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USFL 2K - USFLnation Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1156Pittsburgh Maulers20064
2146Michigan Panthers20069
3144Bristol Wranglers20071
4134Chicago Blitz200712
5133Bristol Wranglers200714
6130Bristol Wranglers20075
7129Philadelphia Stars20076
8121Philadelphia Stars20073
9120Oakland InVaders200612
10 (tie)118Duluth Eskimos200612
 118Los Angeles Express200711
 118Oklahoma Outlaws20068
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Philadelphia Stars200716
 0Duluth Eskimos200715
33Boston Patriots200711
429Los Angeles Express20075
536Memphis Showboats200611
6 (tie)37Memphis Showboats20065
 37Houston Gamblers20071
838Philadelphia Stars200715
9 (tie)39Memphis Showboats20064
 39Duluth Eskimos20061
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
154Los Angeles Express20077Houston Gamblers (54-46)
259Los Angeles Express200615Baltimore Storm (59-47)
361Los Angeles Express20061Michigan Panthers (61-49)
4 (tie)62Philadelphia Stars200714Duluth Eskimos (62-58)
 62Oklahoma Outlaws20061Arizona Wranglers (62-60)
6 (tie)63Michigan Panthers200710Philadelphia Stars (63-46)
 63Arizona Wranglers200611Memphis Showboats (63-36)
864Memphis Showboats200715Duluth Eskimos (64-0)
965Oakland InVaders20075Los Angeles Express (65-29)
10 (tie)66Pittsburgh Maulers20075Houston Gamblers (66-57)
 66Duluth Eskimos20074Los Angeles Express (66-56)
 66Duluth Eskimos20079Memphis Showboats (66-63)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1111Baltimore Storm200711Los Angeles Express (111-118)
2102Oakland InVaders200615Pittsburgh Maulers (102-110)
3101Houston Gamblers20078Duluth Eskimos (101-108)
4 (tie)100Michigan Panthers20073Los Angeles Express (100-111)
 100Oakland InVaders20072Bristol Wranglers (100-113)
6 (tie)99Memphis Showboats200714Bristol Wranglers (99-133)
 99Bristol Wranglers20079Houston Gamblers (99-105)
898Michigan Panthers20072Duluth Eskimos (98-112)
997Memphis Showboats20067Michigan Panthers (97-101)
1096Baltimore Storm20073Pittsburgh Maulers (96-106)
Most Combined Points
1248Pittsburgh Maulers vs Philadelphia Stars (156-92)20064
2232Bristol Wranglers vs Memphis Showboats (133-99)200714
3230Bristol Wranglers vs Los Angeles Express (144-86)20071
4229Los Angeles Express vs Baltimore Storm (118-111)200711
5 (tie)218Chicago Blitz vs Michigan Panthers (134-84)200712
 218Michigan Panthers vs Baltimore Storm (146-72)20069
7216Bristol Wranglers vs Baltimore Storm (130-86)20075
8213Bristol Wranglers vs Oakland InVaders (113-100)20072
9212Pittsburgh Maulers vs Oakland InVaders (110-102)200615
10211Los Angeles Express vs Michigan Panthers (111-100)20073
Fewest Combined Points
164Memphis Showboats vs Duluth Eskimos (64-0)200715
267Chicago Blitz vs Philadelphia Stars (67-0)200716
378Oakland InVaders vs Boston Patriots (75-3)200711
494Oakland InVaders vs Los Angeles Express (65-29)20075
599Arizona Wranglers vs Memphis Showboats (63-36)200611
6100Los Angeles Express vs Houston Gamblers (54-46)20077
7106Los Angeles Express vs Baltimore Storm (59-47)200615
8107Oakland InVaders vs Houston Gamblers (70-37)20071
9109Michigan Panthers vs Philadelphia Stars (63-46)200710
10110Los Angeles Express vs Michigan Panthers (61-49)20061
Victory Margin
174Michigan Panthers20069Baltimore Storm (146-72)
272Oakland InVaders200711Boston Patriots (75-3)
367Chicago Blitz200716Philadelphia Stars (67-0)
4 (tie)66Oakland InVaders200612Baltimore Storm (120-54)
 66Oklahoma Outlaws20067Baltimore Storm (106-40)
6 (tie)64Pittsburgh Maulers20064Philadelphia Stars (156-92)
 64Memphis Showboats200715Duluth Eskimos (64-0)
8 (tie)61Baltimore Storm20064Memphis Showboats (100-39)
 61Oakland InVaders20061Duluth Eskimos (100-39)
10 (tie)59Boston Patriots200710Baltimore Storm (113-54)
 59Duluth Eskimos200612Pittsburgh Maulers (118-59)
 59Oklahoma Outlaws20068Michigan Panthers (118-59)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)1Baltimore Storm20062Boston Patriots (81-80)
 1Baltimore Storm200713Duluth Eskimos (87-86)
 1Pittsburgh Maulers200711Michigan Panthers (74-73)
 1Pittsburgh Maulers200610Arizona Wranglers (79-78)
 1Pittsburgh Maulers200614Los Angeles Express (90-89)
 1Chicago Blitz20074Oakland InVaders (85-84)
7 (tie)2Pittsburgh Maulers200712Duluth Eskimos (81-79)
 2Pittsburgh Maulers20079Chicago Blitz (85-83)
 2Memphis Showboats20062Philadelphia Stars (70-68)
 2Chicago Blitz20072Los Angeles Express (84-82)
 2Oklahoma Outlaws20061Arizona Wranglers (62-60)

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