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Ontario League 4 Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
2163.95*Fox Hunters200812
3160.15*Rodents Of Unusual Size20082
6151.45*Rodents Of Unusual Size200811
7150*Unfair & Unbalanced20082
8149.1*polo's pimps20081
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
147.95*Chris Dietz 20081
248.8*Chris Dietz 20086
359.9*Chris Dietz 200814
460.3*Chris Dietz 20087
562.3*Chris Dietz 20089
665.2*Chris Dietz 20088
766*Chris Dietz 200812
866.85*Chris Dietz 200813
967.25*polo's pimps20087
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
171.7*Black and Blue Champs200813*Chris Dietz (71.7-66.85)
275.85*Chris Dietz 20082*MUSCLEHEDZ (75.85-67.4)
376.35*Black and Blue Champs200812*Get off my ASS (76.35-68.45)
478.85*Get off my ASS20088*Chris Dietz (78.85-65.2)
582*Get off my ASS200814*Chris Dietz (82-59.9)
690.9*The Rusty Trombones20089*JOYSTICKS (90.9-83.45)
792.85*The Rusty Trombones20083*Chris Dietz (92.85-84.65)
894.8*MUSCLEHEDZ20085*BeamerBallerz (94.8-76.45)
994.95*MUSCLEHEDZ20089*Chris Dietz (94.95-62.3)
1099.2*Fox Hunters20085*Chris Dietz (99.2-97.35)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1134.7*The Rusty Trombones20086*Unfair & Unbalanced (134.7-143.7)
2131.5*Rodents Of Unusual Size200810*JOYSTICKS (131.5-142.9)
3130.5*polo's pimps200812*The Rusty Trombones (130.5-137.1)
4128.75*polo's pimps20082*Rodents Of Unusual Size (128.75-160.15)
5126.55*Unfair & Unbalanced20084*polo's pimps (126.55-128.25)
6124.85*polo's pimps200814*Unfair & Unbalanced (124.85-130.8)
7121.95*Rodents Of Unusual Size200812*Unfair & Unbalanced (121.95-139)
8119.1*Get off my ASS200815*JOYSTICKS (119.1-153.5)
9119*MUSCLEHEDZ20083*JOYSTICKS (119-120.5)
10117.8*BeamerBallerz20089*Black and Blue Champs (117.8-122.15)
Most Combined Points
1288.9*Rodents Of Unusual Size vs *polo's pimps (160.15-128.75)20082
2283.35*BeamerBallerz vs *Chris Dietz (171.7-111.65)20084
3278.4*Unfair & Unbalanced vs *The Rusty Trombones (143.7-134.7)20086
4274.4*JOYSTICKS vs *Rodents Of Unusual Size (142.9-131.5)200810
5272.6*JOYSTICKS vs *Get off my ASS (153.5-119.1)200815
6267.6*The Rusty Trombones vs *polo's pimps (137.1-130.5)200812
7260.95*Unfair & Unbalanced vs *Rodents Of Unusual Size (139-121.95)200812
8256.1*Rodents Of Unusual Size vs *Fox Hunters (143.1-113)200815
9255.8*BeamerBallerz vs *Fox Hunters (147.35-108.45)20088
10255.65*Unfair & Unbalanced vs *polo's pimps (130.8-124.85)200814
Fewest Combined Points
1138.55*Black and Blue Champs vs *Chris Dietz (71.7-66.85)200813
2141.9*Get off my ASS vs *Chris Dietz (82-59.9)200814
3143.25*Chris Dietz vs *MUSCLEHEDZ (75.85-67.4)20082
4144.05*Get off my ASS vs *Chris Dietz (78.85-65.2)20088
5144.8*Black and Blue Champs vs *Get off my ASS (76.35-68.45)200812
6157.2*Get off my ASS vs *Chris Dietz (109.25-47.95)20081
7157.25*MUSCLEHEDZ vs *Chris Dietz (94.95-62.3)20089
8166.85*Black and Blue Champs vs *Chris Dietz (118.05-48.8)20086
9171.25*MUSCLEHEDZ vs *BeamerBallerz (94.8-76.45)20085
10174.35*The Rusty Trombones vs *JOYSTICKS (90.9-83.45)20089
Victory Margin
197.95*Fox Hunters200812*Chris Dietz (163.95-66)
279.55*Rodents Of Unusual Size200811*Black and Blue Champs (151.45-71.9)
375.85*Rodents Of Unusual Size20087*Chris Dietz (136.15-60.3)
469.25*Black and Blue Champs20086*Chris Dietz (118.05-48.8)
568.65*JOYSTICKS200811*Chris Dietz (148.95-80.3)
664.45*MUSCLEHEDZ20084*Get off my ASS (147.8-83.35)
762.55*JOYSTICKS200812*You don't say (154.2-91.65)
861.3*Get off my ASS20081*Chris Dietz (109.25-47.95)
960.05*BeamerBallerz20084*Chris Dietz (171.7-111.65)
1058.5*polo's pimps20081*You don't say (149.1-90.6)
Least Victory Margin
10.20*MUSCLEHEDZ200810*Get off my ASS (104.3-104.1)
21.50*JOYSTICKS20083*MUSCLEHEDZ (120.5-119)
31.70*polo's pimps20084*Unfair & Unbalanced (128.25-126.55)
4 (tie)1.85*Fox Hunters20085*Chris Dietz (99.2-97.35)
 1.85*Unfair & Unbalanced20089*You don't say (110.95-109.1)
63.45*Rodents Of Unusual Size200813*You don't say (103.3-99.85)
73.70*MUSCLEHEDZ200812*BeamerBallerz (113.85-110.15)
84.35*Black and Blue Champs20089*BeamerBallerz (122.15-117.8)
94.85*Black and Blue Champs200813*Chris Dietz (71.7-66.85)
105.95*Unfair & Unbalanced200814*polo's pimps (130.8-124.85)

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