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MVP Keepers League Single Game Records

Most Points Scored - Single Game
1230.48Texas Viking200910
3190.75Kenny Powers20112
4190.03Sofa-King Money20072
5189.08The People's Champ201114
6182.33Los Banditos20066
8181.43Slick Nasty's20112
9181.23H-Town Cajuns200816
10179.28H-Town Cajuns20079
12179Texas Viking200914
15177.68H-Town Cajuns20129
Most Points Scored in a Loss
1169.15The Force20129H-Town Cajuns (169.15-177.68)
2152.18Who Dat20124VikingQuest (152.18-157.7)
3149.2The Force20127VikingQuest (149.2-170.68)
4147.7VikingQuest201216H-Town Cajuns (147.7-155.3)
5147.28Los Banditos20121Kenny Powers (147.28-155.23)
6147The Hammers200412Boarsmen (147-156)
7146.03Bad Ass Muthas20072Sofa-King Money (146.03-190.03)
8145.85The Godfather200514Texas FireAntz (145.85-157.5)
9145.73The F-Bombs200814Lonestar Longballs (145.73-156.93)
10142.43The People's Champ20114Show Me Your Tds (142.43-171.93)
Victory Margin
1139.35Texas Viking200910Cougar Hunter (230.48-91.13)
2125.45Sofa-King Money20055Boss Hogg (163.83-38.38)
3113.4VikingQuest200914Slick Nasty's (194.85-81.45)
4103.87H-Town Cajuns20107Black Russian (168.25-64.38)
599.35VikingQuest20109The Warriors (177.78-78.43)
697.3H-Town Cajuns200712Kenny Powers (150.15-52.85)
795.2The Godfather200510Texas FireAntz (152.73-57.53)
8 (tie)94.1Southside Steelers200611TC Pain (163-68.9)
 94.1Cedar Park MudCats200712Friendswood Phoenix (159.58-65.48)
1092.9VikingQuest20073Lonestar Longballs (181.98-89.08)
Most Combined Points
1346.83H-Town Cajuns vs The Force (177.68-169.15)20129
2336.06Sofa-King Money vs Bad Ass Muthas (190.03-146.03)20072
3321.61Texas Viking vs Cougar Hunter (230.48-91.13)200910
4319.88VikingQuest vs The Force (170.68-149.2)20127
5314.36Show Me Your Tds vs The People's Champ (171.93-142.43)20114
6309.88VikingQuest vs Who Dat (157.7-152.18)20124
7305.85Kenny Powers vs H-Town Cajuns (190.75-115.1)20112
8305.66Slick Nasty's vs Funky Town Horn Frogs (181.43-124.23)20112
9304.36Hammer of the Gods vs Cougar Hunter (167.28-137.08)20102
10303.63H-Town Cajuns vs Texas Viking (181.23-122.4)200816
11303.35Texas FireAntz vs The Godfather (157.5-145.85)200514
12303.08VikingQuest vs Hammer of the Gods (169.93-133.15)20096
13 (tie)303Boarsmen vs The Hammers (156-147)200412
 303H-Town Cajuns vs VikingQuest (155.3-147.7)201216
15302.66Lonestar Longballs vs The F-Bombs (156.93-145.73)200814
Fewest Points Scored - Single Game
137Cowboy Killers20044
238.38Boss Hogg20055
338.4The Stings200613
443.83Your Mom200912
545.23Bad Ass Muthas20086
Fewest Points Scored in a Win
162.65The F-Bombs20085G-Town Players (62.65-61.83)
269.45The Hammers20057Boarsmen (69.45-69.15)
370.15H-Town Cajuns20075Friendswood Phoenix (70.15-68.6)
470.43Bad Ass Muthas200710Pigskin Pumpers (70.43-62.55)
571.1The F-Bombs20111Funky Town Horn Frogs (71.1-61.25)
Least Victory Margin
1 (tie)0.10Corbin City Rumblers20054Lonestar Longballs (97.5-97.4)
 0.10The Chamber200710Friendswood Phoenix (95.5-95.4)
30.13The F-Bombs201210Air-It-Out (101.38-101.25)
40.15Lonestar Longballs201016Sofa-King Money (101.23-101.08)
5 (tie)0.18Lonestar Longballs200811VikingQuest (102.73-102.55)
 0.18Los Banditos200914The Warriors (128.63-128.45)
Fewest Combined Points
1121.08TC Pain vs The Stings (82.68-38.4)200613
2123.13The F-Bombs vs The Warriors (73.53-49.6)20128
3124.48The F-Bombs vs G-Town Players (62.65-61.83)20085
4129Lonestar Longballs vs Cowboy Killers (92-37)20044
5131.13Card Me vs Bukakki Blasters (74.85-56.28)20068

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