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Fantasy Football Hardcore League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1382.2Dogs of War200914
2371.9Dogs of War20146
3362.3Dogs of War20134
4361.1Big Blue201213
5356.6Fins' Fan20071
6353Fantasy Kings201010
8348Fantasy Kings200313
9347Fantasy Kings20063
10346.4Fantasy Kings20102
11346.1Big Blue201012
12346Fantasy Kings200610
14341.5Big Blue201114
15341.2Steel Curtain20096
17339.7Fantasy Kings20072
18339.2Dogs of War20084
20337.7Big Blue20102
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
1 (tie)0Steel Curtain20051
 0Steel Curtain201413
332Fins' Fan20097
4127Dogs of War20034
5133.1Fins' Fan200912
6137Evil Empire20038
8144Frank's Boys20036
9145.8Fins' Fan20102
10146.1Steel Curtain20075
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
1184Jetsons20065Dogs of War (184-160)
2186.3Criminals20108Fins' Fan (186.3-184.6)
3188Frank's Boys20059Dogs of War (188-169)
4194Bills20039THE BIRDS (194-193)
5 (tie)196Fantasy Kings20033Bills (196-168)
 196Dogs of War20033THE BIRDS (196-152)
 196Evil Empire20033Slackasses (196-180)
8199Bills20038Evil Empire (199-137)
9200Frank's Boys20045Icemen (200-189)
10201Criminals20044Fantasy Kings (201-193)
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1319THE BIRDS200313Fantasy Kings (319-348)
2317.1Big Blue200915Criminals (317.1-339)
3316.6Fins' Fan20096Steel Curtain (316.6-341.2)
4316Fantasy Kings20066Jetsons (316-325)
5308.1Jetsons20131Dogs of War (308.1-334.4)
6304.4Steel Curtain201216Big Blue (304.4-311.4)
7301.2Fantasy Kings20079Jetsons (301.2-303.9)
8300.6Criminals20126Steel Curtain (300.6-304.5)
9296.2Criminals201412Dogs of War (296.2-309.9)
10295.7Icemen20144Steel Curtain (295.7-326.9)
Most Combined Points
1667Fantasy Kings vs THE BIRDS (348-319)200313
2657.8Steel Curtain vs Fins' Fan (341.2-316.6)20096
3656.1Criminals vs Big Blue (339-317.1)200915
4645.8Big Blue vs Dogs of War (361.1-284.7)201213
5642.5Dogs of War vs Jetsons (334.4-308.1)20131
6641Jetsons vs Fantasy Kings (325-316)20066
7631.3Dogs of War vs Icemen (339.2-292.1)20084
8623.7Big Blue vs Criminals (346.1-277.6)201012
9622.6Steel Curtain vs Icemen (326.9-295.7)20144
10621.1Fantasy Kings vs Icemen (353-268.1)201010
Fewest Combined Points
1203Jetsons vs Steel Curtain (203-0)20051
2236.5Icemen vs Fins' Fan (204.5-32)20097
3291.7Criminals vs Steel Curtain (291.7-0)201413
4336Bills vs Evil Empire (199-137)20038
5344Jetsons vs Dogs of War (184-160)20065
6348Dogs of War vs THE BIRDS (196-152)20033
7350.6Icemen vs Steel Curtain (204.5-146.1)20075
8357Frank's Boys vs Dogs of War (188-169)20059
9364Fantasy Kings vs Bills (196-168)20033
10370.9Criminals vs Fins' Fan (186.3-184.6)20108
Victory Margin
1291.7Criminals201413Steel Curtain (291.7-0)
2203Jetsons20051Steel Curtain (203-0)
3193.1Jetsons200912Fins' Fan (326.2-133.1)
4172.5Icemen20097Fins' Fan (204.5-32)
5159Fantasy Kings20063Fins' Fan (347-188)
6157.8Dogs of War200914Criminals (382.2-224.4)
7148.2Fantasy Kings201011Fins' Fan (294.4-146.2)
8146Icemen200513Steel Curtain (325-179)
9145.6Fins' Fan200711Jetsons (323.8-178.2)
10143Fantasy Kings20053Steel Curtain (323-180)
11141.2Dogs of War20146Big Blue (371.9-230.7)
12140.5Dogs of War20102Fins' Fan (286.3-145.8)
13133Evil Empire20034Dogs of War (260-127)
14132.3Big Blue201211Jetsons (303-170.7)
15132Fantasy Kings200610Fins' Fan (346-214)
16131.1Icemen20085Jetsons (306.6-175.5)
17128.3Icemen200810THE BIRDS (324.4-196.1)
18127.7Criminals20098Fins' Fan (291.8-164.1)
19122.4Fantasy Kings20076Steel Curtain (328.9-206.5)
20119.5Fins' Fan20071Dogs of War (356.6-237.1)
Least Victory Margin
10.30Fantasy Kings20109Jetsons (240.5-240.2)
2 (tie)0.40Criminals20099Icemen (288.3-287.9)
 0.40Steel Curtain20115Icemen (215.6-215.2)
4 (tie)0.70Fantasy Kings20093Icemen (233.9-233.2)
 0.70G.I. Joes20137Jetsons (201.6-200.9)
6 (tie)0.90Jetsons201214G.I. Joes (243.1-242.2)
 0.90Fins' Fan20107Icemen (203.2-202.3)
8 (tie)1Jetsons200613Fantasy Kings (269-268)
 1THE BIRDS20042Criminals (239-238)
 1THE BIRDS20025Evil Empire (293-292)
 1Bills20039THE BIRDS (194-193)
 1Slackasses20021Dogs of War (215-214)
 1Big Blue201313Dogs of War (276.5-275.5)

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