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Ghost of 42 League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1164*The Trading Post20082
2163.6Lunatic Fringe200812
3 (tie)159No Limt200611
 159Sons of Liberty20024
5158Generals 42200312
6155.5Lincoln Park Pirates200810
7155*Laces Out20073
8 (tie)154Sons of Liberty20041
 154Lit Express20034
10 (tie)153Generals 4220063
 153Sons of Liberty20043
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
135Pryme Tyme Playaz20043
237Can You Hear Me Now20058
339The Gunslingers20059
443Lunatic Fringe20058
544Pryme Tyme Playaz20046
6 (tie)45BLACK MAMBA 4220075
 45Lincoln Park Pirates20066
846BLACK MAMBA 4220078
9 (tie)48Fighting Grizzlies20079
 48The Gunslingers20033
 48Lincoln Park Pirates200513
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
159Can You Hear Me Now20066Lincoln Park Pirates (59-45)
260Can You Hear Me Now20044The Gunslingers (60-54)
362.1*Smokestack 'Lightnin 4220086Lunatic Fringe (62.1-55.5)
464Can You Hear Me Now200512Lunatic Fringe (64-58)
566Can You Hear Me Now200412Pryme Tyme Playaz (66-50)
667Sons of Liberty20034Pryme Tyme Playaz (67-53)
769BIG BAD DUDES20046Can You Hear Me Now (69-64)
870Lunatic Fringe20065Generals 42 (70-67)
971.25Can You Hear Me Now20088*Smokestack 'Lightnin 42 (71.25-53.55)
1072BLACK MAMBA 42200713Lunatic Fringe (72-61)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1137.4Can You Hear Me Now20082*The Trading Post (137.4-164)
2137Generals 4220066The Gunslingers (137-139)
3 (tie)135Jagermeister Shots II200213Arizona Water Mashies (135-140)
 135*The Trading Post200714No Limt (135-138)
5130No Limt20053The Gunslingers (130-140)
6127.85No Limt20086*Laces Out (127.85-129.3)
7127.45Lincoln Park Pirates20088Fighting Grizzlies (127.45-142.85)
8126MUSCLEHEDZ 4220043Sons of Liberty (126-153)
9 (tie)125No Limt200711*Smokestack 'Lightnin 42 (125-144)
 125BIG BAD DUDES20025Lit Express (125-133)
Most Combined Points
1301.4*The Trading Post vs Can You Hear Me Now (164-137.4)20082
2279Sons of Liberty vs MUSCLEHEDZ 42 (153-126)20043
3276The Gunslingers vs Generals 42 (139-137)20066
4275Arizona Water Mashies vs Jagermeister Shots II (140-135)200213
5273No Limt vs *The Trading Post (138-135)200714
6270.3Fighting Grizzlies vs Lincoln Park Pirates (142.85-127.45)20088
7270The Gunslingers vs No Limt (140-130)20053
8269*Smokestack 'Lightnin 42 vs No Limt (144-125)200711
9268The Gunslingers vs Arizona Water Mashies (150-118)20022
10267MUSCLEHEDZ 42 vs Sons of Liberty (143-124)200413
Fewest Combined Points
1104Can You Hear Me Now vs Lincoln Park Pirates (59-45)20066
2114Can You Hear Me Now vs The Gunslingers (60-54)20044
3116Can You Hear Me Now vs Pryme Tyme Playaz (66-50)200412
4117.6*Smokestack 'Lightnin 42 vs Lunatic Fringe (62.1-55.5)20086
5120Sons of Liberty vs Pryme Tyme Playaz (67-53)20034
6122Can You Hear Me Now vs Lunatic Fringe (64-58)200512
7124.8Can You Hear Me Now vs *Smokestack 'Lightnin 42 (71.25-53.55)20088
8128*Smokestack 'Lightnin 42 vs BLACK MAMBA 42 (83-45)20075
9131No Limt vs Can You Hear Me Now (94-37)20058
10 (tie)133BIG BAD DUDES vs Can You Hear Me Now (69-64)20046
 133Lunatic Fringe vs The Gunslingers (94-39)20059
 133BLACK MAMBA 42 vs Lunatic Fringe (72-61)200713
Victory Margin
1104Sons of Liberty20041BIG BAD DUDES (154-50)
297Lit Express20034MUSCLEHEDZ 42 (154-57)
3 (tie)93Fighting Grizzlies20043Pryme Tyme Playaz (128-35)
 93Generals 4220063Lincoln Park Pirates (153-60)
586Sons of Liberty20024Corporal Punishment (159-73)
685No Limt200611Arizona Water Mashies (159-74)
784*Laces Out200710The Gunslingers (146-62)
880Arizona Water Mashies20049Southern Crush (145-65)
978.75Lunatic Fringe200812Fighting Grizzlies (163.6-84.85)
1078MUSCLEHEDZ 4220062Lincoln Park Pirates (136-58)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10No Limt200812The Gunslingers (111.45-111.35)
 0.10Lincoln Park Pirates20085Lunatic Fringe (109.3-109.2)
30.45*The Trading Post20083Fighting Grizzlies (87.8-87.35)
40.50*Laces Out20087MUSCLEHEDZ 42 (118.2-117.7)
5 (tie)1Fighting Grizzlies20026Sons of Liberty (94-93)
 1Fighting Grizzlies200716No Limt (109-108)
 1Fighting Grizzlies20062BLACK MAMBA 42 (112-111)
 1The Gunslingers200611Ocho Cinco (75-74)
 1Ocho Cinco20076Fighting Grizzlies (85-84)
 1MUSCLEHEDZ 42200710Ocho Cinco (86-85)
 1MUSCLEHEDZ 4220072Lunatic Fringe (96-95)
 1MUSCLEHEDZ 4220067The Gunslingers (103-102)
 1Sons of Liberty20056Fighting Grizzlies (110-109)
 1DoCoMo4220042No Limt (114-113)
 1BIG BAD DUDES20036Can You Hear Me Now (101-100)
 1Lit Express20027Fighting Grizzlies (96-95)

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