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DLF Members Invitational League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1192.3Rogersville Rangers20084
2157.7Seattle Nimrods20084
3153.6Steel City Blitz200812
4 (tie)153.5Adirondak Dairy Farmers200811
 153.5Hartville Havoc20082
6150.9Saint John Legends20089
7150.3Adirondak Dairy Farmers20085
8149.9Seattle Nimrods200810
9148.55Saint John Legends20084
10147.85Adirondak Dairy Farmers200814
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
10Tenn. Ridge Runners20084
256.55All American Fighting Irish20081
362.2Dawsonville Dragons200810
465.75Rogersville Rangers20087
569.05Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats20083
672.7Tenn. Ridge Runners20089
774.7Tenn. Ridge Runners200811
875.7Rogersville Rangers20082
976.75Dawsonville Dragons20086
1077.2Dawsonville Dragons20083
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
185.1Rogersville Rangers20081All American Fighting Irish (85.1-56.55)
288.8Adirondak Dairy Farmers20082Dawsonville Dragons (88.8-85.05)
389.9All American Fighting Irish200811Dawsonville Dragons (89.9-82.35)
490.7Tenn. Ridge Runners20087Rogersville Rangers (90.7-65.75)
591.85Rogersville Rangers20089Philadelphia Burn (91.85-77.3)
693.4Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats20082Rogersville Rangers (93.4-75.7)
795.1Rogersville Rangers20086Dawsonville Dragons (95.1-76.75)
897.9Seattle Nimrods20089Dawsonville Dragons (97.9-91.5)
999.25Tenn. Ridge Runners20082Saint John Legends (99.25-87.7)
10100.35Rogersville Rangers20085Pleasant Hill Chiefs (100.35-89.4)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1157.7Seattle Nimrods20084Rogersville Rangers (157.7-192.3)
2134.45Seattle Nimrods20082Hartville Havoc (134.45-153.5)
3126.65All American Fighting Irish20085Steel City Blitz (126.65-143.45)
4125.75Steel City Blitz20083Saint John Legends (125.75-131.35)
5124.3Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats20088Hartville Havoc (124.3-147.45)
6123.7Steel City Blitz20082Philadelphia Burn (123.7-133.95)
7122.7Steel City Blitz20087Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats (122.7-136.55)
8120.45Steel City Blitz200814Adirondak Dairy Farmers (120.45-147.85)
9120.35Adirondak Dairy Farmers200816Saint John Legends (120.35-133.5)
10118.8Philadelphia Burn200810Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats (118.8-138.4)
Most Combined Points
1350Rogersville Rangers vs Seattle Nimrods (192.3-157.7)20084
2287.95Hartville Havoc vs Seattle Nimrods (153.5-134.45)20082
3271.75Hartville Havoc vs Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats (147.45-124.3)20088
4270.1Steel City Blitz vs All American Fighting Irish (143.45-126.65)20085
5268.3Adirondak Dairy Farmers vs Steel City Blitz (147.85-120.45)200814
6264.05All American Fighting Irish vs Philadelphia Burn (146.4-117.65)200812
7259.25Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats vs Steel City Blitz (136.55-122.7)20087
8257.95Adirondak Dairy Farmers vs Seattle Nimrods (153.5-104.45)200811
9257.65Philadelphia Burn vs Steel City Blitz (133.95-123.7)20082
10257.45Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats vs Adirondak Dairy Farmers (139.3-118.15)20086
Fewest Combined Points
1110.55Philadelphia Burn vs Tenn. Ridge Runners (110.55-0)20084
2141.65Rogersville Rangers vs All American Fighting Irish (85.1-56.55)20081
3156.45Tenn. Ridge Runners vs Rogersville Rangers (90.7-65.75)20087
4169.1Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats vs Rogersville Rangers (93.4-75.7)20082
5169.15Rogersville Rangers vs Philadelphia Burn (91.85-77.3)20089
6171.85Rogersville Rangers vs Dawsonville Dragons (95.1-76.75)20086
7172.25All American Fighting Irish vs Dawsonville Dragons (89.9-82.35)200811
8173.85Adirondak Dairy Farmers vs Dawsonville Dragons (88.8-85.05)20082
9175.8Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats vs Tenn. Ridge Runners (101.1-74.7)200811
10176.65All American Fighting Irish vs Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats (107.6-69.05)20083
Victory Margin
1110.55Philadelphia Burn20084Tenn. Ridge Runners (110.55-0)
264.6Adirondak Dairy Farmers20085Philadelphia Burn (150.3-85.7)
364Pleasant Hill Chiefs200810Dawsonville Dragons (126.2-62.2)
457Saint John Legends20084Adirondak Dairy Farmers (148.55-91.55)
552.7Saint John Legends20089Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats (150.9-98.2)
651.05Steel City Blitz200812Adirondak Dairy Farmers (153.6-102.55)
750.15Seattle Nimrods200810Steel City Blitz (149.9-99.75)
849.55Adirondak Dairy Farmers20083Philadelphia Burn (145.1-95.55)
949.05Adirondak Dairy Farmers200811Seattle Nimrods (153.5-104.45)
1046.55All American Fighting Irish20089Tenn. Ridge Runners (119.25-72.7)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Pleasant Hill Chiefs20087Saint John Legends (114.55-114.45)
23.30Steel City Blitz200811Rogersville Rangers (121.3-118)
33.75Adirondak Dairy Farmers20082Dawsonville Dragons (88.8-85.05)
45.60Saint John Legends20083Steel City Blitz (131.35-125.75)
55.80Pleasant Hill Chiefs20083Seattle Nimrods (107.6-101.8)
66.40Seattle Nimrods20089Dawsonville Dragons (97.9-91.5)
77.55All American Fighting Irish200811Dawsonville Dragons (89.9-82.35)
87.75Steel City Blitz200813Philadelphia Burn (118.7-110.95)
98.05Saint John Legends200814Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats (115.25-107.2)
108.60Seattle Nimrods20081Buffalo Jct Wampus Cats (115.85-107.25)

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