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Rocky Mountain Redraft Football League (RFL) Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1305.6Randys Rookies20072
2292.4Linford And Son200910
3286.3Double Trouble200713
4279.8Boulder Buddahs20083
5279.7Broomfield Borg Invasion20076
6275.45Boys Of Fall20077
7274.6Boulder Buddahs20085
8272.85Linford And Son200711
9271.4Double Trouble200914
10269.85Linford And Son200914
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
176.85Weber Spirits200611
288.05Heavy Hitters20065
388.7Double Trouble200811
595.35Heavy Hitters20087
696.75Road Warriors20048
796.9Boulder Buddahs200611
897.4Heavy Hitters20056
10103.75Road Warriors200810
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
196.9Boulder Buddahs200611Weber Spirits (96.9-76.85)
2120.7Broomfield Borg Invasion20044Shark Attack (120.7-117.15)
3122.95Highwaymen20095Double Trouble (122.95-119.3)
4128.85Linford And Son20094Boulder Buddahs (128.85-104.6)
5129.85Boys Of Fall20065Boulder Buddahs (129.85-123.3)
6131.3Pearl St Pounders20046Monday Night Magic (131.3-121.3)
7132.3Broomfield Borg Invasion200910Boulder Buddahs (132.3-123.55)
8138.2Monday Night Magic20085Boys Of Fall (138.2-134.9)
9139.7Double Trouble20086Road Warriors (139.7-117.7)
10140.35Monday Night Magic20094Road Warriors (140.35-109.55)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1259.15Linford And Son20068Frog Marauders (259.15-261.2)
2229.2Road Warriors200711Boulder Buddahs (229.2-232.85)
3223.45Monday Night Magic20087Double Trouble (223.45-230.7)
4223.35Randys Rookies20073Weber Spirits (223.35-236.15)
5222.4Double Trouble20072Weber Spirits (222.4-247.55)
6215.6Highwaymen20079Boys Of Fall (215.6-226)
7215.5Broomfield Borg Invasion200814Monday Night Magic (215.5-240.6)
8214.05Linford And Son20055Bloody Sunday (214.05-238.65)
9212.35Highwaymen20071Randys Rookies (212.35-261.7)
10211.7Linford And Son20072Randys Rookies (211.7-305.6)
Most Combined Points
1520.35Frog Marauders vs Linford And Son (261.2-259.15)20068
2517.3Randys Rookies vs Linford And Son (305.6-211.7)20072
3479.85Double Trouble vs Linford And Son (286.3-193.55)200713
4475.9Linford And Son vs Road Warriors (292.4-183.5)200910
5474.05Randys Rookies vs Highwaymen (261.7-212.35)20071
6469.95Weber Spirits vs Double Trouble (247.55-222.4)20072
7462.05Boulder Buddahs vs Road Warriors (232.85-229.2)200711
8459.5Weber Spirits vs Randys Rookies (236.15-223.35)20073
9459.2Monday Night Magic vs Randys Rookies (260.35-198.85)20055
10456.45Boys Of Fall vs Linford And Son (275.45-181)20077
Fewest Combined Points
1173.75Boulder Buddahs vs Weber Spirits (96.9-76.85)200611
2233.45Linford And Son vs Boulder Buddahs (128.85-104.6)20094
3237.85Broomfield Borg Invasion vs Shark Attack (120.7-117.15)20044
4242.25Highwaymen vs Double Trouble (122.95-119.3)20095
5244.95Randys Rookies vs Heavy Hitters (149.6-95.35)20087
6249.9Monday Night Magic vs Road Warriors (140.35-109.55)20094
7250Linford And Son vs Road Warriors (146.25-103.75)200810
8252.6Pearl St Pounders vs Monday Night Magic (131.3-121.3)20046
9253.15Boys Of Fall vs Boulder Buddahs (129.85-123.3)20065
10255.85Broomfield Borg Invasion vs Boulder Buddahs (132.3-123.55)200910
Victory Margin
1141.8Boulder Buddahs20083Double Trouble (279.8-138)
2141.7Highwaymen20087Broomfield Borg Invasion (268.8-127.1)
3138.35Bloody Sunday20053The Crush (266.3-127.95)
4132.2Boulder Buddahs20085Randys Rookies (274.6-142.4)
5129.6Boys Of Fall20081Road Warriors (266-136.4)
6129.45Broomfield Borg Invasion20076Linford And Son (279.7-150.25)
7123.2Monday Night Magic200411Boys Of Fall (251.05-127.85)
8122.85Heavy Hitters200910Highwaymen (214.8-91.95)
9120.35Linford And Son200412Broomfield Borg Invasion (237.55-117.2)
10119.2Double Trouble200914Heavy Hitters (271.4-152.2)
Least Victory Margin
10.70Broomfield Borg Invasion20055Highwaymen (176.6-175.9)
20.80Randys Rookies20091Highwaymen (156.5-155.7)
3 (tie)1.25Boys Of Fall20045The Crush (197.25-196)
 1.25Weber Spirits20082Double Trouble (147.35-146.1)
51.50Heavy Hitters200510Highwaymen (171-169.5)
61.60Dreamers20041Broomfield Borg Invasion (187.5-185.9)
71.65The Crush20054Heavy Hitters (151.4-149.75)
82.05Frog Marauders20068Linford And Son (261.2-259.15)
9 (tie)2.20Frog Marauders20043Linford And Son (161.8-159.6)
 2.20Boys Of Fall200410Shark Attack (188.3-186.1)

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