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CGP FFL 2010 Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1219.5Vick's Dog Fighters20096
2207.5Jersey Swamp20056
3205.5Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return20079
4196.5How 'Bout Them Cowboys20092
5193Bradley's Byrd Gang20095
6191The New Jersey Meat Hooks200911
7188.5Vick's Dog Fighters201011
8186.5Vick's Dog Fighters201012
9186Bradley's Byrd Gang20091
10 (tie)184Philly's Finest20105
 184New Kid20103
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
12913Fs in ACUs200612
232.5South Side Shep Squad20077
338Hades Nightmare20039
439Hades Nightmare200312
539.5Gotham City She Said20075
640.5Ridgewood Raging Kitties20086
742.5The Midwood Moyels20069
8 (tie)43Inti Raymi's Cut20042
 43Hades Nightmare20038
1044Hades Nightmare200313
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
160The Batwinged Bandits 20075Gotham City She Said (60-39.5)
261.5Jersey Swamp200310Hades Nightmare (61.5-52.5)
364The Midwood Moyels20059Nuclear Mutants (64-62)
467.5The Midwood Moyels20054Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return (67.5-54.5)
570Team Squirrely Wrath20056The Midwood Moyels (70-51.5)
6 (tie)70.5Ridgewood Raging Kitties20059Inti Raymi's Cut (70.5-53.5)
 70.5Ridgewood Raging Kitties20059The Midwood Moyels (70.5-64)
872Bone Crushzas20056Team Squirrely Wrath (72-70)
973.5Gotham City "She Said"2006313Fs in ACUs (73.5-54)
1074.5Team Squirrely Wrath2005913Fs in ACUs (74.5-72.5)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1179South Side Shep Squad20105East LA Beaners (179-182)
2167.5East LA Beaners20103New Kid (167.5-184)
3163.5Bradley's Byrd Gang201010Vick's Dog Fighters (163.5-170.5)
4160Philly's Finest201010Long Island Derails (160-163.5)
5157.5How 'Bout Them Cowboys201012Philly's Finest (157.5-166)
6154.5Long Island Derails200911Jersey Swamp (154.5-159)
7153Bradley's Byrd Gang20109Long Island Derails (153-176.5)
8152.5How 'Bout Them Cowboys201010Jersey Swamp (152.5-170.5)
9151East LA Beaners201011Vick's Dog Fighters (151-188.5)
10 (tie)149Abusers USA200914Bradley's Byrd Gang (149-163.5)
 149Philly's Finest201011Damnhotiniraq (149-159)
Most Combined Points
1361East LA Beaners vs South Side Shep Squad (182-179)20105
2351.5New Kid vs East LA Beaners (184-167.5)20103
3344.5Vick's Dog Fighters vs Timberdoodle Woodcocks (219.5-125)20096
4339.5Vick's Dog Fighters vs East LA Beaners (188.5-151)201011
5334Vick's Dog Fighters vs Bradley's Byrd Gang (170.5-163.5)201010
6329.5Long Island Derails vs Bradley's Byrd Gang (176.5-153)20109
7327How 'Bout Them Cowboys vs The New Jersey Meat Hooks (196.5-130.5)20092
8 (tie)323.5Long Island Derails vs Philly's Finest (163.5-160)201010
 323.5Philly's Finest vs How 'Bout Them Cowboys (166-157.5)201012
10 (tie)323Jersey Swamp vs East LA Beaners (207.5-115.5)20056
 323Jersey Swamp vs How 'Bout Them Cowboys (170.5-152.5)201010
Fewest Combined Points
199.5The Batwinged Bandits vs Gotham City She Said (60-39.5)20075
2114Jersey Swamp vs Hades Nightmare (61.5-52.5)200310
3121.5Team Squirrely Wrath vs The Midwood Moyels (70-51.5)20056
4122The Midwood Moyels vs Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return (67.5-54.5)20054
5124Ridgewood Raging Kitties vs Inti Raymi's Cut (70.5-53.5)20059
6126The Midwood Moyels vs Nuclear Mutants (64-62)20059
7 (tie)127.5Gotham City "She Said" vs 13Fs in ACUs (73.5-54)20063
 127.5Tribeca Thundercats vs Inti Raymi's Cut (78-49.5)20047
9131.513Fs in ACUs vs Inti Raymi's Cut (88.5-43)20042
10133Con Ed black outs vs South Side Shep Squad (80.5-52.5)20065
Victory Margin
1129.5Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return20079Gotham City She Said (205.5-76)
2 (tie)111.5Jersey Swamp20056Inti Raymi's Cut (207.5-96)
 111.5Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return20077South Side Shep Squad (144-32.5)
498Timberdoodle Woodcocks20057Team Squirrely Wrath (158-60)
5 (tie)96Timberdoodle Woodcocks200412Tribeca Thundercats (150.5-54.5)
 96Bradley's Byrd Gang201013Timberdoodle Woodcocks (176-80)
794.5Vick's Dog Fighters20096Timberdoodle Woodcocks (219.5-125)
894Long Island Derails20097Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return (150-56)
992.5Vick's Dog Fighters201012New Kid (186.5-94)
1092Jersey Swamp20056East LA Beaners (207.5-115.5)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.50East LA Beaners2006513Fs in ACUs (79.5-79)
 0.50East LA Beaners20032Timberdoodle Woodcocks (114-113.5)
 0.50Timberdoodle Woodcocks20038Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return (75.5-75)
 0.50Timberdoodle Woodcocks20087Damnhotiniraq (92.5-92)
 0.50Timberdoodle Woodcocks200510East LA Beaners (135.5-135)
 0.50Gotham City "She Said"20051Inti Raymi's Cut (112.5-112)
 0.50Jersey Swamp2003413Fs in ACUs (94-93.5)
 0.50Jersey Swamp20099Pepe's Crack Hamsters Return (102.5-102)
 0.50South Side Shep Squad20049How 'Bout Them Cowboys (77.5-77)
 0.50South Side Shep Squad2007613Fs in ACUs (98-97.5)
 0.50Abusers USA2006613Fs in ACUs (104-103.5)
 0.50Hades Nightmare20032Chattanooga Chazwazzers (108-107.5)

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