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Bear Down Fantasy Football League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1209.2Irish Cowboys200614
2208Irish Cowboys20066
3206.3Cooley's Crusaders200614
4197.5Irish Cowboys20064
5 (tie)195.4G.O.A.T.20068
 195.4Irish Cowboys20069
7184.4House Of Pain20067
8183.6The Mighty Boosh20068
9183.2The Mighty Boosh200611
10180.4House Of Pain20062
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
254.4Crusty Old Farts200613
356.1Bad Seed20062
462.5Cowtown Cowpokes20065
566.6Bad Seed200613
668.3Team 4C's200613
870.1Team 4C's200610
976.9Team 4C's20068
1077.3Bad Seed20061
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
190.5Team 4C's20061Bad Seed (90.5-77.3)
292Crusty Old Farts200611Irish Cowboys (92-83.3)
399.8Bad Seed20065HeadHunterz (99.8-77.7)
4102.6Cooley's Crusaders200615Irish Cowboys (102.6-94.1)
5106.1Irish Cowboys20061Cooley's Crusaders (106.1-92.7)
6108.1Cowtown Cowpokes200611Bad Seed (108.1-106.5)
7108.6Irish Cowboys20062CheezBalls (108.6-82.8)
8109.3Cowtown Cowpokes20063The 46D's (109.3-102.5)
9111.2The 46D's200613HeadHunterz (111.2-104.7)
10112.4G.O.A.T.200614Cowtown Cowpokes (112.4-105.2)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1206.3Cooley's Crusaders200614Irish Cowboys (206.3-209.2)
2162.1G.O.A.T.20067House Of Pain (162.1-184.4)
3153.4Team 4C's20064Irish Cowboys (153.4-197.5)
4152House Of Pain200611Cooley's Crusaders (152-168.5)
5150.8Irish Cowboys20068The Mighty Boosh (150.8-183.6)
6147.7Cowtown Cowpokes200612Cooley's Crusaders (147.7-174.3)
7142.8Crusty Old Farts20064The 46D's (142.8-143.6)
8142.5Crusty Old Farts20063House Of Pain (142.5-151.3)
9 (tie)141.4Crusty Old Farts20066G.O.A.T. (141.4-165.1)
 141.4HeadHunterz20061Crusty Old Farts (141.4-168.7)
Most Combined Points
1415.5Irish Cowboys vs Cooley's Crusaders (209.2-206.3)200614
2350.9Irish Cowboys vs Team 4C's (197.5-153.4)20064
3346.5House Of Pain vs G.O.A.T. (184.4-162.1)20067
4338.2Irish Cowboys vs House Of Pain (208-130.2)20066
5334.4The Mighty Boosh vs Irish Cowboys (183.6-150.8)20068
6322Cooley's Crusaders vs Cowtown Cowpokes (174.3-147.7)200612
7320.5Cooley's Crusaders vs House Of Pain (168.5-152)200611
8318House Of Pain vs The 46D's (180.4-137.6)20062
9312.6HeadHunterz vs Crusty Old Farts (174.6-138)200614
10310.1Crusty Old Farts vs HeadHunterz (168.7-141.4)20061
Fewest Combined Points
1129.9Cowtown Cowpokes vs HeadHunterz (129.9-0)20069
2167.8Team 4C's vs Bad Seed (90.5-77.3)20061
3168.8CheezBalls vs Crusty Old Farts (114.4-54.4)200613
4175.3Crusty Old Farts vs Irish Cowboys (92-83.3)200611
5177.5Bad Seed vs HeadHunterz (99.8-77.7)20065
6190.4The Mighty Boosh vs Bad Seed (134.3-56.1)20062
7190.6Crusty Old Farts vs CheezBalls (121-69.6)20067
8191.4Irish Cowboys vs CheezBalls (108.6-82.8)20062
9192.1Cooley's Crusaders vs Team 4C's (123.8-68.3)200613
10195Crusty Old Farts vs Cooley's Crusaders (113.1-81.9)20068
Victory Margin
1129.9Cowtown Cowpokes20069HeadHunterz (129.9-0)
2118.5G.O.A.T.20068Team 4C's (195.4-76.9)
388.8Irish Cowboys20065Cowtown Cowpokes (151.3-62.5)
487.5Irish Cowboys200610Team 4C's (157.6-70.1)
581.9Irish Cowboys20069G.O.A.T. (195.4-113.5)
678.2The Mighty Boosh20062Bad Seed (134.3-56.1)
777.8Irish Cowboys20066House Of Pain (208-130.2)
877.4Bad Seed20066CheezBalls (178.8-101.4)
977.3The 46D's20061CheezBalls (159-81.7)
1075.8The Mighty Boosh200611CheezBalls (183.2-107.4)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.80The 46D's20064Crusty Old Farts (143.6-142.8)
 0.80Cooley's Crusaders200610Bad Seed (141.2-140.4)
31.60Cowtown Cowpokes200611Bad Seed (108.1-106.5)
42House Of Pain200614The Mighty Boosh (123.1-121.1)
52.90Irish Cowboys200614Cooley's Crusaders (209.2-206.3)
63.60Cooley's Crusaders20069The 46D's (115.8-112.2)
75.60CheezBalls20064HeadHunterz (120.9-115.3)
85.80Crusty Old Farts20065The Mighty Boosh (142-136.2)
96.50The 46D's200613HeadHunterz (111.2-104.7)
106.80Cowtown Cowpokes20063The 46D's (109.3-102.5)

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