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Cross Country Fantasy Football League Individual Player Records

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Most Points in a Game - Starter
RankScorePlayerPosNFLFantasy TeamSeasonWeek
155Culpepper, DaunteQBMINPope Bows 2 Jim Brown, White Owls20045
250Manning, PeytonQBINDWhite Owls20034
348Walker, JavonWRGBPPasty Gangstas, Tribe Slapahoe20043
4 (tie)46Manning, PeytonQBINDK-9, Mullets20043
 46McNabb, DonovanQBPHIRock Vegas, Who Dey!200413
 46Alexander, ShaunRBSEADa' Sharks20024
7 (tie)45Favre, BrettQBGBPThe Angry Beavers20043
 45Manning, PeytonQBINDK-9, Mullets20048
 45Brady, TomQBNEPJockeys, Who Dey!20077
 45Portis, ClintonRBDENMullets200215

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