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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1324.5Chris Basler200615
2316.85Mitch Bush200612
3311.2Sigmund Bloom20069
4308.05Sigmund Bloom200613
5289.25Sigmund Bloom20067
6287.2Ferris Sickrey20063
7287.1Chuck Johnson200610
8286.3Ferris Sickrey20066
9285.45Mike Martin200511
10282.9Sigmund Bloom200512
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1106.65Brett Norrick20057
2113.8Brian Kruper20068
3116.75Rob Gabbard200510
4119.55Harry Austin20066
5120Brian Smith200512
6123.65Harry Austin20069
7124.8Rob Gabbard200615
8125.2Brian Kruper20067
9128Brian Smith20058
10131.5Brian Kruper200612
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1165.25Rob Gabbard200513Dave Buser (165.25-161)
2169.6Dave Buser20054Brian Smith (169.6-153.55)
3170.6Harry Austin200611Alex Fernandez (170.6-163.5)
4171.1Brett Norrick20067Jim "TAZ" Day (171.1-156.95)
5171.45Chris Basler20053Jim "TAZ" Day (171.45-162.2)
6173.15Dave Buser20059Rob Militzer (173.15-151.4)
7174.15Jim "TAZ" Day20065Harry Austin (174.15-143.55)
8174.4Rob Militzer20069Harry Austin (174.4-123.65)
9174.5Jim "TAZ" Day20059Alex Fernandez (174.5-173.25)
10176.8Ferris Sickrey20059Mike Martin (176.8-165.15)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1249.7Chuck Johnson20066Brian Smith (249.7-256.1)
2248.5Chris Basler200610Chuck Johnson (248.5-287.1)
3247.95Brian Smith200614Mitch Bush (247.95-249.8)
4246.8Rob Militzer200512Sigmund Bloom (246.8-282.9)
5245.1Rob Militzer200511Rob Gabbard (245.1-248.85)
6 (tie)242.45Ferris Sickrey200612Chuck Johnson (242.45-245.75)
 242.45Chris Basler200511Sigmund Bloom (242.45-254.4)
8241.15Mitch Bush20066Ferris Sickrey (241.15-286.3)
9240.7Rob Militzer20056Chuck Johnson (240.7-263.6)
10239.2John McDill20056Chris Basler (239.2-256)
Most Combined Points
1535.6Chuck Johnson vs Chris Basler (287.1-248.5)200610
2529.7Sigmund Bloom vs Rob Militzer (282.9-246.8)200512
3527.45Ferris Sickrey vs Mitch Bush (286.3-241.15)20066
4516.6Chris Basler vs Chuck Johnson (324.5-192.1)200615
5505.8Brian Smith vs Chuck Johnson (256.1-249.7)20066
6504.95Chris Basler vs Ferris Sickrey (278.5-226.45)20067
7504.4Chuck Johnson vs Jim "TAZ" Day (267.25-237.15)20062
8504.3Chuck Johnson vs Rob Militzer (263.6-240.7)20056
9503.4Mitch Bush vs Alex Fernandez (316.85-186.55)200612
10497.75Mitch Bush vs Brian Smith (249.8-247.95)200614
Fewest Combined Points
1298.05Rob Militzer vs Harry Austin (174.4-123.65)20069
2317.7Jim "TAZ" Day vs Harry Austin (174.15-143.55)20065
3323.15Dave Buser vs Brian Smith (169.6-153.55)20054
4323.6Mike Martin vs Brett Norrick (184.95-138.65)20065
5324John McDill vs Dave Buser (182.55-141.45)20065
6324.55Dave Buser vs Rob Militzer (173.15-151.4)20059
7324.65Mitch Bush vs Brian Smith (196.65-128)20058
8325.15Chris Basler vs Rob Gabbard (208.4-116.75)200510
9326.25Rob Gabbard vs Dave Buser (165.25-161)200513
10328.05Brett Norrick vs Jim "TAZ" Day (171.1-156.95)20067
Victory Margin
1147.85Sigmund Bloom20069Brett Norrick (311.2-163.35)
2143.35Brian Kruper20057Brett Norrick (250-106.65)
3138.1Brett Norrick20068Brian Kruper (251.9-113.8)
4132.4Chris Basler200615Chuck Johnson (324.5-192.1)
5130.3Mitch Bush200612Alex Fernandez (316.85-186.55)
6122.7Brian Smith200613Alex Fernandez (271.1-148.4)
7122Chuck Johnson200614John McDill (268.8-146.8)
8120.55Sigmund Bloom200613Harry Austin (308.05-187.5)
9119.95Chris Basler20066Harry Austin (239.5-119.55)
10119.8Ferris Sickrey200512Brian Smith (239.8-120)
Least Victory Margin
10.10Ferris Sickrey20052John McDill (214.05-213.95)
20.25John McDill20063Chuck Johnson (197-196.75)
30.30Brett Norrick20059Rob Gabbard (215.1-214.8)
40.90Mike Martin20062Mitch Bush (206.4-205.5)
51.25Jim "TAZ" Day20059Alex Fernandez (174.5-173.25)
61.40Alex Fernandez20056Dave Buser (184.3-182.9)
71.45Brian Kruper200513Chris Basler (224.15-222.7)
81.60Ferris Sickrey20065Rob Gabbard (207.7-206.1)
91.85Mitch Bush200614Brian Smith (249.8-247.95)
101.95Brett Norrick20054Chuck Johnson (185.2-183.25)

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