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Mastic Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1156.4577th Avenue Raiders200712
2147.977th Avenue Raiders20076
3142.85Center Moriches Blueclaws200711
4127.45Yaphank Road Destroyers20073
5125.05Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads20072
6124.9Center Moriches Blueclaws20071
7122.45Elm Place Rippers200910
8122.377th Avenue Raiders20079
9119.1Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads20077
10118.477th Avenue Raiders20099
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
131.477th Avenue Raiders20081
235.6Montauk White Sharks20084
336.4Yaphank Road Destroyers20083
442.65Montauk White Sharks200813
545.15Center Moriches Blueclaws20086
649.1Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads200815
749.25Montauk White Sharks20087
849.3Mastic Moonshiners200814
949.55Mastic Moonshiners200715
10 (tie)49.9Yaphank Road Destroyers20085
 49.9Hamden Highlanders20091
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
161.75Center Moriches Blueclaws2008977th Avenue Raiders (61.75-60.45)
262.65Hamden Highlanders200912Montauk White Sharks (62.65-57.05)
364.8Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads200710Mastic Moonshiners (64.8-63.2)
467.75Robinwood Street Maulers20098Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads (67.75-65.5)
567.877th Avenue Raiders200815Montauk White Sharks (67.8-66.5)
667.85Yaphank Road Destroyers200812Montauk White Sharks (67.85-54.15)
769.25Mastic Moonshiners20089Montauk White Sharks (69.25-59.9)
869.35Montauk White Sharks2009177th Avenue Raiders (69.35-54.4)
970.05Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads20074Yaphank Road Destroyers (70.05-50.9)
1070.85Montauk White Sharks200814Mastic Moonshiners (70.85-49.3)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1113.7Center Moriches Blueclaws20072Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads (113.7-125.05)
2105.3Center Moriches Blueclaws2007977th Avenue Raiders (105.3-122.3)
3100.8Yaphank Road Destroyers2007677th Avenue Raiders (100.8-147.9)
4100Mastic Moonshiners20081377th Avenue Raiders (100-109.3)
597.2Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads200810Center Moriches Blueclaws (97.2-118.05)
696.4Mastic Moonshiners2009977th Avenue Raiders (96.4-118.4)
79677th Avenue Raiders20073Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads (96-97.65)
894.75Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads200714Yaphank Road Destroyers (94.75-101.85)
992.4Montauk White Sharks200911Elm Place Rippers (92.4-107.15)
10 (tie)92.3Mastic Moonshiners200810Yaphank Road Destroyers (92.3-102.7)
 92.3Center Moriches Blueclaws200712Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads (92.3-92.6)
Most Combined Points
1248.777th Avenue Raiders vs Yaphank Road Destroyers (147.9-100.8)20076
2238.75Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads vs Center Moriches Blueclaws (125.05-113.7)20072
3227.677th Avenue Raiders vs Center Moriches Blueclaws (122.3-105.3)20079
4224.477th Avenue Raiders vs Mastic Moonshiners (156.45-67.95)200712
5215.25Center Moriches Blueclaws vs Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads (118.05-97.2)200810
6214.877th Avenue Raiders vs Mastic Moonshiners (118.4-96.4)20099
7214.55Center Moriches Blueclaws vs Mastic Moonshiners (142.85-71.7)200711
8209.377th Avenue Raiders vs Mastic Moonshiners (109.3-100)200813
9208.65Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads vs Center Moriches Blueclaws (119.1-89.55)20077
10205.6Center Moriches Blueclaws vs Mastic Moonshiners (124.9-80.7)20071
Fewest Combined Points
1112.45Yaphank Road Destroyers vs 77th Avenue Raiders (81.05-31.4)20081
2114.5Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads vs Montauk White Sharks (71.85-42.65)200813
3116.1Montauk White Sharks vs Center Moriches Blueclaws (70.95-45.15)20086
4117.1Mastic Moonshiners vs Montauk White Sharks (81.5-35.6)20084
5119.7Hamden Highlanders vs Montauk White Sharks (62.65-57.05)200912
6120.15Montauk White Sharks vs Mastic Moonshiners (70.85-49.3)200814
7120.95Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads vs Yaphank Road Destroyers (70.05-50.9)20074
8122Yaphank Road Destroyers vs Montauk White Sharks (67.85-54.15)200812
9122.2Center Moriches Blueclaws vs 77th Avenue Raiders (61.75-60.45)20089
10123.75Montauk White Sharks vs 77th Avenue Raiders (69.35-54.4)20091
Victory Margin
188.577th Avenue Raiders200712Mastic Moonshiners (156.45-67.95)
271.15Center Moriches Blueclaws200711Mastic Moonshiners (142.85-71.7)
369.7Elm Place Rippers200910Hamden Highlanders (122.45-52.75)
463.5Yaphank Road Destroyers20073Mastic Moonshiners (127.45-63.95)
560Elm Place Rippers200914Yaphank Road Destroyers (112-52)
656.05Mastic Moonshiners20081Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads (117.15-61.1)
752.3Mastic Moonshiners20085Yaphank Road Destroyers (102.2-49.9)
851.9Center Moriches Blueclaws20083Yaphank Road Destroyers (88.3-36.4)
949.65Yaphank Road Destroyers2008177th Avenue Raiders (81.05-31.4)
1048.15Yaphank Road Destroyers200713Mastic Moonshiners (111.4-63.25)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.30Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads200712Center Moriches Blueclaws (92.6-92.3)
 0.3077th Avenue Raiders20084Center Moriches Blueclaws (88.25-87.95)
30.65Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads20075Mastic Moonshiners (71.15-70.5)
40.85Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads20093Center Moriches Blueclaws (84.6-83.75)
50.95Montauk White Sharks20094Mastic Moonshiners (76.35-75.4)
6 (tie)1.30Center Moriches Blueclaws2008977th Avenue Raiders (61.75-60.45)
 1.3077th Avenue Raiders200815Montauk White Sharks (67.8-66.5)
81.60Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads200710Mastic Moonshiners (64.8-63.2)
91.65Fulton Avenue Helmut Heads2007377th Avenue Raiders (97.65-96)
101.75Yaphank Road Destroyers200912Robinwood Street Maulers (86.55-84.8)

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