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St. Arnold Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

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Most Points Scored - Single Game
1164.9Sun City Skipdogs20076
2159Apalachin Clover Drivers19982
3156.26Apalachin Clover Drivers20072
5152Bitin Titans199814
6 (tie)147Sun City Skipdogs20034
 147Sun City Skipdogs200314
8146.14Upstate Angry Beavers200712
9145.82Omaha Storm20092
10 (tie)144Omaha Storm20071
 144Tijuana Flaming Tostitos199813
 144Bitin Titans19985
 144Bitin Titans199812
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Apalachin Clover Drivers20073
 0Buffalo Red Asses199814
319Philly Phanatics20053
527Sun City Skipdogs200012
630Philly Phanatics19996
832OE Bastards19992
933Apalachin Clover Drivers200211
1034Westside Warblers20054
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
148Philly Phanatics20025Omaha Storm (48-47)
253Coastal Appetizers20038Omaha Storm (53-52)
353.1Buffalo Red Asses200813Apalachin Clover Drivers (53.1-53.02)
4 (tie)54Apalachin Clover Drivers200110Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (54-35)
 54Buffalo Red Asses199810Omaha Storm (54-44)
6 (tie)55Buffalo Red Asses20029Apalachin Clover Drivers (55-51)
 55Buffalo Red Asses20046Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (55-51)
 55Coastal Appetizers20012Upstate Angry Beavers (55-41)
 55Coastal Appetizers20033Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (55-48)
10 (tie)56Omaha Storm200011Shaughne-ski (56-48)
 56Bitin Titans200012Raleigh Rattlers (56-53)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1129.6Upstate Angry Beavers200914Omaha Storm (129.6-136.6)
2125Raleigh Rattlers19991Omaha Storm (125-143)
3122.04Tackling Dummies200714Omaha Storm (122.04-123.52)
4121Tijuana Flaming Tostitos19982Apalachin Clover Drivers (121-159)
5120Gladeator199814Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (120-134)
6117.02Buffalo Red Asses20072Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (117.02-124.82)
7117Sun City Skipdogs200514Tackling Dummies (117-125)
8115Omaha Storm199813Gladeator (115-122)
9114Tackling Dummies200410Gladeator (114-134)
10112.08Bitin Titans20097Gladeator (112.08-128.88)
Most Combined Points
1280Apalachin Clover Drivers vs Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (159-121)19982
2268Omaha Storm vs Raleigh Rattlers (143-125)19991
3266.2Omaha Storm vs Upstate Angry Beavers (136.6-129.6)200914
4256Tijuana Flaming Tostitos vs OE Bastards (144-112)199813
5 (tie)254Tijuana Flaming Tostitos vs Gladeator (134-120)199814
 254Bitin Titans vs OE Bastards (152-102)199814
7248Gladeator vs Tackling Dummies (134-114)200410
8245.56Omaha Storm vs Tackling Dummies (123.52-122.04)200714
9243Sun City Skipdogs vs Apalachin Clover Drivers (142-101)19981
10242.28Upstate Angry Beavers vs Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (146.14-96.14)200712
Fewest Combined Points
177Gladeator vs Philly Phanatics (58-19)20053
289Apalachin Clover Drivers vs Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (54-35)200110
392Bitin Titans vs Gladeator (68-24)20063
4 (tie)95Philly Phanatics vs Omaha Storm (48-47)20025
 95Omaha Storm vs Raleigh Rattlers (60-35)200113
696Coastal Appetizers vs Upstate Angry Beavers (55-41)20012
798Buffalo Red Asses vs Omaha Storm (54-44)199810
899Tijuana Flaming Tostitos vs Raleigh Rattlers (57-42)200310
9 (tie)102Raleigh Rattlers vs Apalachin Clover Drivers (57-45)200114
 102Raleigh Rattlers vs Buffalo Red Asses (102-0)199814
Victory Margin
1116.24Omaha Storm20073Apalachin Clover Drivers (116.24-0)
2110.26Sun City Skipdogs20076OE Bastards (164.9-54.64)
3102Raleigh Rattlers199814Buffalo Red Asses (102-0)
499.12Tijuana Flaming Tostitos200714Westside Warblers (136.72-37.6)
598OE Bastards200413Westside Warblers (133-35)
697Shaughne-ski199813Apalachin Clover Drivers (153-56)
792Omaha Storm19992OE Bastards (124-32)
889.94Omaha Storm200711Philly Phanatics (137.58-47.64)
988.26Apalachin Clover Drivers20072Sun City Skipdogs (156.26-68)
1088Sun City Skipdogs200213Omaha Storm (127-39)
Least Victory Margin
10.06Buffalo Red Asses200710Gladeator (92.48-92.42)
20.08Buffalo Red Asses200813Apalachin Clover Drivers (53.1-53.02)
30.20Philly Phanatics20094Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (90.28-90.08)
40.38Tijuana Flaming Tostitos200814OE Bastards (84.04-83.66)
50.46Omaha Storm20085Sun City Skipdogs (90.66-90.2)
60.54Tijuana Flaming Tostitos200711Tackling Dummies (111.42-110.88)
70.68Westside Warblers20092Philly Phanatics (89.5-88.82)
8 (tie)0.94Upstate Angry Beavers20093Westside Warblers (75-74.06)
 0.94OE Bastards20072Gladeator (65.54-64.6)
100.96Tackling Dummies200813Tijuana Flaming Tostitos (69.04-68.08)

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