vs Godfather (128.8-125.4)20086
4248.3Dallas Jackasses vs Shake & Bake (135.1-113.2)20082
5248Cobra Kai vs Shake & Bake (160-88)20084
6247Shake & Bake vs Chicago Fear (127.1-119.9)20087
7246.2Team Penguins vs Team Ganglions (128.2-118)200814
8245.8Team Penguins vs Godfather (145.6-100.2)20085
9245.2Big Ben's Rightful Owner vs Chicago Fear (134.6-110.6)200814
10244.7Godfather vs Batista Bomb (131.6-113.1)20084
Fewest Combined Points
1130.6Team Penguins vs Team Ganglions (75.3-55.3)20087
2151.2Batista Bomb vs Team Ganglions (79.7-71.5)200813
3154.6Cobra Kai vs Team Ganglions (86.9-67.7)20081
4160.4Orlando MAVS vs Team Ganglions (91.9-68.5)20082
5160.6Chicago Fear vs Big Ben's Rightful Owner (90-70.6)20089
6164.7Godfather vs Team Ganglions (109.1-55.6)20083
7170Big Ben's Rightful Owner vs Batista Bomb (98.2-71.8)200810
8171.3Shake & Bake vs Team Ganglions (105.5-65.8)20085
9174.9Shake & Bake vs Team Penguins (113.6-61.3)20083
10175.2Team Ganglions vs Orlando MAVS (92.9-82.3)20089
Victory Margin
183.3Team Penguins20082Big Ben's Rightful Owner (145.5-62.2)
274Dallas Jackasses200810Team Ganglions (157.3-83.3)
372Cobra Kai20084Shake & Bake (160-88)
471.3Orlando MAVS200810Chicago Fear (156.7-85.4)
556.6Batista Bomb200812Team Penguins (125.8-69.2)
653.7Cobra Kai200812Orlando MAVS (132.1-78.4)
753.5Godfather20083Team Ganglions (109.1-55.6)
852.3Shake & Bake20083Team Penguins (113.6-61.3)
949.7Dallas Jackasses200813Cobra Kai (117-67.3)
1048.4Batista Bomb20087Orlando MAVS (145.6-97.2)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Shake & Bake20089Dallas Jackasses (101.5-101.4)
20.80Team Penguins20086Batista Bomb (88.8-88)
32.50Team Ganglions200812Shake & Bake (92-89.5)
42.80Big Ben's Rightful Owner20084Chicago Fear (98.1-95.3)
53Batista Bomb200815Shake & Bake (101.7-98.7)
63.40Chicago Fear20086Godfather (128.8-125.4)
73.80Big Ben's Rightful Owner20081Godfather (95.9-92.1)
85.30Cobra Kai20089Team Penguins (105.1-99.8)
95.60Chicago Fear20083Cobra Kai (111.8-106.2)
106Cobra Kai200810Shake & Bake (109.6-103.6)

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