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Continental Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points, One Game
1234Buffalo Destroyers201011
2223Buffalo Destroyers20101
3219.7Los Angeles Vipers20117
4 (tie)219Buffalo Destroyers201012
 219Outer Banks Islanders20112
6212Washington Reign20096
7210.3Buffalo Destroyers20112
8210Daytona Devils20109
9209.7Myrtle Beach Maulers20113
10208Butte Roughriders20096
Biggest Shootouts (Most Points By Both Teams)
1411.3Buffalo Destroyers vs Butte Roughriders (210.3-201)20112
2389.1Outer Banks Islanders vs Hawaiian Head Hunters (219-170.1)20112
3380Buffalo Destroyers vs Hawaiian Head Hunters (234-146)201011
4375.2Washington Reign vs Los Angeles Vipers (200.9-174.3)20112
5375Los Angeles Vipers vs Butte Roughriders (193-182)201011
6369.2Washington Reign vs Hawaiian Head Hunters (207-162.2)201115
7367Washington Reign vs Las Vegas Gamblers (195-172)20099
8365.8Washington Reign vs Los Angeles Vipers (187.4-178.4)201113
9365Butte Roughriders vs Las Vegas Gamblers (208-157)20096
10362.2Las Vegas Gamblers vs Myrtle Beach Maulers (182.3-179.9)201116
Biggest Frustration (Most Points Scored In Loss)
1201Butte Roughriders20112Buffalo Destroyers (201-210.3)
2182Butte Roughriders201011Los Angeles Vipers (182-193)
3179.9Myrtle Beach Maulers201116Las Vegas Gamblers (179.9-182.3)
4178.4Los Angeles Vipers201113Washington Reign (178.4-187.4)
5178Hawaiian Head Hunters20103Butte Roughriders (178-179)
6174.3Los Angeles Vipers20112Washington Reign (174.3-200.9)
7172Las Vegas Gamblers20099Washington Reign (172-195)
8170.1Hawaiian Head Hunters20112Outer Banks Islanders (170.1-219)
9170Daytona Devils201011Redmond Raptors (170-176)
10165Butte Roughriders201016Los Angeles Vipers (165-167)
Biggest Beatdowns (Widest Marginal Win)
1143.8Los Angeles Vipers20117Oklahoma Roughnecks (219.7-75.9)
2114Buffalo Destroyers200911California Gunslingers (204-90)
3112Buffalo Destroyers20101Outer Banks Islanders (223-111)
4107Los Angeles Vipers201013Redmond Raptors (171-64)
5103.6Myrtle Beach Maulers20113Daytona Devils (209.7-106.1)
6 (tie)99Buffalo Destroyers201012Daytona Devils (219-120)
 99Washington Reign20096Outer Banks Islanders (212-113)
888Buffalo Destroyers201011Hawaiian Head Hunters (234-146)
987Washington Reign20094Redmond Raptors (170-83)
1084.4Butte Roughriders20118Oklahoma Roughnecks (175.9-91.5)
Closest Squeakers (Tightest Games)
1 (tie)1Butte Roughriders201010Washington Reign (154-153)
 1Butte Roughriders20103Hawaiian Head Hunters (179-178)
 1Los Angeles Vipers20108Daytona Devils (122-121)
 1Nashville Knights20089Biloxi Marauders (50-49)
 1Redmond Raptors20106Oklahoma Roughnecks (121-120)
 1California Gunslingers20103Oklahoma Roughnecks (118-117)
71.20Outer Banks Islanders20113Washington Reign (160.4-159.2)
81.70Las Vegas Gamblers20117Hawaiian Head Hunters (125.3-123.6)
91.90Buffalo Destroyers20115Las Vegas Gamblers (158.9-157)
10 (tie)2Oklahoma Roughnecks200811Los Angeles Vipers (30-28)
 2Los Angeles Vipers201016Butte Roughriders (167-165)
 2Sacramento Crawdads20088San Diego Code Blue (69-67)
 2Nashville Knights20088Butte Roughriders (71-69)
 2Daytona Devils20097Bristol Thunder (124-122)

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